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 3  Stuffy nose, post nasal drip Heart rate when up to 108-110 bpm almost as if I was working out or something. Dry mouth, Felt anxious at times I'm new to taking allergy medications so this one was okay... however I hear a lot of people trying Zyrtec so I'll give that a go. M 34 2 days
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 1  Eustachian Tubes dizziness, eye straining, huge headaches, severe insomnia, weakness in body. I literally feel like I'm dying My doctor prescribed this in hopes it will help alleviate my chronic Eustachian tube dysfunction and boy did this not work. My ETD felt WORSE taking this than without it!! F 20 7 days
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 3  Allergies Extreme dizziness, vertigo, nausea, loss of appetite, tremors, stomach pain/indigestion, sensitivity to sound, very mild ache in left ear, very mild headache, fatigue, dry mouth, smelly urine This stuff really does its job (a job that Claritin and regular Allegra just can't do) but boy howdy, I don't really know if it's worth it. I have severe nasal allergies (North Texas is NOT where anyone with ragweed allergies should ever live) and I constantly feel like I have the flu because of them. The congestion means I can't breathe properly, I lose sleep, the post-nasal drip gives me a bad cough that in-turn gives me a scratchy or even sore throat, it's just the works! However, a few hours after taking the Allegra D 24 hour the dizziness hit me so bad I couldn't bend more than a couple inches without nearly passing out. That of course was followed by some powerful nausea that had me sprawled out on my kitchen floor while I waited for my eggs to boil cause there wasn't a position I get myself in standing that didn't make me feel like I was about to reunite with my lunch at the wrong end of the tunnel. I'd say, use this only if your allergies are so bad that you truly and sincerely can no longer function as a living, breathing human being. Otherwise, try and stick with the regular stuff and maybe get one of those fancy water mist humidifiers. F 31 1 days
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 1  Allergies/Nasal Congestion Shakiness, headache, racing heart, lightheadedness, weak feeling in arms and legs, dry mouth. Took one dose yesterday afternoon and about 2 hours later I started feeling shaky, jittery, my heart started racing and my arns and legs felt like rubber.... Today the main complaints are a bad headache as well as still feeling a little shaky and my head is foggy. Wasn't sure what was going on until I searched online and found that all my issues are considered common side effects of the Pseudoephedrine component of this type of Allegra. I'm going back to using regular Allegra for my allergies because it doesn't affect me like this. Doctor told me my sypmtoms could last the whole 24 hours or even longer, and the only thing I can do is ride it out. F 31 1 days
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 5  Severe seasonal allergies Insomnia, Throbbing headache, back pain It helps so much that I didn't even notice any side effects (well besides the insomnia) until I tried to connect the dots on a super bad headache I got quite a few times on the left side of my head. Could be withdrawal? F 32 4 years
 1  Allergies Nausea all day and night. Allegra is not for me. F 21 4 days
 3  Ear drainage Anxiety, heart palpitations, shaking, loss of appetite, dizziness, foggy. F 24 1 days
24 hour
 4  Blocked sinuses, allergies Insomnia, late period Have had terrible sinus issues since a child. Claritin and all other medications never work. The decongestant seems to make a big difference for me. I could finally breathe and sleep but up at 1am every night unable to go back to sleep. Period is now 3 days late and we are trying to conceive. Pregnancy tests are negative and have no idea when period will return. F 36 3 days
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 2  Year round nasal allergies, Rapid heartbeat, insomnia, loss of appetite, bloated, irritable. High blood sugar, Very anxious. It is the only thing that keeps my allergies and most importantly my sinus headaches which are very severe, at bay. Regular Allegra (no 'D')does not work for me. Unfortunately I must stop taking it as 2 months of insomnia is really having an adverse effect on my state of mind and my general state of physical well being. For me the longer I take it the worst the side effect have gotten. I'm stopping for it a while. Maybe try again later. F 67 2 months
 1  Allergies 2 hours after taking it I got the shakes and jitters. I felt dizzy, nauseous and lost appetite. Mouth is extremely dry. Beware before you take this! I will go back to regular Allegra. Never taking Allegra D AGAIN! F 49 1 days
24 hour
 1  Allergies and cold symptoms Headache, stomach pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, in a fog, F 3 days
 4  Seasonal allergies (hay fever) Slight irritability, more so as it wears off at the end of the 24-hours. F 34 5 days
