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 2  Inflammation in my eyes Iíve used this for 11 months still have inflammation I tried to slowly stop using it my eyes hurt and were very sensitive to light and experienced extreme headache now it has given me cataracts in both eyes I do not know what to do at this point except to have surgery to remove both cataracts/ F 53 11 months
 3  Chronic uveitis Burning dry eye swelling watering all symptoms.. 60 4 months
4 drop bot
 4  Cataract Surgery Burning of eye; facial redness and swelling underneath eye. The redness and swelling is probably from an inactive ingredient. I've had this problem with other eye drops as well. My ophthalmologist had a different dosing schedule than the package insert's guideline, but it was prescribed alongside the anti-inflammatory Ilevro which may have been the reason. My instructions were for 2 drops per day for 1wk, then 1 drop per day for 3wks, no tapering, but I tapered by doing 1 drop every other day for 1wk before ending the med. I have a long history with corticosteroids for a medical condition and know tapering is needed for me. This steroid is quite expensive - over $200 per bottle and it was prescribed 1 bottle per eye. F 58 28 days
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 3  Following cataract surgery No problem while taking this drug. After I stopped, my eye felt sore and irritated for about a month. To deal with the after-effects of this drug, I applied very warm compresses, every day for about 4 weeks. M 68 6 weeks
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 3  after retina detachment surgery This is a steroid used after various eye surgeries. It is very strong and VERY difficult to get off. After using it for 3 months my doctor told me I could stop. the second day of no drops, my eye trurned red, swollen and painful. I started the drops again trying to use for 2 days on and 1 day off for a week. Then I went to 1 day of drops and 1 day off for a week. When I tried to go 1 day of drops and 2 days off, I experienced the same problem as in the beginning--red eye, swelling and pain. I had to go back to doctor and he gave me a different medicine which I am taking 3 drops for 10 days, 2 drops for 10 days and 1 drop for 10 days. F 66 90 days
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DUREZOL  (DIFLUPREDNATE):  This medication is used to treat swelling and pain after eye surgery. It may also be used to treat a certain serious eye problem (endogenous anterior uveitis). This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)