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 1  I took Reclast for osteoporosis After having infusions for 3 consecutive years both of my femurs broke. One severely and the other fractured. I was told in the hospital that it was due to reclast. Now I am trying to recuperate after more than 4 months. My right femur is still not healed and the orthopedic doctor told me to be patient. I was never told by Dr. Richard Pritchard of Huntington Valley Pa. of the possible side effects. He told me it would be beneficial for strengthening my bones. Obviously it did the opposite. Reclast should be taken off the market. Doctors and the Novartis should be liable for the damage they have done done to women who unknowingly took this medication in good faith. F 67 1 days
 1  Osteoporosis symptoms This medicine caused renal failure on my mother. The dr's tried flushing her kidneys but the incompetency of the nurses resulted in my mothers 1st intubation because she was not releasing fluids as needed. The fluids flooded my mothers lungs two separated times because of the incompetency of the nurses. As a result my mother passed one week ago. It all started with receiving Reclast. F 52 1 days
5 mg 1X O
 1  bone strength dead bone syndrome , oral surgery, 6wks of ivs, 6wks pills, teeth pulled, now having groin pain on both sides. Think all of this and more to come is slowly painfully killing me. F 63
1X D
 3   I was not instructed to drink water beforehand but reading reviews here, I did. Within 3 hours of the infusion I started getting mild low back pain. I took 2 extra strength Tylenol and wend to sleep early. By 3:30 am, I woke up with severe body aches and low grade fever. Took more Tylenol. All the next day, in severe discomfort. My fever never went past 100.4 and I had no nausea. I am on day 3 and feeling better (fingers crossed). I switched from Tylenol to Advil due to the doses limitations for Tylenol. Only 4,000 mil per 24 hours. Was not enough to make me comfortable. My Doctor did advise me beforehand the potential flu-like side effects. I am truly sorry for everyone who has had such adverse effects. I am still waiting to see what tomorrow brings....hopefully no pain. If your skin hurts, that is most likely caused by a fever. Even a low grade fever makes me feel that where are you. F 52 1 days
 1  osteoporosis my teeth are breaking off, hair thining, muscle spasms keep me up at night. migraines i have never had before. jaw pain, pain in my hands, ankle will not heal and has caused more damage which means i have to wear a brace all the time, have been diagnosed with hypertrophic facet disease. my eyes hurt alot and are blurry. i would not recommed this drug to anyone. F 50 4 times
infusion 1X O
 1  Osteoporosis Neck and shoulder pain, weakness in left tricep, severe muscle spasms in legs , joint pain and stiffness, fatigue, esophagus restriction feeling. St Mary's Hospital just sent me a letter stating they wl no longer administer reclast infusions, with no explanation as to why, will call for an answer, though i won't take again. F 60 2 years
 1  Severe osteoporosis First year of receiving Reclast I woke up the next morning and found that 3 of my fingernails had totally lifted off the bed of the nail. Should of been a warning not to use. Last year I received my second dose of Reclast. Two weeks to the day after receiving an the infusion I developed an abscess in my mouth. My last tooth on the left side of my jaw had fractured. I had to have that removed and then developed osteonecrosis of my jaw. This has been very painful. It took almost a year for the exposed bone to finally fall off (that happened in May of 2015). My jaw bone is now becoming exposed again and I have ended up losing 3 teeth. I assumed I could get implants. Because my jaw bone has become exposed again I am not a candidate for implants. So this year 2015 I thought ok I don't have to have Reclast due to having osteonecrosis so I am in the clear. This would have been the 3rd year in a row if I had received it but I did not get Reclast this year. I was standing and iron The trauma surgeon came in and asked me if I took Fosamax or drugs like that. I had previously taken Fosamax for 5 years in the early 2000. I had stopped due to side effects. This is why I was on Reclast. I then found out this type of fracture is very rare and usually happens in the 3rd year after starting Reclast. I would have never used Reclast had I known this. I am now on Forteo. Please do not use any bisphosphonate drugs - Reclast, Fosamax, Boniva are the only ones I can think of right now. I still am non-weight bearing on my leg because my fracture is not healing as fast as it would normally due to my osteoporosis. Also my leg is now about 1/2 inch shorter than my other leg. F 61 2 years
5mg 1X O
 1  severe osteoporosis Face, legs,and feet swelled with edema on the second day and progressively got worse towards the end of the week. Blood pressure went up to 210/110 and wouldn't go down. I ended up taking double dose of bp medicine every two hours to keep it below 130. I couldn't breathe and had a head band headache. I took agressive measures to help myself, but yesterday, starting the fourth week my hands and the muscles in my arms had sever spasms. My hands look like claws, and last night I started with a sever low back pain, so severe I couldn't strain to have a bm. I had to go get anorher back brace. I am still in a lot of pain. F 70 3 weeks
