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 2  Perimenopause, acne, heavy periods Cysts on chin, increased anxiety, hair loss, weight loss, dry skin I am very indifferent with this BC. I expected better from a pill that is supposed to be the best of the best for acne. I still get painful cysts on my chin. I take the pill continuously to try and combat them from forming every month, but they still persist regularly. I started losing hair during the second month. I attributed it to switching hormones, but almost 2 years later my hair is still fragile and thin. I have now lost almost half of my hair, which was once very thick and gorgeous. My skin is also extremely dry and makes it very hard to use acne medications. I experienced weight loss, which most people would be excited about, but the amount I lost was quite a bit to the point I'm now underweight. I believe this pill also is making my anxiety worse. I didn't want to believe it at first, but I'm now coming to terms (albeit a little late) that it may not be for me. F 44 2 years
1X D
 2  PCOS, contraceptive, acne Vaginal dryness, painful intercourse with bleeding, no periods, acne persists, loss of libido F 29 1 years
3mg 1X D
 1  Endometriosis Vomiting, headache and high blood pressure I had these side effects from the very first time I took it until the last time. I haven't sleep much this 10 days but the first night without everything was fine again... F 27 10 days
30mg 1X D
 1  Amennorhia Extreme hair loss that lessened but never stopped. F 24 14 days
20 1X D
 2  Pcos It made my body feel worse,stomach cramps,leg pains,lost my appetite, lost weight,I feel so emotional and fry for no reason.yaz made me feel so bad I feel so weak and tired all the time ,I got digestive issues and I don't feel like eating anything I'll stop this tablet soon It works only for period cramps and to get regular dates F 23 2 months
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 2  PCOS Drastic change in mental state. Mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts, blurry vision, muscle cramps Spotting throughout taking it, has helped with my pelvic pain and bloating but would rather experience pelvic pain and bloating than to feel the way I currently feel mentally. F 30 48 days
1X D
 3  Acne I have been experiencing hormonal cystic acne prior to getting on Yaz.. No side effects or craziness .. I Feel great! Except I think my skin is purging right now ≠ i pray this works for my hormonal acne.. I dont know what else to do. So im going to stick with it. It says be patient ( in which im not) lol Ź ill update after 2 months .. 2 weeks down F 38 2 weeks
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 4  Heavy periods. When I first went on Yaz my period went for a whole month, but then it stopped and Yaz has been working well for me ever since. I have lost three kilos and no longer have a sweet tooth. The only bad side effects I seem to get are calf cramps upon waking in the morning, very slight breast tenderness and maybe some mood swings. I also can't stomach deep fried foods anymore, which is a good thing. Overall I am happy with Yaz. Other pills gave me very bad breast soreness, but Yaz doesn't. I worry that Yaz may be more risky in terms of increased blood clot risks, but I will be going off it next year. F 46 3 months
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 1  Birth control Vaginal itchiness and infections. I am not a fan of taking chemicals so when I experienced the changes I immediately stopped. 3 days later I feel amazing although I have a brownish discharge. Please stop taking it the moment you notice there is something going on with your body. F 35 1 months
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 1  Pmdd/endometriosis This medication is AWFUL! First three months I broke out terribly in my chest and had severe headaches. Figured I needed time to adjust. Then last month I started getting bad pain in my ovaries- yaz had caused a huge cyst- never had it before. Required surgical intervention. Not to mention my periods came whenever, wasn't even a period though, just bloody discharge and HORRIBLE cramps that sent me to the ER once because they made me vomit for 4 days straight. Obgyn pulled me off of it ASAP! F 34 6 months
1 pill
 1  Don't want to get pregnant Vaginal Dryness, Pain during intercourse, Loss of sex drive, painful and itchy vagina .headaches So I've been having all these symptoms for a long time now . I ASSUMED it was just my body needing time to heal from giving birth. NOW I realize that it is all because of YAZ. I had no idea what was causing all this to keep happening and it's never happened before . I am extremely pissed and took my last pill today. I hope my withdraw isn't bad but f it if it is. I just really don't want to get pregnant anytime soon and I'm married and allergic to condoms . I pray my body returns to normal ASAP. F 21 8 months
 1  Birth control Gave me a horrible yeast infection (I never had one before) that lead to chronic painful sex and vaginal atrophy. Itís been two years and I still have to go to physical therapy once a week and use vaginal dilators every day. Stay away, they should make it illegal! F 23 60 days
