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 3  allergies, environmental sinus bitter bad taste, post nasal drip, dryness Astepro is fairly effective if you can get past the taste. Stopped that feeling of itching inside your nose. Did nothing for my post nasal drip, actually made it worse. Probably good if you sneeze a lot but not for much else. M 20 1 years
2 2X D
 1  Nasal allergies I never have side effects to meds. After on this for a few days I became so exhausted I could barely function. I would nap any chance I got. Also would wake up sometimes with a pounding heart. The drug didn't even help my allergies. a few days after stopping I was back to normal again. Totally not worth the side effects. M 39 2 weeks
2 sprays/d
 5  sinusitis, allergies bad taste running down throat, big little burning here and there, tiredness I will definitely continue taking this spray,it has helped me a great deal to not feel so miserable! and also want to add, for those that it dries out your nose, buy ocean saline spray at any drug store to keep the nasal passages moist.HELPS! 45 3 weeks
1 spray ea 1X D
 2  Sinusitis I seemed to become much more sensitive to Astepro after I had Shingles last spring. In addition the air is very dry now because I live in CT. Now the burning in and under my nostrils after I use this is practically unbearable. In addition, it creates a mixture of dried blood and dried mucus that coats the inside of my nose and lasts for a few days. Very uncomfortable. I am not going to use Astepro again. When I don't use it, I can actually blow my nose and have normal mucous flow with no blood in it. F 57 3 years
.15 1X D
 1  allergies and asthma Nosebleeds serious enough to send me to the ER and to an ENT doctor for cauterization and packing. I have rarely had nosebleeds but today I ended up in the ER because I could not get the nosebleed to stop and was spitting up huge clots. Had another after I returned home and my PCP sent me to an ENT doctor who packed my nose and then had to cauterize it. I think I would rather live with my allergies. F 56 3 months
0.15% 2X D
 1  Allergies After having taken Astepro for many months, stopping b/c of the seasons, and then restarting, I began having horrible acid reflux. After months of taking different medicines, seeing specialists, and getting pH tested, I found out it was the Astepro causing irritation in my esophagus. M 32 6 months
2X D
 3  rhinitis Kidney issues. When I went in for routine blood work, my creatinine (blood protein) was 1.8 (34% kidney function), and that is too high. It indicates that the kidneys are not functioning properly. I quit Astepro, and a week later my creatinine was .6 (107% kidney function). I also had urinary burning, but there was no indication of infection in my blood. But there was some blood in my urine while I was taking Astepro. That cleared up when I quit taking it. Although Astepro did help clear my stuffy nose, I absolutely recommend AGAINST taking it. I was taking it in conjunction with Nasacort, as recommend by my ENT doc. My dosage of Astepro was 2 puffs in each nostril 2x per day, for a total of 8 puffs. I don't know if it increased my body pains; I have osteoarthritis and have chronic pain anyway. It does taste bad. M 45 12 months
4 puffs 2x 2X D
 3  sinusitis sleepy, mentally impaired. While taking the prescribed dose, I lost my purse and a few days later forgot to go to work. It changed my behavior so I reduced the dose. I won't stay on it because I need to be more alert. F 59 7 days
.15 2X D
 5  allergies/constant post-nasal drip mild headaches and some fatigue Have tried more than a dozen allergy meds and allergy shots, this is the first medication to help. M 54 20 days
2X D
 3  allergic rhinitis Terrible burning itchiness inside my nose. Did not sneeze, but sure felt like sneezing would have been a relief. The acute itchiness lasted ten or fifteen minutes, and then significantly reduced but did not go away. Also, the taste isn't good, but that didn't bother me all that much. This is only my second day on this med, but so far I am unhappy with it. I called the doctor's office, and told them that I felt itchy inside my nose, like I had never felt before, and the nurse told me it was just allergic rhinitis. Nothing I could say to her could get her to understand that this was different, but I didn't realize that it was definitely a side effect from the med until the third time I took it. Now, I'm certain. F 48 2 days
.15 x2 2X D
 4  Allergies This medicine really stopped my sneezing and helped out with nasal allergies and the fatigue caused by them. However, it contains sucralose, which can be a trigger for migraines and GI problems and possible Thymus Gland issues. See I don't feel comfortable taking this drug consistently because of the sucralose it contains. (See side effects) M 49 1 years
2 sp 2 X D 1X D
 1  Nasal Allergies Very dry sinuses that caused lots of blood in my mucus. It did nothing to help my allergies. It only made my nose bleed. I don't recommend this at all. F 31 1 weeks
2 sprays 2X D