 1  osteopenia and CRPS/RSD Fever of 102+ for almost 3 days; whole body aches; very lightheaded; severe nausea. I mean severe nausea. Joint and bone pain. Can barely stand up going on day 4. Severe regrets. Wish I had never tried it. The infusion was given with IV steroids, and oral steroids for 2 days beforehand. Is there a way to reverse the effects? F 48 1 times
1X D
 1  Osteoporis Initially I did not have any side effects but several weeks after the infusion I started to have pain in my neck, right lumbar region of my back and hips. I also have kidney issues which I believe are related to Reclast. I would not recommend taking this drug M 77
1X O
 1  Diagnosed with "severe" osteoporosis I had my infusion in December 2010. That night my legs hurt so bad I was shrieking all night, I couldn't sit, stand, or lie down. Two weeks later I came down with a bronchial infection and was so ill and weak I couldn't get up off the sofa for weeks. The infection took 7 months to clear up. By then I'd lost 40 more pounds and now weigh 92-3. At the same time the I started having hideous muscle spasms that came on suddenly sometimes 3 times a day, and lasting anywhere from 3-18 hours. I could see the muscles up my shins and along the sides of my legs moving like live animals under the skin and they were as hard as rocks. My feet and hands would curl up into weird positions and I had no voluntary control over them. All this was incredibly painful; several times I had to go to the ER where they put me on IV Demerol and Valium. My arms lost all strength; I could barely sit upright for 2-3 hours a day. My arms hurt from shoulder to fingertops 24/7 at a range of 7-10 at all times. I've had UTIs constantly because I'm not able to get anything out when I need to pee. Before the infusion I was an athlete racing motocross for 23 years and worked out daily. All that time I'd had plenty of crashes on that motorcycle yet never broke a bone including a hard crash 1 month before the infusion. Four months afterwards I was standing in my backyard talking to a neighbor and when I took one step to go inside, I heard a loud crack and fell to the ground in agony with my ankle snapped in two pla Although all bisphosphonates work the same way, Reclast is far more dangerous in my opinion because once you've had that infusion you cannot stop the effects for at least 10 years. F 58 1 days
 1  severe osteoporosis once a year Reclast within a month started causing problems: jaw infection, pain in; knees, wrist, hip, exhausted, fevers, headaches. It has made life very difficult. F 52
1X O
 1   i feel like I am wasting away. The drug should be taken off the market fir osteoporosis. Absolutely deadly. I almost lost my eyesight. Developed Uveitis. Migraines the list goes on and on. I see absolutely no light at the end of this tunnel. We should start a suit!!!! F 65 1 days
5 mg
 1  Paget's disease Feel terrible, neck pain so bad I can't move it, swollen and painful thumb joint. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE...IT IS LIKE PUTTING POISON IN YOUR SYSTEM. I wish I had followed the advice that I saw on the computer and not taken it. Dr said I would only have flu like symptoms for 2-3 days. F 77 1 days
? 1X D
 1  osteoporosis I received my infusion jan 9 2015 and after 3 hours of having this infusion i began to feel stiffness in my hands. The next day I was hunched over not being able to walk,in the most severe pain going from lower back to my upper back. Its now May 2015 and I still cant walk or stand for more than 3-5 mins without severe lower back pain and my legs buckling from the pain. I am now on a walker and doing physical therapy 2x a week. This drug has cost me my life and I would never suggest it to ANYONE!!! If anyone wants to contact me regarding their case please feel free to do so!!!! F 46 1 days
 1  ostopenia Crippling pain 24 hours after dosage. Extreme fatigue and discomfort continues five days and I am fearful that this may be my new normal. Do not take this drug if you have to function in any capacity. Wish I had done this with hospital followup with Iv and adequate pain relief. Scared everyone in my family Will let you know if this continues longer than a week. I'm frightened F 63 1 days
 1  Osteoporosis Fever 102+ for 2-3 days, bad chills, intense body aches, felt horrible, joint pain in many joints for weeks, and now 5 months later persistent hip pain that I had never experienced before Reclast I do not think I would ever be able to force myself to take this drug again. I was miserable. F 63 1 days
 1  Osteopenia 1st yr hand swelling & pain, 2nd year Prolia, no side effects, 3rd yr Reclast again, tired, aching neck and back of skull. Badly swelled painful hands. I decided to give Reclast a 2nd chance. Next day I was over tired and slightly achy. No big deal, BUT now one week later and my neck & back of my skull were extremely painful and my hands are swollen and my fingers are very painful.. I will never use Reclast again. F 78 2 years
? 1X O
 1  prevent glucocosteroidal osteoporos 1 days
5mg iv
 1  Osteopenia This drug was recommended to me by a physician but after further investigation, I have decided to not take it. Why? BEWARE! especially if you're in your 70's. A friend had renal failure after each of two infusions and nearly died; another friend DIED of kidney failure following a Reclast infusion. The medical community is not always informed about those serious side effects and/ or will downplay them. F 73
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