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 3  My doctor advised me Intense pain M 30 2 weeks
30 3X D
 3  Genital Warts There were no side effects and no pain from this medication. I've tried Aldara and became allergic to it, which was very painful. I've also used Condylox gel as well but it was difficult to apply it exactly to the wart only, because of the location of my warts (inner thighs). It irriates the healthy tissue and that can compound the problem. I've had croyotherapy and electrosurgery to remove them but they had a tendency to reappear. Green tea extract and caffeine are the major ingredients. It has cream consistency with a reddish-brown color which is applied directly to the warts, three times a day. The downside is that it has a tendency to stain clothing. The initial reaction of the medication is fast and the warts will turn black. With continued applications, the warts will fall off. From the Veregen website, the recurrance rate is 6.8% for those who acheive complete clearance and 53.6% of the time, it provides complete clearance. The Veregen ingredients and statistics inspired me to try and supplement the effectiveness of the treatment by buying green tea extract supplements. I take 630mg a day of those, as well as zinc and use a lemongrass and tea tree oil soap. My theory was that I could attack the problem internally as well, with the main Veregen ingredients. I'm happy to say that after dealing with the problem for the last 5 years or so, since I've tried supplementing it as well, I've had no recurrance in the last 6 months. Maybe it's coincidence but whatever is going on, it's worked for me. I"m keeping my fingers crossed. M 45 2 weeks
3X D

VEREGEN  (SINECATECHINS):  Sinecatechins are used to treat warts on and around the genitals and anus. These warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Sinecatechins are natural substances found in certain green tea leaves. It is not known how this medication works. This medication does not cure warts, but it may help the infection clear faster. New warts may occur during or after treatment. This medication does not prevent the spread of warts through sexual contact, and it may weaken condoms and diaphragms. Talk to your doctor about safer sex practices.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)