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 2  Thyroid(Hypo) I take it on a empty stomach in the morning, wait 30 minutes before I eat. About 20 minute later I start spitting up alot, nose stop up, feel congested alot tired over my body or fatigue joint hurt too. Like it causing me to have acid reflux or something. F 65 90 days
75 1X D
 2  Hypothyroidism Feeling cold indigestion body feeling compressed an stiff join pain lost of appetite. M 62 4 days
 1  Hypothyroidism Irritability, mood swings, brain fog, depressed, dry skin, hair loss, insomnia, fatigue, loss of mobility, change in appetite, change in libido. Started out hyperthyroidism, never treated! Develop Gravesí disease and goiter, doc killed thyroid with radioactive iodine, became hypothyroidism put on Levoxyl 100mcg for a few months then I stopped takin med. my choice. Lived fine for about 3 years became pregnant put back on Levoxyl 127mcg for 2 years then I stopped takin med, my choice! About 3 years later developed a nodule went an saw doc put on 200 mcg Levoxyl my symptoms were crazy it was like I was havin a stroke! A week later ended up in hospital loss all function extremely week docs thought that it may be myxedema coma, kept givin me 200 mcg Levoxyl, kept havin these episodes they pushed it up to 275mcg got my TSH level normal but vitals were fine so they didnít know why I was still having episodes but released me could barley walk needed a walker! Saw doc a couple days later he changed med to 127mcg Levoxyl. Still havin these episodes but not as severe like in hospital! Now doc changed med to 127mcg synthroid and Iím terrified to take it! I wanted Armour thyroid or something natural! Iím scared I may end up in hospital or worse! F 39 2 months
 1  Thyroid removed Seems each batch is different. My thyroid numbers will be fine then when I take a new batch everything is out of wack again. Iím going back on synthroid. 57 1 weeks
 1  Hypothyroid Muscle aches, joint pain, weakness in arms and legs, foggy brain, trouble remembering, depth perception problems, tiredness I started taking Levoxyl when my insurance company no longer paid for tirosint. I slowly started getting joint and muscle pain especially in my right arm. As time went on it got so bad I couldn't touch my right arm to my left shoulder or hook my bra in the back anymore. I became so lethargic and tired and I had a hard time driving and couldn't sleep on my right side. My hand would go numb and I couldn't lift my right arm up over my head or lift anything heavy. I went to several doctors and I got diagnosed with possible fibromyalgia, arthritis, toxic mold poisoning. Even had a MRI for possible Multiple sclerosis but the results came back negative. My doctor did X-ray to see if I had a rotator cuff issue or possible fracture in my right arm. Just looking for answers I looked at side effects of Levoxyl and I called my doctor and got a new prescription for Tirosint and immediately stopped. I noticed a huge difference in two weeks. It's been six weeks now and Im feeling better and back to life. I can't believe the reaction I had to this medication! I literally thought I was dying and it scared the heck out of my family because they could see me deteriorating. I pray this is helpful to someone searching for answers. F 44 7 months
120 6X W
 5  hypothyroid Levoxyl has given me my life back. I was on it for about 10 years before the recall. I have just switched back to it and finally feel like myself again. F 43 2 months
100 1X D
 1  Hashimoto This stuff is crap. I can't even walk. Cramping and crying and anger. I could just scream. I am a diabetic with borderline hashimoto. Meaning my numbers have always been where they are. But they changed the qualifying numbers for hashimoto so now all of a sudden I have it. I dont believe everything they say. This is the second medication I've been on and both are worse than anything I ever felt without the meds F 49 2 weeks
 2  Mild Hypothyroidism Horrible tendinitis in both Achilles tendons that went away 5 days after stopping Levoxyl. Went from hiking 5 miles in the mountains to barely able walk 3 blocks on the sidewalk. MAJOR weight gain. 15 pounds in 3 months- no previous weight problems. Will probably try Synthroid or Tyrosint next. Levoxyl is Gluten Free while many other generics have gluten. F 40 3 months
25 mcg
 2  hashimotos thyroid Persistent hair loss for nine months and not getting better. Going to Dr today for a change. This thyroid med may work for some but not for me. F 68 9 months
75 mcg
 5  low thyroid None Does a good job in bring my T3 & T4 in proper range. Very pleased. M 65 10 years
100 mg 1X D