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 5  Allergic Rhinitis, congestion Excitability if i do not avoid caffeine also. No side effects as reported by other people. it can raise blood pressure if taken longterm. It helps to go off and on this medicine for a few weeks . off 2 weeks in intervals between when its most needed. I go off it for entire seasons when it's not needed and it still works once it is initiated again. Safe and more effective than Zyrtec or Claritin. Non drowsy with or without the decongestant formula. F 8 years
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 1  congestion runny nose and drainage Really helped my congestion but I noticed after 2-3 days I developed a slight pain around my right kidney which worsened for the next few days. I discontinued the drug on day 7 when I saw another person had the same problem. Its been 3 days now since I stopped taking it and pain is still there . I saw someone else posted that it takes a week to leave your system so maybe it'll stop soon. Had a urine test today that showed no infection. F 50 7 days
 1  Allergies Extreme Anxiety I normally take things with a grain of salt, I don't get anxious very often. A day after taking the first dose, I felt Stessed and Anxious for no reason. I couldn't shake it. I still had allergies and now this horrible side effect. After 3 days of taking the medication, I looked up the side effects and realized Anxiety was listed, I stopped taking it. After a week of feeling extreme anxiety all day and night, I started thinking maybe it wasn't the medication, bc it should be out of my system by now. It was really effecting my life. I had a discussion with my husband and we had decided that I would call my doctor and talk about getting on anti-anxiety medication. After a week and a half from the last day I took Allegra, I started feeling a lot better, more like myself. I looked up how long Allegra can stay in your system and found that it can remain in your system for over a week. Thank goodness I thought to look that up. This medication may work for some without side effects, but if you start feeling anything out of the normal for you, stop taking it, look up side effects and how long it remains in your system. F 34 3 days
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 1  Eustachian tube,chronic rhinitis More stuffy feeling, sleeplessness, nausea, headache, bloated, loss of appetite but weight gain! F 54 10 days
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 4  Seasonal Allergies Weird dreams , yep you heard it right. Last year I took allegra and I didn't have any side effects and it worked great! This year I took zyrtec for a while and then realized I had stopped taking it last year because it didn't work. I took Zyrtec from age 6-13 from serum, to pill, when it was prescription to over the counter pills and it started to lose lots of the effect it used to have. I then started taking allegra and it was a miracle to me. My allergies were the best they had been since I'd really developed them. Started taking Zyrtec this year then discovered it didn't work so I took an emergency run to wal-mart last night to pick up some allegra and took it last night. last night's dream was fine, in fact I didn't even have one but i took a nap at around 11-11:30ish and slept very very lightly and had a strange dream that I almost controlled but was twisted a bit by my brain. it was rather odd as the subject changed many times, and I was insane in pretty much all of it. it was actually rather entertaining and I'll have a great load of fun telliing it to my friends lol. this isn't really a bothering side effect for me but some may have nightmares rather than just strange dreams, which may be disruptive or disturbing. F 15 1 days
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 5  seasonal allergies Absolutely no side effects that I am aware of I used to get shots,then eventually allegra twice daily and finally Allegra D 24 hrs.When I think ,how I used to suffer with the itchy eyes,headaches,running nose,even while sleeping...I have been thrilled with this medication !!If the spring season is worse on rare occasion days ,I take 1/2 of a 25mg Benadryl tablet, with good results.So glad it is an OTC med now, as it is less expensive for me,and I can buy it ahead of time during sales and using coupons. I recommend it! Patti F 55 12 years
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 3  Severe year round allergies insomnia, loss of appetite, some dry mouth/dehydration, feel little nauseous/lethargic for a short bit right after taking. Been taking for 2 or 3 years and it sorta takes the edge off for me. I still have pressure in my head and bad nasal drainage. However, it keeps my eyes from itching and my mouth/lips from breaking out and itching. F 19 2 years
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 4  Spring-time allergies Insomnia, erection/ejaculation diffculties, dizziness/vertigo,jitters. Almost mpossible to sleep or ejaculate, but better than my spring tree and grass allergies. This is the only medication that works for me. Allegra-D 12 hour, twice daily. M 31 3 weeks
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