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 2  Diabetes type 2 Nightmares . Taken for four days and have had two nightmares F 60 4 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Type 2 diabetic Januvia seemed to help lower my sugars a little bit for the first 3 months but then I started noticing my heart fluttering fast and my hands feet and legs swelling weight gain insane cravings extremely fatigued along with terrible joint pain and it took me until recently to finally put it all together what has been causing it ! I stopped taking januvia today ! So praying the side effects will reverse themselves F 42 1 years
50 mg 1X D
 1  Type 2 diabetic Anxiety, panic attacks, abdominal pains, numbness in left arm, muscle/joint pains. I'm going to self discontinue because I've been to 2 hospitals for everything I'm going through just to find out there's nothing wrong, but all this started when I started taking this medication. So I'm going to stop and see what happens. M 37 30 days
100 1X D
 1  Type 2 I have been on Januvia for over two years. I started experiencing intermittent joint pain early on which has progressed to constant debilitating pain in all of my joints. I discussed with my GP, several trips to the urgent care, saw a rheumatologist and even brought up the progressive joint pain with my endocrinologist last week. For people who can take it without side effects it can be a very useful drug. It's recently gotten difficult for me to even hold a cup of tea. Every doctor should warn about these side effects. If you start having joint paint and your doctor is unresponsive, stop taking it. The pain and swelling began to decrease within a few days once I discontinued. F 44 100 days
100 1X D
 1  Type 2 Diabetes After a few weeks of taking Januvia I started experiencing episodes of severe stomach cramps in my upper abdomen along with nausea and diarrhea. Each time I had an episode the pain worsened, I thought I might have something wrong with my gallbladder. After a trip to the hospital they diagnosed me with gastro which i knew was not what was happening. The episodes started happening more often, it was starting to affect my work life. My doctor had no idea, he kept telling me it was gastro. I got an ultrasound of my entire abdomen and all my organs and they still found nothing. One morning I woke up at 2am with pain and diarrhea, i decided to google the new drug i was taking and I went on the Januvia website and at the very bottom i found a bit that said 'can cause stomach cramping and diarrhea'. I was quite frustrated at this point, 4 weeks of having episodes of this pain and diarrhea and my doctor doesn't even know the side affects of a drug that he has prescribed to me. I went and saw Other things I experience whilst on Januvia and have not experienced since being off it are: Confusion/ forgetting things, skin welting up as soon as I scratch even a little bit, itchy hands resulting in a rash of welts and random episodes of extreme anxiety. F 23 7 weeks
1X D
 1  Prediabetes Painful sore throat and runny nose for 3 days. Then joint pain and swelling in feet, toes, ankles. 2 days later I had joint pain and swelling in hands, finger and wrists! One week into stopping Januvia and the joint pain is unbearable. I canít even sleep! This needs to be taken for the market! How much longer is the FDA gonna wait? F 55 8 days
50 mg 1X D
 5  type II diabetes I I am taking Januvia and metformin, the Januvia is taken once daily with 500 mg metformin in the morning. then I take another 500 mg metformin in the evening before bedtime. The only issue I have is sometimes I experience low sugar levels, it states these 2 drugs combine can cause hyperglycemia, I monitor my sugar frequently and make sure I keep glucose tablets in my purse at all times when I am out. I also have a loss off appetite quite frequently. I began losing weight immediately. Other than that I am OK with taking these drugs. I did contact my Doctor and she is a GREAT physician, she is very attentive when I have questions and concerns, she is monitoring me closely and giving me instructions when needed! This is my first time being diagnosed, in the past with pregnancies I was high risk due to gestational diabetes. I was told the probability of me becoming a type II diabetic was very high due to it also being heredity. When 1st diagnosed my A1C was 9.1 and my blood glucose was 232......since being on the medication my finger sticks have averaged daily from 71 to 100, I do exercise daily and watch what I eat. I will be getting blood work done every 3 months to monitor my levels. I am hoping one day to reverse this disease. I am maintaining a very positive outlook. F 53 6 weeks
