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 5  Chronic pain from Lupus/Fibromyalgia I used to be on 100mcg of Fentanyl, 150mg Tramadol, 16mg Zanaflex, Gabapentin and others to control my pain. One day i got a call from my doctor's office and was told that my doctor was no longer working there and that no other doctor would be willing to prescribe these medications. They didn't even help me titrate from the 9 years of fentanyl I'd been on which was an absolute living hell! I was first put on Suboxone for the withdrawals, which did nothing and then after I made it through that I switched to the Butrans patch. Since doing that I have had no issues with pain, breakthrough pain or any troublesome side effects! I firmly believe that this medication saved my life. I do also know that the more opioid pain medications you take the worst your pain will become. I'm just about ready to go off of this medication as well with the hopes that I'll only have to take something during flare-ups. Doctors should definitely push this medication more often then all the other very addictive opioid medications. An added bonus of this medication is that it's an opioid antagonist, or should I say partial antagonist as opposed to other popular narcotics that are full agonists It would be very hard to overdose on Butrans given the fact that it has a ceiling effect . From what I've read any dose higher van 20 micrograms is a waste? If someone were to take any other opioid medication while on Butrans it would block the effects unless the aforementioned opioid was taken in excess, ma F 54 2 years
20mcg 1X W
 4  Chronic pain Mild sedation and nausea were common on the beginning of treatment. On higher dose I feel sometimes very relaxed. Great pain relief on the 2 x 20 mcg patch switching every 96 hours. M 30 0 days
40 mcg
 1  Chronic back pain; spinal stenosis Nothing Useless drug. It is supposed to work in a synergistic manner with oral morphine but even at the highest dosage, it doesn't have any effect at all on my chronic back pain. M 65 2 days
20 mcg/hou 1X W
 5  Chronic Knee Pain The only side effect I have noted is related to the patch itself and not the drug (buprenorphine). The patch can cause itching on some occasions and does not last for the full 7 days, I now change every 4 days. Great medication with very few of the usual side effects of opiate therapy. Best thing about the patch is no more pills and my dose has remained constant for 7 years. For additional breakthrough pain, I use tylenol, and voltaren (diclofenac potassium). Butrans has helped me get my life back on track after chronic pain. I have found the best place to stick the patch is the upper thigh, where I rotate as follows, upper left thigh, upper left thigh (just below existing patch), upper right thigh, upper right thigh (just below existing patch). In this way you give each site at least 12 days rest. You are wasting your time sticking these patches to a curved surface as the contact is needed to transfer the medication, so always place the patch on a hairless (as possible) flat piece of skin that does not get bumped regularly. I swim, workout, use the tub etc without issues. M 33 6 years
 4  Chronic lower back pain In the beginning there was some dizziness, nausea but you get used to it. Does cause chronic constipation so you need to be careful of that. I do get skin irritations and sometimes run out of places to rotate the patch. Putting a steriod nasal spray in the area first does help a lot. I use 3M Tegaderm to cover patches if they fall off or if I go swimming. Overall, this has been a life changer. I think more doc's should prescribe this over some of the oral med choices. Butrans has allowed me to get my life back. I take 200 mg of Lyrica and 2x 50 mg tramadoil a day. This is about a 60% pain reduction as long as I don't stand too much or do a lot of housework. The pain pills were such a nightmare and the up and down of pain mAnagement was terrible on Vicodin. The patch allows for more steady dosing. Like everyone else on this board and other's, these patches really only provide a max 5 days of relief. I am thankful that my doctor allows me to change them early to avoid additional breakthrough med's. Most people have still not heard of Butran's and I think it could be helpful to other chronic pain people. Less chance for abuse. I have let the manufacturer know that these do not last 7 days. They said it was based on clinical trials and the doctor can prescribe accordingly up to the max dose. This doesn't work though because insurance denies it and pharmacies won't break open boxes. I had to do a lot of fighting for my exception. I hope others contact the manufacturer to let them know they do not last 7 days as well. F 44 3 years