 4  allergies/sinus problems; migraines Sleepiness. It gives me a good night's sleep for the first time in a long time, but I'm considering reducing or skipping the morning dose. Allegra D gave me some relief from allergy symptoms but didn't stop the sinus pressure that was contributing to chronic daily migraine headaches. Astepro has given me relief from that sinus pressure and I've gone three days without a migraine! That's a record for me in recent years, so I'm beyond happy with Astepro so far (except for falling asleep in the day time!) F 60 3 days
1-2 sprays 2X D
 3  Vasomotrr/Mixed Rhinitis One major thing that happens is I get REALLY bad sneazing fits when I reintroduce this medicine into my body, and especially for the first couple days taking it for the first time. To me, that meant that maybe something was working. The sneazing fits are down right scary since they get the heart rate going and last for a couple minutes. I can't tell if the dry throat that I am experiencing due to the medication or if I wasn't on it that things would be much worse. I am a singer, and dry throat is bad, but at least I could sing at 60%, as before using this product I could barely speak. I can't tell with absolute certainty that this has completely helped me since it's too soon, but one thing is for sure is that it deffinately helped me in general. It dosent seem people know too much about Vasomotor Rhinitis, but most Dr's love to misdiagnose it. They will just think you have alergies, when in reality, your nose is so sensitive, you get bad sinus headaches at any chance in temperature or humidity. I'm happy to know at least what I have so that I could begin treatment and from all the worthless nasanex, nasacort, flonaise, alegra, etc...this medication actually did yeild some results. If you are like me and have bad sinus issues and don't just have alergies I reccomend taking Sinus Buster for the sinus headaches. I tried treating my self on Sinus Buster alone, but then my sinuses totally kicked my but and I needed to step up to Asterpro, which deffinately helped. Again, I'm not totally cured just yet, but maybe I need more time. At least I know something is working for my condition, if only a little bit. Singing is my life, and I'm desparate at this point, and this does help a little. M 31 1.5 weeks
1.5 1X D
 4  chronic sinusitis I'm not sure if this is a side effect. That is why I'm asking. I normally do not have even pink cheeks but my cheeks are brilliant red after using this only once. Has anyone else experienced this? F 57 1 days
205.5 mcg 2X D
 5  sinus headaches, postnasal drip Some stomach ache, kind of like heartburn, but nearer my belly button. Slept well, but had wild dreams, like being chased by a horse-sized hamster, all night. I was a little dizzy yesterday, but just quit taking Claritin D 2 days ago, which always keeps me up all night long with racing thoughts and pounding heart, so it might have just been lack of sleep catching up with me. It CAN leave a gross taste in your mouth if you take it incorrectly, so it is VERY important that you take it right, because the taste is nasty and doesn't go away for hours. MAKE SURE your head is tilted forward while you're standing up, with your chin to your chest, looking down at your toes. Sniff GENTLY as you QUICKLY push the plunger down (aim it at the back side of your nose). This will create a mist that mostly goes into your nasal cavity. If you push slowly, you'll get a stream of liquid that runs down your throat into your mouth, and if you don't look down (so medicine can settle into your sinuses instead I will post later when I've had more time on this medicine, but after 3 days, I think it is a miracle. For the first time in MONTHS, I have no hint of sinus headache, and it has almost cleared up my year-round case of post nasal drip. No more disgusting hacking and snorting just to clear my throat to breathe!!! I only take half the recommended dose, because this medicine is similar to astelin, and since Claritin makes my heart race and most of the negative comments regarding astelin talk about heart racing, I didn't want to deal with that. Taking one squirt of the 1.5 mg spray up each nostril once a day hasn't caused any of that, and did relieve the pressure in my head and ears. I feel like an entirely new person, and am just hoping that some of the side effects I have read about Astelin are not going to happen. However, I feel so much better that even if I did have side effects, I would consider taking it, even if not every day. F 36 3 days
1.5 1X D
 5  Post nasal drip Only bad taste! Worked very well to stop post nasal drip. I use it along with nasonex and zyrtec and while taking allergy shots. It works within 30 minutes and is great! F 36 3 months
.15 1X D
 5  allergies Bad taste, stange smells Well worth any side effects. I had been on XZAL and NASACORT for two weeks and allergies were no better. Could tell an amazing difference after 3 doses of Astepro. F 44 7 days
.15 2X D
 5  nasal allergies I think it's making me a little dizzy, but otherwise the results are great! F 55 30 days
spray 2X D

ASTEPRO  (AZELASTINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to relieve nasal symptoms such as runny/itching/stuffy nose, sneezing, and post-nasal drip caused by allergies or other conditions. Azelastine belongs to a class of drugs known as antihistamines. It works by blocking certain natural substances called histamines that are responsible for nasal symptoms.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)