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 1  osteoporosis This is the third year I have had this infusion. Don't know what the dose was they gave me. Two weeks after the infusion nails thinned and split like never before. Pain in my all my nail beds both hands and feet. Hair brittle thin and splitting. My hairdresser said she couldn't believe the deterioration. Every hair shaft split and breaking. Had trouble last year with nails but this is much much worse. I'm definitely not having it again and wished I'd done more research. Now going to try and sort myself out with some calcium tablets. F 58 3 years
dont know 1X O
 1  Osteoporosis After taking four doses of Actonal in Feb. 2013, the side effects left me unable to do some minor house work. The following month, I had the yearly infusion of Reclast.. I still have horrible pain in legs, back ,fingers and feet. Finger feel as if a metal file was harshly used to clean under nail. It was infused slowly and I am trying to stay hydrated, but walking at times is next to impossible. My back , sometimes get hot as if I was using a heating pad. No way to get it out system, so my daily activities may never be the same. I know some people have had no problems..YET. I think of the people who do not use a computer and cannot let it be known about their experience. Please don't just accept it when medical workers tell you they have never heard of complaints other than mild flu symptoms and some brief bone pains. Direct them to this site about all drugs related to Reclast. Then perhaps when people have to go to the ER, they will stop treating us like nut cases when tests show no major abnormalities. The pain is real. Seriously real.... F 60
5mg 1X D
 1  osteoporosis after an accident horrible, blood nearly crystallized, pain, swollen feet with overgrowth of skin.severe eye infection with oozing blood and pus pockets, severe major organ pain. Unfortunately, the infuser, Andrea E, claimed herself my lover and nurse neither of which is true. I don't know how this medicine would work when infused properly. My nurse said no to this drug as I had not even reached middle age. I cannot recommend this drug to anyone in their 30's for use in repairing broken bones and for use not as intended according to instructions & not for daily use after a car accident. F 28 12 days
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 1  osteoperosis My wife was healthy and took the IV injection at 5pm Thursday. She was dead 30 hours later of severe renal failure. Renal failure so bad that the funeral director told me we had to have a closed coffin. The renal failure and dehydration were so bad that he was unable to repair her once beautiful face for viewing. Doctor told her to go home and drink water and read the label. He gave her the entire box the drug came in to take home and read. I still have the box and it has no Lot number on it. She drank a gallon of water from 6-10 pm when she went to bed. F 50 1 days
15 1X D
 1  osteopenia Severe pain starting about 8 hours after infusion. It started in my spine and ribs, making breathing difficult. Next day I could hardly roll over in bed and had terrible groin pain. It seems to concentrate in areas already affected by arthritis, making it worse. Also had fever of over 100 for a few days. I thought all this was passing one week after treatment but then awoke to severe jaw pain and the feeling that my jaw was unhinged and teeth didn't meet together right. of course my doctor didn't return my call. WILL NEVER HAVE THIS TREATMENT AGAIN! I feel the drug company and doctors gloss over the side effects so you feel safe taking this drug. Now it is a game of wait and see what is going to hit me next. I feel like I'm 80 years old! F 55 14 days
1X O
 2  brittle bone disease My daughter has brittle bone disease and after averaging a break once to twice a month and seeing specialist in another state. Reclast infusions are the treatment plan her doctors decided use. She had he first infusion 2 days ago. She is in severe pain and cant stand to bare weight on any of her extemities. She has swelling in her hands, legs and feet. She feels absolutley horrible. I dont know how to help her but am seriously considering not agreeing to her 2nd infusion. Something that is suppose to help her is making her misereable. After looking at several comments i see my daughter at 11 years of age is the youngest up here. Scary F 11 1 times
 1  osteoporosis horrible drug!! This drug has ruined my husband's life. He normally checks everything out but didn't this time! He started having terrible pain the next day after this infusion and it continued. He checked with Dr and was told it had nothing to do with pain. He went to Orthopedic Surgeon and learned differently. We have been told this medicine stays in bones for up to 10 years! Does anyone know of anything to remove it from bones? Some Doctors and most ALL drug companies will do anything to make their money, including ruining people's lives! They should be put out of business! F 62
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 1  OSTEOPOROSIS Update, I now have severe muscle spasms in my right arm. My arm is very painful and without warning it will start to spasm. Advil is not helping anymore. F 61
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 2   Within 6 hours after receving the infusion treatment, the shortness of breath, bone, mousle and joint pain started. I would not call it flu like symptoms. it was deblilitating. I couldn't even get out of bed. nausia, vomiting accompenied it. I have had many surgeries throughout the years, but this was one of the worse things i hhave ever experienced. That was the first 24 hours. I am on the second day. Back to work, feeling much better. Still have shortness of breath, and body aches. I sure hope it goes away soon. The nurse that gave the IV said to take Tylonol twice a day to prevent body aches. I needed something a lot stronger than that to deal with the pain. They usually give you all the bad side effects before hand, but they sure did not with this one. I don't think I will do it again. F 44