 1  Skip periods Hospitalized twice for severe cramping, vomiting, and leg cramps Never take this birth control F 39 45 days
 1  Skip period for holiday Shortness of breath every day, it was like i couldnt take a full satisfying breath, extreme fatigue, i would need to stop evrry few steps to catch my breath, low motivation, i guess my mood mellowed out but it made me ďnumbĒ.. i was not sad but there was also no excitement in my life. I had severe anxiety about developing blood clots with every chest pain, headache, or leg numbness i felt. Also had frequent urination, decreased libido, and prolonged brown spotting throughout the entire time. Decided to stop mid pack 2 days ago bc the difficulty breathing got so bad and within one day, i could breathe normally again. However, last night i had the worst insomnia and night terror of my life. I woke up feeling panicked, dread and doom and unlike myself. I had suicidal ideation and found it hard to discern dream and reality. I felt out of control and had such scary panicked thoughts that i had to wake my SO to watch me so i wouldnt do anything stupid. I regret ever taking Yaz in the first place, it was a horrible experience. The research done on Yaz will not tell you much but reading reviews and anecdotes will tell you that this drug dangerous. With so many lawsuits, i cant believe its still allowed on the market. F 25 18 days
 5  Acne, severe cramps, passing out Chaotic emotions, anxiety Overall, i love this pill. No weight gain, no bloating, no cramps, no acne. However, ive been trying generics now looking for something to stop thos emotional rollercoaster ive realized ive been on since starting. I was always cool, calm, and collected. Now i drove people nuts with my constant anxiety and crying, then extreme levels of happiness. Honestly i feel bipolar. This costs me 146 dollars a month, i cant pay that to be crazy, but if i cant find a suitable medication that fixes acne and cramps and doesnt cause weight gain, then i will go back to yaz. F 26 3 years
 1  Stop pregnancy, irregular periods Horrible cystic acne, recurrent bv/yeast infections Yaz has honestly got to be the WORST birth control pill Iíve taken to date. I started taking OrthoTriCyclenLo when I was 15. But I had to switch from that because my insurance no longer covered the brand name (and all the generics would make me feel so nauseous). My doctor recommended that I try Yaz and about 3 months in I got my first yeast/bv infection. Iíve had recurring infections since then. Not to mention, my skin down there is extremely dry and almost hurts to touch. Iíve also started getting horrible cystic acne in my chin. They almost never come up to the surface! And now on top of everything Iím starting to feel depressed and moody. Itís like I cry over just about everything and I canít imagine that the recurrent trips to the doctor for my yeast and bv makes it any better. F 22 5 months
 5  Birth control Before starting yaz i had very irregular bleeding, in between periods.. I pretty much would bleed all the time. Since starting yaz I haven't had a period yet.. One thing I noticed was bloating, and some headaches.. But it's better then bleeding all the time! F 26 4 months
 3  Painful ovulation, ovarian cysts Dry itchy vag, low estrogen, weird discharge, dizziness, no periods, vaginal infections Yaz gave me vaginal atrophy (super dry itchy vag), dizziness (especially when any other diuretic is used, even just caffeine), and now I get a bacterial infection every time I have sex. Also, I get a blood clot after having an i.v. Yaz will initially make you feel amazing, but it's not worth it. F 37 3 years
 1  PMDD, acne weight gain, depression, anxiety, tiredness would not recommend this drug. Used it for PMDD and acne (not sexually active) and I've heard good reviews about it. Ended up being always tired, had constant depression, gained weight + constant bloat, and made my periods irregular and heavier. F 3 days
1X D
 1  PMDD I am on day 5 of Yaz and this is my last day. It has given me horrible acne and my stomach hurts so bad I am contemplating a trip to the ER. F 38 5 days

YAZ  (DROSPIRENONE; ETHINYL ESTRADIOL):  This medication is a combination of 2 hormones: an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and a progestin (drospirenone). This product is used to prevent pregnancy. It works mainly by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation) during your menstrual cycle. It also makes vaginal fluid thicker to help prevent sperm from reaching an egg (fertilization) and changes the lining of the uterus (womb) to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, it passes out of the body. This medication also may be used to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) or moderate acne if you have chosen to use birth control pills as your method of pregnancy prevention. Besides preventing pregnancy, birth control pills may make your periods more regular, decrease blood loss and painful periods, and decrease your risk of ovarian cysts. Using this medication does not protect you or your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)