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 3  ADD I guess I feel the 2nd time the pill kicks in. Like a faster heart rate suddenly and a tad nauseous but other then that I'm ok. I don't feel like XR 10 mg is enough for me. So far hasn't helped with my distractions. Going up to 15 in a couple days. F 59 30 days
1X D
 4  ADHD Anxiety; highly emotional in situations that would not have elicited an emotional response prior to taking Adderall XR. F 63 13 years
60 mg
 5  Attention Deficit Disorder Most positive effects, no side effects... except for the evening burnouts experienced once the medication begins to wear off. I am currently on Adderall XR 30MG, and it has changed so many different aspects of my life, including depression. I have ADD (yes, I know there should be an "H" in there, but I do not have the "H" part). I was prescribed Adderall because I was about to be terminated from my job, but I still go terminated, surely because of corporate policies that conveniently used against me. Back to the drug, I take it around 6am everyday, and found that my overall mood has changed. I am not as emotional as I was before, yet I am still able to express my feelings when necessary without the full breakdowns. I have been dealing with Major Depressive Disorder, and this medication has alleviated most of those feelings. However, the medication has not been a miracle drug, and it contains no magic! You still have to try to live a better life and might have to make some changes to your daily routines. For me, ADD has always been there. I come from a Hispanic family and mental illness is not considered a real illness. For me, it took me to be 36 years old to finally realize it was time to visit a psychiatrist, irregardless of all the negative sigmas; I was glad I did, because it gave me many suspected answers, rather than self diagnosing situations. Adderall for me has come a long way, and have always taken generics. That's when the unfortunate fun begins. I was taking Prasco for about a year before the local pharmacies in my area started to change all of their inventory M 38 17 months
30MG 1X D
 4  ADHD Loss of appetite, Headaches, Confusion, Frustration, Insomnia, Dependency, Major Weight Loss, Fast Heartbeat I have been taking adderall since I was about 7 or 8, and I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5. While I used to take it very consistently, in the past year or so Iíve been not taking my meds regularly. Recently, Iíve been having some mental health issues and agreed with my parents and friends that I should take my meds everyday for a month to see the progress. And let me tell you, this has not been fun. Iíve lost 16 pounds in the last month. The effects were very present in the first week but became more dull in the following weeks. F 14 30 days
 4  ADD Subdued appetite, dry mouth, increased perspiration, gassy in the mornings, increased heart rate. It has been helping me focus my attention better and helps me pace my thoughts. Itís like it slows me down to a pace that matches those around me. F 28 20 years
 4  ADHD None This drug needs to be prescribed at 10mg and no more than this, patients need to ensure they eat regularly and exercise Consider a morning routine/meditation and cannabis for the PM M 22 3 months
 3  Prescribed Iím going to be completely honest here. I feel as if I am compelled to, even if writing this post only helps one single person out there. I learned about while googling ďHow to not be annoyingĒ at 2:00 a.m. I used to live a very ďnormalĒ, fulfilled life. I considered myself mentally strong. I liked myself, and people liked me. Then, college started, and I was blessed (and caught off guard) by the birth of my daughter. Working nights while a part of a prestigious medical program and raising a child while taking care of my own apartment felt impossible. I started taking adderall to help me focus on studying, help me to stay awake, and help me to get through this very trying time in my life. When I first started taking it, I was wonder women. I could do anything, and it would be immaculate. I got straight Aís had tons of energy to play with my daughter, and you could eat off the floor of my apartment it was so spotless. Fast forward five years. Adderall changed the way my brain and my thoughts (therefore my actions, the way people perceive me, and the way people act towards me) for the worse. It made me insecure (causing me terrible acne, and then an obsessive impulse to pick the breakouts.) I became to ashamed to look people in the face. My brain moved at light speed, while everybody else was in the normal lane. Adderall caused me to sweat profusely, and to act manic. I talked so fast, and said things before my brain could 23 5 years
30 MG
 5  ADD/ ADHD Dry mouth; some weight loss (leveled out at 10 lbs); teeth clenching; headaches if I forgot to eat This medication is the absolute heaven-sent... I worked a full-time job, had my own business, AND I managed to do my Masters at Cornell. I felt on top of the world, and even had enough energy to be social, and to be there for my friends and family. I was the very best version of me... Adderall XR made my brain slow down; it made me calm and focused. Things/tasks that scared me before didnít bother me at all. I just did them, and I did them magnificently... Now in Germany, I canít get it, and Iím doing not well at all. ): F 38 2 years