50mg 1X D
 1  Type2 diabetes Lower Back pain ,nausea ,depression ,low mood, anxiety knee pains i feel awful . F 49 5 days
 1  Diabetes 2 I had terrible indigestion, tummy pains, I felt dreadful. Within a week of coming off the medicine, my symptoms went away. F 62 0 days
 1  diabetic type 2 after two weeks started to feel unwell sore throat swollen ear inside blocked very painful ,pain up the back of my head ,and down my shoulders ,tinitus was horendus splitting headaches i have stopped taking this januvia drug and will never take this again how this got passed i will never know ,stopped taking it twoo weeks ago now only just begining to recover M 75 2 months
100 mg
 1  High blood A1C. Extreme tachycardia, trouble breathing, chest pressure and chest feeling heavy. Face pressure. Feeling like someone was choking me. Swelling feet, ankles and legs. Numbing & tingling in right arm and thrifty jaw. Nausea. Chest fluid. Feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. Horrible non stop fast and slow heartbeats and skipping or adding beats. Made me exhausted and sick feeling for weeks. Didnít know this had a black box warning and could cause heart failure. I hope thereís no lasting damage done to my heart. Terrible medication. I was going into heart failure. Stopped it today and no more tachycardia or chest pain. Fluid in my lungs as flem is coughing up. Dangerous medication !!! F 55 44 days
 2  DM 2 Feel quite anxious N flushed. Heart rate feels rapid. F 39 4 days
 1  Type 2 diabetes After taking this medication for two weeks ended up in the hospital. I began to experience a terrible cough, joint pain, blisters on my back and my heart went into Atrial fibrillation. Worst drug ever! M 60 2 weeks
100 mg
 1  Diabetes Extreme itching for past 2 years, trouble urinating, terrible joint pain and extreme lethargy. Just went off of it, called Dr. to tell him I am not taking it, on a diet 9 years
 1  Type 2 Diabetic My blood sugar 3 months ago was running 500. I have been on Januvia now for almost 3 months, it has lowered my blood sugars into the 100-160 range but I feel horrible! I have the shakes, dizziness, tingling numb sensations, depression, anxiety, (I have never had depression or anxiety my entire life) I think it's this medicine, I used to take Victoza injections but then found myself without insurance and 3 pens cost almost $1000 without insurance F 47 3 months
100 mg/day
 1  Dr forced me to Horrible foot pain. Could barely walk Did nothing to reduce blood sugar I almost ended up in a wheelchair taking this drug F 60 6 months
 1  Type 2 Diabetes Bad abdominal cramps. Muscles cramps. Left leg frequently cramped. Horrible muscle spasms and weakness. Don't take this medication. it is one the worst things that can be used. The pain was so bad that I should have taken myself to the emergency room for help. Dr was useless about the muscle weakness as she did not return my call about this F 55 15 days
50MG 1X D
 1  Type 2 Since taking januvia toes cramps finger joints hurt hips and knees hurt leg cramps calling dr to get off this the longer i take it the more i hurt plus gaining weight F 55 12 weeks
 1  Type 2 Since taking januvia toes cramps finger joints hurt hips and knees hurt leg cramps calling dr to get off this the longer i take it the more i hurt plus gaining weight F 55 12 weeks
 1  high a1c nasal congestion, watery eyes, left foot and ankle swelling and at times both ankles swollen. upper respiratory infection which turned into pneumonia. F 59 3 weeks
100 mg 1X D

JANUVIA  (SITAGLIPTIN PHOSPHATE):  Sitagliptin is used with a proper diet and exercise program and possibly with other medications to control high blood sugar. It is used in people with type 2 diabetes. Controlling high blood sugar helps prevent kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems, loss of limbs, and sexual function problems. Proper control of diabetes may also lessen your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Sitagliptin is a diabetes drug that works by increasing levels of natural substances called incretins. Incretins help to control blood sugar by increasing insulin release, especially after a meal. They also decrease the amount of sugar your liver makes.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)