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 5  Alcoholism Weight gain, even though I thought giving up alcohol I would lose weight, and extreme fatigue Been an alcoholic for 15 years and my cravings have stopped, these are an absolute blessing F 50 7 weeks
333mg 3X D
 5  Alcoholism None Saved my life. First time being sober, it's been a year and a half w/ no drink/drugs. F 28 1 years
333mg 3X D
 5  Binge drinking I only had Diarrhea on day 1 whether it was from eating to much grapes lol, other than that, it's been my life saver. F 35 5 days
333 Mg 2X D
 5  Alcoholism At first exhaustion heartburn and nausea A god send F 35 2 years
333 3X D
 5  Alcohol cravings F 40 1 months
3X D
 5  Alcoholism Immediately helped my brain to NOT rationalize the 101 reasons I deserved to drink, (bad day, unloving spouse, work stress, etc.). Miracle drug for me! F 51 1 years
666mg 1X D
 5  Alcohol Use Disorder In the beginning weeks I had some mild nausea. Constipation and insomnia. Increased thirst but after awhile it got better. Saved my life. I use this along with naltrexone to help with my sobriety. I am able to be sober off medications but this medicine was a god send. My doctor gave it to me due to the covid quarantine and being stuck inside. It gives me no craving for booze. Truly a game changer F 34 2 months
666mg tid
 5  Binge drinker for 40 years No side effects. The first day u take this u feel euphoric. Like a cloud has been lifted. I tell myself every day that I can do this and to keep taking it as prescribed. You have to be determined to take it everyday or it wont work. Looking forward to a new improved me. F 54 5 days
 5  Alcoholism Binge Drinking Diarrhea, Elevated Liver Enzymes Being a blackout binge drinker for about 14 years resulted in every horrible consequence imaginable. Acamprosate Calcium worked immediately for cravings and resetting my brain back to where I no longer have continuous thoughts of drinking. I also take 50 mg of Zoloft daily for anxiety and depression. I believe the combination of Campral or the generic and an SSRI work! F 43 3 months
666mg 3x
 4  Alcoholism Severely elevated liver enzymes, fatigue This was a great drug. My drinking had really gotten out of hand. But campral helped me tremendously with cravings. I could go to the store and walk past the wine aisle no problem and wouldn't even think about drinking. Unfortunately my liver staged a revolt, (ironic!) so I had to stop taking it. Of course the cravings came right back. Great while it lasted though... F 40 3 months
333 mg
 5  Binge Drinking None It's fantastic. Seriously, is this AA in pill form? I'm baffled by the effectiveness and tolerability. I'm not in any way associated with Forest. I don't even take Campral, I take generic acamprosate calcium DR and it's still great. It does not act immediately. But after about a month, I had no more thoughts of drinking. Advertisements no longer faze me. I have tried drinking on it and even my old favorite beers now taste disgusting. It almost works too well. I'm certain I won't drink as long as I take this drug. M 24 4 months
333 mg x 2 3X D
 4  Alcohol Abuse None, really. Maybe a little flat feeling. I posted a year ago after being on it 9 days. I managed to abstain for a full six months, at which time I quit taking the Campral. I started drinking again within a few weeks. Though it seemed very subtle at the time, the stuff does work; which is much easier to see in retrospect. So today I'm starting back on the Campral. M 47 1 years
1998 3X D
 5  Alcohol abuse Maybe a little tired, but taking Lexapro, too Once I stopped drinking for about 5 days while taking Campral, it worked. Cravings mostly gone. It repairs the prefrontal lobe, which is needed to make good decisions about drinking and drugs. Really, a miracle drug. I highly recommend it to any alcoholics, but you have to not drink for around a week, and give it a chance. It did not help when I took it and still drank!!! F 48 1 months
2X333mg 3X D
 3  Drinking out of control Lowered libido, weight loss, food tastes different. 1) Only on day 9, alcohol-free, so I will update. I had been drinking a 12-pack a night for years. Seems to help with cravings. I usually cave after a week or so, so we will see.... M 46 9 days
1998 3X D
 3  alcoholism None that were appreciable but I was on a "cocktail" of medications. I was on campral, depakote and zoloft. The morning and afternoon dose made me sleepy. Afer rehab I went down to 2 doses a day for around 3 months. Then didn't feel that it was helping all that much and stopped treatment. Have been sober for almost 3 years but have other mood disorder that I have to medicate. M 39 4 months
 3  alcoholism None so far, but it's only been a week. F 34 7 days
 1  alcoholism suicidal thoughts, increased depression, anger I am on Paxil as well as Campral and the effects may be due to the mix of the drugs. But I got off after only a week so I may have to find another way to stop my obsession with drinking. F 47 7 days

CAMPRAL  (ACAMPROSATE CALCIUM):  This medication is used along with counseling and support to help people who are alcohol dependent not drink alcohol. Acamprosate works by restoring the natural balance of chemicals in the brain (neurotransmitters). Before starting this medication, you should no longer be drinking alcohol. Acamprosate has not been shown to work well if you are still drinking alcohol when you start taking it.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)