30 mg
 4  ADHD symptoms Headache and grinding of my teeth once the medicinie wore off. I take this to slow me and my brain down and it works well for that but the side effects are awful. M 60 2 years
XR 10 mg 1X D
 3  Can't focus, no motivation, hyper I have tried two different kinds and I am now taking the 10 mg amphetamine salts??? Not sure why these are so different and why they make me feel so off but. In the past two days I've taken 30mg I weigh 98 lbs how long until this is flushed. I'm drinking plenty of water. I haven't taken anything in about 5 hours. Please tell me when this will be out of my system, I feel too funny. F 33 2 days
30 mg
 1  ADD This drug should be illegal. It feels on top of the world the first few times you use it and then damages your brain for life. Look up amphetamine neurotoxicity if you donít believe me. Permanent brain damage, Caused me permanent parkinsons disease Permanent destruction of my prefrontal cortex and dopamine neurons PET imaging has confirmed the damage to my dopamine reward system and my brain. Lost my girlfriend and all friends. Became permanently aggressive violent agitated and extremely irritable. Lost ability to enjoy music or feel ANY emotions. Used to laugh all the time now my eyes look Dead and my whole face looks completely different. I have no personality anymore I am dead inside since taking this neurotoxin for only two months. I will make it my life goal to get this poison banned. Giving speed, a potent neurotoxin, to children is criminal. The psychopathic kriminals at the FDA will pay one day for the tens of millions of lives they have ruined. Dont take this neurotoxic poison! Type in "amphetamine: a single dose model of parkinsons disease" on google and run out the door of any doctor who tries to prescribe you this! M 25 3 months
 3  ADHD drymouth, insomnia, bad breath, reduced sexual performance, feeling like an emotionless robot I've been trying to find an alternative to Adderall for many years now because I don't like all of the negative side-effects. M 31 17 years
30 MG 1X D
 5  Fatigue None Helped my fatigue a great deal so far. No side effect yet. F 39 10 days
 1  Adult ADD, anxiety dizziness, diarrhea, nervousness, anxiety, excess energy, stomach upset, and belching I have family members and friends who take Adderall. They are doing so well. Their houses are clean, they are succeeding in their work, and in life in general. They look amazing. Since ADD runs in my family and I have always had issues with anxiety, I decided to try it, regrettably. The first couple of hours, I had diarrhea, stomach cramps, and nervousness. I cleaned the house and didn't need to sit and break. I just cleaned for hours and didn't stop. Once I did stop cleaning, I felt like hell. I was nervous, anxious, and nauseated. I am so thankful for this tired crash that I am experiencing now. I am really sad that I wasted $35 on them.. But I am thankful to be alive, as a few times during the day, I wondered if I was going to die. F 31 1 days
15 mg 1X D
 3  ADHD; Later on: Anxiety Possibly linked to Trichotillomania Loss of appetite for the brand name drug Crawling feeling at night/restless leg syndrome Severe vertigo spells Increased/Decreased sex drive/Erectile problems Dryness/Always needing to stay hydrated I started taking Adderall in pill form at a early age. Off my meds, I become very hyper and over-talkative. I developed Trichotillomania (Hair pulling) possibly from the medicine. (Also had meningitis when I was 1 which could have caused it.) which progressed to Trichophagia.(Chewing on hair) As I got older, I was switched over to capsules. Nothing too bad until I was around 19-20 when started getting horrible vertigo spells a lot if I got up from sitting or lying down too quickly. It either cause about an 8 second rush of dizziness, or the worst, an almost seizure-like effect where, for about 8 seconds I lose control of my body (the dizziness is so intense; with barely enough time to catch myself from collapsing) and start trembling throughout my body. Dryness and sex drive issues aren't to bad. At night, I get so hungry. This seemed to have happened when I was switched over from brand to generic. Sleeping has always been a problem. Whenever I get close to sleeping, my body does something to jolt me back awake, like my body doesn't want me to sleep.(feels like something's crawling on me. Leg spasm, or even a jolt to my heart like the feeling your heart feels like after a nightmare.) I wish they would put more effort in finding a cure for ADHD/ADD. With cancer, all the mental disorders and other diseases are put on the back burner like we don't matter anymore. The pill may fix your problem but will cause other things to happen. But hey, you could always "take another pil M 25 18 years
30 1X D
