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 1   Horrible hair loss This is the worst drug.I wish my doctor had told me this was a possible side effect. It is devastating to lose this much hair. F 49 3 months
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 3   38 0 days
 4  Regulate periods and prevent preg headaches weekly no period no weight gain since I am sexually active it was scary not getting my period until I did a little research and other people hadn't gotten theirs either. it's nice but kind of stresses me out. the only thing I can't stand is the headaches I've been getting weekly from it. F 1 months
 1  Pregnancy prevention Extreme mood disorder, anxiety, hopelessness. Anxiety, paranoia, anger, cramps, restlessness, acne, weight gain, problems with appetite I've been on this pill since january. At first I thought it was going to be a good fit as I'd been on it years prior. My face, back and arms started to develop sever cystic acne. I thought this was normal until my body adjusted. I was wrong. I have been incredibly moody to the point that I'm either disconnected from family and friends or I'm tearing my relationship apart because of how severe my mood swings are. I've also become paranoid and have been experiencing anxiety. I've had one full blown panic attack and have felt like I was on the verge of several more. I'm stopping this pill now. I need to get back to my normal self. I do not recommend this form of birth control at all. F 28 1 months
 1  Prevent pregnancy EXTREME depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, sensitivity, OVERWHELMING FEELING OF SADNESS. Drove me to see a psychiatrist for mental issues. Completely affected me as a person. No longer had a drive for life. I do not recommend this medication at all. It also caused slight acne but this was nothing compares to the mental drama this out me through. I am so happy I finally got to the bottom of why I lost my passion for life. F 28 1 days
 5  Birth control & pms When starting the pill some cramps and spotting for the first 2-3 months but after that cramps and spotting stopped completely. At around 7 months I was getting my period every 2nd or 3rd month After a year I rarely have a monthly period and when I do it's very light and you could almost consider it just spotting (every 4 months or so) This pill has helped my pms symptoms, since I don't get much of a period anymore, I don't have cramps. F 19 2 years
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 1  Acne HIGH ANXIETY, depression, acne (in areas associated with hormones). I have always had anxiety but it was to a tolerable extent. This BC greatly exacerbated my anxiety and caused me to even seek out a therapist because of it. I would not recommend taking this BC if you are already prone to anxiety or depression or have dealt with it in the past. It also did not seem to help with my acne in the slightest, which was the reason I went on it in the first place. F 18 3 months
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 2  To prevent pregnancy I feel so cheated. The last month I have been a complete B to my boyfriend and my mom because of this pill. I have random temper spikes and the fact that it's messing with my relationship makes me so angry. I have basically 0 period and a huge loss in sex drive. Like complete loss. I'm so unhappy with this pill. At least it did its primary purpose. F 17 1 months
30 MG
 3  Regulate period/Prevent Pregnancy Nipple sensitivity, minor spotting. I've been on it for three months now. I had gotten a period two weeks ago. Still heavy but shorter than before. I haven't experienced anything unusual while being on it. I do like it. For my periods I'm giving it another month until I visit my doctor, and if there's no change I may switch. F 22 3 months
 3  heavy and unregulated periods seriously increased appetite. extreme mood swings. increased sadness. increased anxiety. burning and itching sensation of the nipples personally I feel it counteracted my ADHD medicine, which was very annoying and unproductive. it did help regulate my period, but I felt it had more side effects than helped. I didn't really want to start BC but my doctor recommended I do for health and family medical history. I don't think it was a horrible drug but for me it had generally annoying side effects. F 20 3 months
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 1  Contraceptive Nipple discharge, slight weight gain first month, weigh loss on third month, no period, breakthrough bleeding, anxiety, frequent urination, dry mouth, shortness of breath, heavy discharge on brown pills, night sweats, not able to sleep, nausea. I have yet to experience any consistency with this pill. I am taking Lomedia FE, the generic equivalent to Loestrin FE. The first month I started on the first day of my period and did not have a period at the end of the pack. One day of spotting on the second pack. Not many side effects at that time besides breast growth and acne. Period came heavy and 3 days before brown pill. Then, the third month came along. I immediately dropped weight on the first pill, started to experience breast discharge, anxiety and a full period on the second week. The whole month I had frequent urination, I was convinced it was pregnancy. But how? We used back up 3 times over. Major anxiety fluctuating through each week, no appetite, sensitive to smell. I knew it was the pill. Has this happened to anyone else? I am switching bc methods ASAP. F 3 months