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 4  osteoporosis first time taking reclast-- overall experience good but within 24 hours i began to feel like i was going to burn up. i felt very hot, nothing could cool me down- symptoms subsided within 48-36 hours, no comlications after that F 44 1 years
1X D
 5   Reclast worked wonderfully for me. The first time I took I was told to take Advil for the first 3 days and had very mild flu like symptoms. The 2nd & 3rd times I took I there were no flu like symptoms. Reclast has turned my Dexascan scores from 2.6 to 1.3. I have had no other symptoms from it. F 63
3X O
 4  fractured hip First year some flu like aches in joints and slight fever three days after infusion, second year no side effects whatsoever. I felt stronger on fractured hip side very soon after infusion. Expensive med that most insurance companies does not cover. I think it worth it. F 64 2 years
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 1  osteoporosis My mother-in-law took one dose of Reclast. She was never the same. She was in her 90's but was still active, driving her car and living independently. She slowly lost everything. She became unable to drive, had to use a walker, started loosing her teeth and then utlimately had a compound fracture of her femur. She is now in a nursing home. Thank you Reclast! F 93 1 years
 1  osteo No symptoms the first 24 hours. Day two 101 temp chills aches pains. Woke up in middle of night with fever, dizziness. Went to bathroom and on way back to bed passed out in hall. Woke up in pool of blood from cracked skull. Was still on crutches 6 months out from 9th hip replacement surgery. Did not know where I was or where crutches were. Slipped in puddle of blood when trying to get up (was by myself). Finally made it to bed and passed out again. Woke up with blood all over my PJ top, hallway looked like crime scene with smeared blood on tile floor, bloody palm prints on walls. I am a very active 58-year-old who has been swimming, dancing, running, cycling, Frisbee playing all my life. I still don't have my energy level back at 6 months post Reclast. Was not told to drink water before infusion nor was I asked if I had had dental implant, which I had done 4 months before this infusion. Now my jaw on the side of the implant has been bothering me for some time. More money needed F 58 1 days
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 5  osteoporosis None This is maintaining and improving my bone loss. The annual infusion is much better than taking a monthly or weekly pill as it requires no fasting and does not interact with other foods or medications. The infusion itself takes 15 minutes. F 70 3 years
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 4  Osteoporosis No major side effects after first three treatments. Minor flu like symptons after first treatment, no symptons after 2nd and 3rd treatment. Now, almost one year after 3rd treatment, i've developed a so called case of "plantar fasciitis", also a bone spur in my right heel. 4 months of treatment and now physical therapy, I'm wondering if it's not the bonespur causing the problem. Makes me wonder if I should continue with Reclast. Don't know if I trust it anymore, but my bone density has improved greatly. F 56 3 years
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 1  osteoporosis I had a low fever and body aches the first year I took this drug. It lasted less than a week. Then in July of 2011 I had my second infusion. This time the fever and body aches were a little worse. Then less than a month later I started having abdominal pains and thought it was diverticulitis so went to ER. Nothing could be found to explain the pain. To make a long story short, I have been to ER twice since August and to my gastroenteritis, and they can't seem to find anything wrong. I go from constipation to diarrhea and throwing-up and it is very painful. I can only take Cipro and the last time they gave that to me it caused problems. I feel very tired all the time and am in pain. I am also seeing a specialist for knee pain now. I was just wondering if anyone else has had abdominal pain since having an infusion. I most definitely will not use Reclast again and I will be sure to warn other women about it. F 69 2 years
5 mg 1X O
 1  osteoporosis About 12 hours after infusion, started feeling the flu like side effect which got worse by the hour. Then the severe pain started in jaws, elbows, knees, ankles and then in my heels. The flu like feeling lasted about 3 days and it was NOT mild. The severe pain in my joints lasted for several weeks - not as bad now but still there. Now 4 months later, there is still pain in my joints. The red and constant pain in my heels has not gone away. I have bought new shoes, use gels in my shoes and cannot relieve the pain in my heels. NEVER had problems in my heels before reclast or the joint pains that are constant now even though not as severe as they were in the beginning. When my doctor says it is time for my next infusion, I will tell him exactly what I think of this drug. It should not be given to anyone! F 64
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 1  oseto Fever up to 105, extreme flu and bone pain. 4 visits to E R per prescribing physician. Dr in er read insert to Reclast and said I was crazy. I year later have fractured femur, teeth, bone pain and can hardly function for myself. Pure poison!!! F 52 1 days
 1  Osteoporosis/osteopenia Briefly doesn't cover it. My life is ruined, Can hardly walk some days due to severe bone pain and blown out tendon, Huge hair loss. Aches ans pains everywhere. I feel very fragile since taking that stuff. I am a nurse and should have researched a bit more. Also teeth issues now. Wake up NOVARTIS! I had "bumps" on every joint in my hands within 24 hrs of Reclast infusion. My feet and ankles swelled so bad it looked like I had water boots on. Needed two canes to walk!! Before Reclast had no problems. The swelling in one ankle caused tendon issues and now I need to wear a brace!! My hair has thinned out and become very fine. I have most days where my whole body aches. I try to get buy taking Advil, but need to supplement with Viocodin to get through my day. Never again...never,never!! F 70 1 times
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