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 1  Hypertension Leg pain, increasingly severe, especially knees. Legs ache all night long. When standing up after sitting, have to hold onto chair or desk for a moment before walking, then legs feel stiff while walking. Others have noticed. Haven't experienced anything like this before. Thought maybe it is Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Then last night found this listed as Tekturna Side Effects: "Get emergency help immediately if any of the following symptoms of overdose occur: weakness and heaviness of the legs. Less common: Difficulty with moving, lack or loss of strength, muscle stiffness." Prior to Tekturna, took Losartan 100 mg but noticed heart rate was never below 100 (usually 111) unless I stopped taking Losartan for a few days - then heart rate dropped to a normal range. F 54 3 months
300 mg
 5  Uncontrollable high blood pressure. Extreme drowsiness in the beginning but has lessened as time has passed. F 60 3 months
300 mg
 1  BP After 17 months of not a real successful BP med., I was diagnosed with 3rd stage kidney disease. I was taken off Tekturna immediately. I now have to have any & all meds approved by my nephrologist & see him on a regular basis forever. It's irreversible. F 65 1 years
150 mg
 3  High Blood Pressure Cannot lose weight. Much watch food intake very carefully. It is very expensive. F 60 4 years
1X D
 3  HBP Starting to urinate frequently excess loss of water. And diarrhea if I dont eat Before taking the pill. F 61 5 years
 5  HBP I did not have any side effects with Tekturna HTC. The only complaint that I have is the price. I was laid off from my job and had to switch to Losartan because of cost. It was then that I began to experience problems (i.e., weight gain, fatigue). I am switching back to Tekturna despite the cost. It's just not worth it to be miserable. F 45 3 years
1X D
 1  High BP Severe urinary track infection, enlarged boggy prostate an urethritis. Went through every test know to man for UTI including very painful scopes of the bladder an biopsy of the prostate. Was put on several different antibiotics for UTI even though no bacteria was ever found in clutters or urine. Read someone else experienced the same type problems with a 300 mg does of Tekturna but when dosage was decreased symptoms decreased same here. Took me almost a year of the worst urinary pain imaginable to figure this out !!! It was Horrible!! M 49 2 years
300 mg
 1  Hypertension Creatinine increased, Gfr decreased I now have Stage 3 Kidney Disease & a 70 yr old kidney in a 64 yr old body F 64 18 months
150mg 1X D
 1  was told it was a safe drug. lied It is very bad drug. It has caused me a lot of problems. Even heart problems F 71 3 years
 2  Hypertension Bloating, aching joints, leg cramps, fatigue, acid reflux, coughing, insomnia. I really didn't know I was having side effects until I started reading the comments on this page and realized I was experiencing so may of the same issues. I stopped taking it yesterday and I have immediately felt better. I don't feel bloated at all, I slept amazingly well last night, my nightime coughing has stopped, no acid reflux last night and I have so much energy I can't even believe it. I've been taking my BP and while it is elevated, it's only slightly higher than when I was taking the Tekturna. Now that I feel so fantastic, I definitely don't want to go back on it. I don't know what my doctor will say about this, but it's so nice not to feel like crap any more! F 41 1 years
150 mg 1X D
 3  for hypertention severe acid reflux, IBS, anxiety, severe dizziness F 67 18 months
150 mg 1X D
 1   shortness of breath when prescibed with Losartan 100 mg-resulted in hospital with congestive heart failure of fluid in lung and around heart. F 62
150 mg 1X D
 1  hbp insomnia leg cramps jaw pain arrythmia cough F 62 1 years
 2  High blood pressure Hair loss, severe cough I took Tekturna for approx four years before I had to stop due to severe coughing (so bad that I broke a blood vessel in an eye). Prior to that, I experienced substantial hair loss, which started about 6 months into the treatment. But Tekturna worked fairly well. I was sorry I had to stop using it, but the constant and severe cough was unbearable. F 64 4 years
300 mg 1X D
 3  HP I don't know about anyone else but the Tekturna helped a little with my blood pressure. It has caused me some swelling in the feet however my biggest complaint is GERD. It causes me severe GERD. I have been put on Zantac but it is not helping. F 60 20 days
300 1X D
 1  Blood Pressure Chills, fever, orange urine with slight red tint from blood, high liver enzymes,high protein level in urine, slight jaundice under eyes, slight bilirubin levels, stomach and back pain. No hep A, B, or C. Organ scans normal, no gallstones. I stopped the drug and within 48 hours my urine was back to normal color. Chills and fever were gone. Rechecked liver enzymes and they were back to normal. I would not take this drug again. M 45
150 1X D
 5  Hypertension None In 2007 my BP was 240/120, and was also diagnosed with a bundle block. I had a pacemaker implanted and cardiologist put me on Micardis/Hct and later added Norvasc. My BP would never get lower than 140/100. He then put me on 150 mg of Tekturna and within a month I was down to around 110/70. I have maintained that for almost 3 yrs but yesterday my PCP called and told me to quit taking it because of some recent warnings. I asked what the warning was about and was told there were instances of sudden cardiac arrest. Great! This medication worked for me and now I'm told to quit taking it. To add to the frustration I have had to change my Plan D carrier twice because the ones I had dropped it from their formulary. Now I've been put on Bystolic and I'm worried because of the complaints I've been reading about it. M 68 3 years
150 mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Weight gain, joint pain, insomnia. The pain in my back, legs and ankles is bad. I hope this is reversible. F 3 months
 4  FMD of the renal artery-high BP Insomnia; other than that none so far. I am on several medications to control my BP but this one seems to help the most- Toprol, Lisinopril, Norvasc, Hydralazine,Clonodine patches plus orally did not control the BP after 4 renal angioplasties and a stent in the right renal artery. I found that it takes over the 2 weeks noted in the literature to really help. It is worth the money to take it as it won't go generic for ? 5 more years. F 73 6 months
300 mgm 1X D
 1  I had slightly elevated B/P I had the worst back pain you could imagine. I ended up first in urgent care and then in the emergency room. I could only get to sleep with help from percocet and could only get through my day with a muscle relaxer. I had all over joint and muscle pain. I thought I had fibromyalgia. Once I realized it was the Tekturna I called the doctor and discontinued the medication. Within one week the back pain was gone. The muscle and joint pain was gone. However, I now have residual neurogenic pain in the last area of my upper back that was affected by Tekturna. F 52 3 months
1X D

TEKTURNA  (ALISKIREN HEMIFUMARATE):  This medication is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. Aliskiren works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily. It belongs to a class of drugs known as direct renin inhibitors. This drug is not recommended for use in children younger than 6 years or who weigh less than 44 pounds (20 kilograms) due to an increased risk of side effects.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)