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 4  Prevent pregnancy Irregularity of period - spotting almost every month in addition to monthly "period" which evolved into just the spotting during active pills. SLIGHT anxiety at start of each pill pack. Infrequent heart palpitations and slightly elevated blood pressure, This pill is the best ive been on and ive tried at least 6 kinds over the past 13 years. It never regulated my period, and it makes my libido very cyclical and predictable. It seems to control the fluxuations of mood, and overall i find that it really doesnt cause me any day to day issues. it obviously works to prevent pregnancy! breast size has steadily grown over the years i am on it. F 29 4 years
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 1  to control heavy menstrual cycle heavier periods, exhaustion and massive hair loss In 2012, my then doctor prescribed that I take Loestrin 24 FE because my cycle was ridiculously heavy and unpredictable. It was not uncommon for me to have more than one heavy cycle in a single month. There were many side effects but the worst, by far, for me was that the medication caused 2/3 of my hair to fall out; my hair fell out in clumps/handfuls, leaving my scalp sore for 6 months or more. I stopped talking this monster medicine after 4 months of torture. So, not only did my period not get any better . . . I became perniciously anemic -- but I also now had to deal with the loss of my perennially thick hair. That was two years ago. Thankfully, my hair has grown back . . . not the length (yet) but certainly the fullness/thickness. My periods are, unfortunately, the same. I now take a prescription iron supplement which has been a God send. Stay away from this birth control. F 50 4 months
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 3  Birth Control, PMS, Bad Cramps I was switched to this drug, due to their no longer making the drug Loestrin 24FE. They now, have a generic equivalent called Lomedia 24 FE, which I am on. I can say this, I do not believe in birth control pills really doing anything much, besides helping to keep you from pregnant. I suffer with PMS, it does nothing to help with that. I suffer with heavy bleeding and it does nothing to help that either, nor does it help with menstrual cramping as well. I experience mild nausea with it, whenever I start a new pack.I am able to deal with it, since it eventually subsides with a few days anyways, and doesn't keep me from eating at all. I do find that this pill does cause weight gain, and that weight gain is hard to get rid of. Luckily, I have not had problems with experiencing daily headaches while on this pill, which is a plus. But, other than keeping my menstrual cycle coming down at the same time that its schedulec to, it really doesn't provide any other pisitive benefits to my body. I My best advice is to use condons, unless you have a special need that requires you to start taking birth control pills. F 39 6 months
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 3  prevent pregnancy light period and spotting but now I have been off of it for 4 months and had my 1st period January till march now waiting to see if I am pregnant now that its april or if I get my period but I really wanna get pregnant hoping this time it happens anyone experience this please email me. F 19 3 months
 1  prevent pregnancy Suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression all the lovely mental health side effects which also went along with cystic acne and migraines. I'm a very happy to the point of being bubbly person, I can't believe it took me this long to realize it was the birth control that was doing this to me. Horrible! it's also effected my relationship since I have anxiety and freak out on him for no reason. I'm trying the non hormonal IUD I'm so done with the hormones. F 24 1 years
 1  Period pain and prevent pregnancy Anxiety, depression, cervical erosion, constant bleeding, contraction-like cramping, possible pregnancy F 21 4 months
30 MG
 1  birth control 4 bloodclots in my leg and pulminary embolism. I had no prior health issues & have never smoked. Doctors said it was because of my birth control pill. 2 years later had a heart attack and now a year later I have gallbladder disease due to Loestrin 24Fe. Please do not take this pill your health is too important and your life is too precious.. F 32 5 months
 5  Contraception, cycle regulation None really. Been on this a while and have had no issues with weight gain, mood swings, acne, etc. My periods are very light (more like spotting) and last maybe 3-4 days. Cramps are virtually non-existent. I do get a bit bloated and break out just a bit before my period (neither of which was really a problem before taking this pill) but it's not bad at all. One thing: for the past few months I've been spotting about 2 weeks into pack - lasts for a few days and I still get my period as normal. I thought maybe I needed a stronger dose of hormone but my school's gynecologist suggested waiting as I've been under some intense stress finishing up med school and that spotting was a problem she commonly saw in other students. So I'll heed that advice since I've been on this for years and prefer not to switch unless absolutely necessary. F 27 3 years
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 5  Birth control No side effects at all! I love this pill! There seems to be a lot of negative reviews on this site but I honestly have never had an issue. Light periods, no weight gain, no depression. Everyone's body is different but I highly suggest trying it first before disregarding it. All my friends are on it as well and love it! F 27 4 years
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