15 1X D
 5  Chronic pain fr.lupus, fibromyalgia Severe itching if I sweat under patch, pimple-like bumps and sores in the adhesive area Was on opiates for 10 years, with all the usual side effects. Since dr. switched me to Butrans, no more depression, constipation or feelings of withdrawal and breakthrough pain between doses. Also, improvement of insomnia. I have 24-hr pain mgmt, I don't have to worry about people knowing I have opiates in my possession, no more hyperalgesia, plus side effects are negligible aside from the itching and sores, which dr. RX'd a steroid nasal spray to apply prior to a new patch and if it starts to itch while patch is on. Only have issue with medicine running out of patch before the end of 7 days during the summer when I sweat more. I agree with other reviewers, for the sake of our skin and efficacy, this patch needs to be a 3 or 5 day. Be aware of uninformed medical personnel: when I had gall bladder surgery, I repeatedly said "nothing stronger than Tylenol" for post-op pain mgmt, however, that was ignored and I was given intravenous hydrocodone, making me sick as a dog. Also, I declined the written RX for it upon discharge, but it was handed to my husband anyway. F 41 2 years
20mcg/hr 1X W
 4  Chronic back pain Rash at site with itching. Not bad. Does not last 7 days. Runs out at 4to5 days. I hope they make a 5 day patch soon. For now I have up to 8 norcos on day 5,6 an 7 M 52 5 months
 4  Chronic severe pain The patch leaves a thick medicine burn at placement spot with blisters and the itching is nerve wrecking. The 10 mcg patch gave me substantial relief for the first three weeks. It only lasts four to five days. Since the patch is creating such a medicine burn to my skin, I'm going to start on Zohydro 30mg twice a day. I suffered a crush injury to foot that led to progressive arthritis and sural nerve resection that has left me with severe relentless burning. I also had a latissimus muscle transfer to shoulder after 2 failed revisions. The shoulder is full of arthritis also. I use lidoderm patches and cymbalta. I also require Xanax for anxiety due to severe pain. M 57 4 weeks
10 mcg 1X W
 4  20 mcg back pain , shortness of medician duration M 49 6 months
1X W
 5  burning nerve pain, fibromyalgia sometimes a small rash in application site after removal, sometimes a little itchy while wearing it This was added to manage breakthru pain. I agree with the other reviewer - it does seem to wear down before the change date. Butrans has made the exhausting pain manageable, but it is still not completely gone. I use this in addition to Cymbalta: 60mg/at bedtime, Tramadol: 50mg/ 3x daily, Meloxicam: 7.5mg/ 2x daily, Tizanidine: 4mg/ 2x daily. My joints still burn, my feet are still numb. I HATE taking pills but I can mentally function. Radiating paid down both legs keeps me from walking, but I am extremely lucky - I've kept my job, I can work at home. I have something to be thankful for! Good luck to everyone suffering from the same or similar. F 40 5 months
10 mg/hr 1X W
 5  Chronic pain Works as well or better than 100mcg Duragesic without the side affects. The only drawback is that it does not last 7 days and checks out quickly on the 4-5th day. It also starts to work immediately unlike the duragesic which takes at least 8 hrs to get in your system. I feel so much better on this medicine and can complete daily tasks without the sedation and side affects from regular opiate medication. F 52 2 months
20mcg 1X W

BUTRANS  (BUPRENORPHINE):  This medication is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain (such as due to arthritis, chronic back pain). Buprenorphine belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. The higher strengths of this drug (7.5, 10, 15, or 20 micrograms per hour patches) should be used only if you have been regularly taking moderate amounts of opioid pain medication. These strengths may cause overdose (even death) if used by a person who has not been regularly taking opioids. Do not use this medication to relieve pain that is mild or that will go away in a few days. This medication is not for occasional ("as needed") use.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)