 3  Narcolepsy Dry mouth, excessive thirst for sweet drinks (have become a fruit juice addict), "burning up" feeling / fever almost all the time - that is one of the worst side effects I've experienced - very uncomfortable, flu-like symptoms - cold sweats, chills, body aches - this is the other set of symptoms I would say is the worst, teeth grinding, daily headaches - Excedrin Migraine is always at hand, developed tolerance to dose & decreased effectiveness from medication (skip days help though), weight loss when starting medication, annoyingly (majorly at times) talkative Have to force yourself to eat when first starting this medication, I went from 110 lbs. to 97 lbs. which was very frightening as I didn't have the weight to lose, had many concerned friends & family wondering if I had developed an eating disorder, learned to eat before, in between, & after doses. Insanely effective when first began taking Adderall, could conquer the world (or so I thought), definitely OCD like tendencies (hyper focused, and excessively perfectionistic with any task (already had these tendencies & this was simply amplified to where I had to do everything because nobody else would do it "right", well as you can imagine, this becomes exhausting & impossible to maintain over time. Resulted in a lot of inner anxiety & distress. I now have trouble taking the few hours of energy & focus each day, and putting those toward the most important tasks - get hung up on mundane "organizational" tasks that cause more work for me than I had in the first place. Unfortunately, I cannot stay awake w/I this med (have literally slept for weeks at a time) so have no choice but to take it. Wish I didn't have to, but thankful for it. Double-edged sword. F 36 10 years
60 mg
 4  Excessive fatigue, ADD Little bit of an upset stomach, diaherra, felt a little out of it for the first couple of days, the third day was much better The first couple of days taking Adderall I had a bit of an upset stomach. The third day I was able to stay on task and complete a lot of things that I normally procrastinate with and that was a great feeling. Hasn't really much with keeping me from wanting to sleep all the time. I like that it helps me focus. I've also noticed that things that used to cause me to become very angry or nervous, don't really bother me anymore. Although being all around happier was not the main reason I started taking this, I've decided that I like other people. Before taking this I was just counting down the seconds before they annoyed the crap out of me. I think this will work for the excessive tiredness, but I might need to have the dosage upped. I've been taking lexapro for depression for about 4 mos and before that I took zoloft for almost 20 years. I imagine my life would be a lot different if one of the doctors that I was going to for all those years would've evaluated me for ADD. Maybe a large amount of the depression and anxiety I had was mainly caused by my inability to complete tasks and projects that I started or needed to start. F 41 3 weeks
 5  ADD Weight loss, loosing hair, jaw clenching This medication has saved my life in all aspects. I was diagnosed with ADD as an adult wish it was sooner as then I would've done better in school. I started college as an adult and couldn't focus to even understand what the instructor was teaching so I decided to talk to my dr who was treating me for depression. He tried me on several different meds for add but adderall is the only one that helps. I've lost about 40 lbs in 5 mos. I do have some hair loss but as much hair as I have its not bald yet lol. I notice myself clenching my tongue piercing between my jaw teeth quite frequently which has filed down my teeth on one side. But I don't have the depression anxiety issues anymore. I can focus on whatever it needs to be and finally complete my task at hand. I was able to get my degree with a 4.0 GPA where as when I was in high school I was barely even passing my classes with a very low D. This has been heaven sent even with my mood so my relationship with my boyfriend, family, and friends have improved to the point of no return. I do think my medicine needs to be increased due to it not lasting til I finish my homework. I'm working on my 2nd degree. Much appreciated to my dr for diagnosing me and finding me the right medicine. F 41 6 years
20 mg xr x
 4  ADHD decreased appetite M 26 10 years
20 mg 2X D
 5  Adult Onset ADD Dry Mouth, curbed appetite. When I first started taking it, I hardly took time to eat meals. That in turn prompted headaches in the evening. I always have a small meal before taking my meds and it works great. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. Myself and others realize that I am extremely intelligent and quite capable. It has helped immensely with actually following through on projects that I start and see them through until they are done in totality. I follow up on pretty much anything that I put into action or tasks that I have relied on others to complete. Following up takes a lot of time but makes the end result completed correctly with no "drama"! My neurologist, Dr. Jon Peters in Reston, VA is my hero. He is the smartest, kindest most wonderful doctor out there. He always fixes me!! Proper testing, which i had is a definite must. F 49 3 years
30 mg