 1  hypothyroid dizziness, fatigue, headache, insomnia, heart palpitations, depression, weakness. I hated it. The day after I switched to Naturethroid, all side effects were gone. I still have to build up to enough of a dose, but experiencing great relief. Levoxyl gave me hyperthyroid symptoms, even though I was not clinically hyperthyroid. F 55 6 weeks
125 1X D
 4  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis No side effects unless dosage is too high or too low. The drug has adequately controlled my thyroid condition F 54
112 mcg. 1X D

 3  hypothyroidism Whole upper body pain numbness and stiffness with joint pain esp. in the morning. Diminishes gradually but never completely. If it werent for this pain i'd love it. But before taking it i was so sick i couldnt get out of bed. I traded one illness for another F 49 9 months
 4  Low Thyroid (Hypothyroidism) I had a slight increase in energy and appetite. I did try Synthroid, but it irritated my lungs. This could be due to the dye in the Synthroid, I'm not sure. I called the Pharmacist and she said that Levoxyl probably had the least side effects of the Thyroid meds. I tried it and had no problems. I am still taking it today. Just drink a lot of water with it, since it can dissolve easily in your mouth. M 49 1 years
50 MCG. 1X D
 2  Hypopituitarism Hypothyroid Hunger, feel too hot when first take it and then too cold for the next 18 hours, JOINT PAIN, and non-improved hypothyroid symptoms. I have been on every dose imaginable and sometimes combination with T3. I still have syptoms of hypothyroid BUT feel even worse when I get frustrated and try to stop taking this. (Reason for giving it a 2.) According to blood tests my free T3 and free T4 and all other pituitary hormones are in normal range so not sure why my hypthyroid symptoms persist. F 45 6 years
175 mcg 1X D
 4  hashimoto's/hypothyroidism none i started on 25, and now am on 25/50, alternating. i've seen improvements already, and i was very, very sick for years. i think most of the people here who have complaints couldn't find the correct dosage, or perhaps when starting this medication hypo symptoms appear/worsen for a short period before they get better? i'm very happy with levoxyl. it's gluten- and lactose-free, it's well-regulated, well-tolerated, and seems to work well. F 59 2 months
25/50 alt 1X D
 1  Hashimoto thyroidusm After having taken levoxyl for 8 months my arms started to get numb and I ended up with a terrible pain in the muscle in my upper right arm. Plus we were always adjusting my dosage - one dosage would work for awhile and then we would have to either increase it or decrease it depending on returning symptoms. I have since switched to Naturethroid and I feel great. Arm pain went away, as did the night sweats and general body achiness. M 55 1 years
100 mcg 1X D
 4  Hypothyroidism It sometimes has kept me awake, but also slightly increased my appetite. No other negative side effects. Synthroid irritated my lungs (perhaps due to the dye in it) and Levoxyl seemed to have the least inactive ingredients. So far, it seems to have given me more energy. No major (negative) side effects. Synthoid irritated my lungs, but Levoxyl worked fine. I am pleased with it, but you do have to drink it with plenty of water due to the fact that it dissolves in your mouth quickly. M 49 1 years
50 MG 1X D
 1  Hashmoto--hypothyroid Horrible experience---not sure is my doctor's bad practice or the medication. when is a good endo? have seen two so far, none of them are good and care about my experience. I was extremely ill after my doctor increased my dose from 25-50mcg. I fainted and went to ER twice and diagnosed with heart arrhythmia---multiple PVCs and PACs after seeing my cardiologist. I got very hungry and dizziness and had to laid down. Need to drink orange juice every 1-2 hours and feeling really sad and crying. I have to be home for months to recover from it. on top of that, my cardiologist wanted me to take beta -blocker, which can make my cardiac symptoms worse for my hypothyroid state. I am so glad I went to herbal for my heart arrthymia and I am fine now, but get symptoms when I am stressed. My health is never the same any more!!!I have been off the medication for 5 month now, but could not get back to 25mcg, it gave me Symptoms of dizziness and hunger right away. I stopped immediately. During the pe I tried Sythroid before levoxyl---because Sythroid gave me itchiness. F 46 2 years
25-50 mcg 1X D
 5  Hypothyroid after Grave Disease None After radioactive iodine treatment for Graves Disease, my thyroid was disabled so I was prescribed Levoxyl. It took a little to get the right dose, but it's working fine now. There are now noticeable side effects. F 51 1 years
112 mcg 1X D

LEVOXYL  (LEVOTHYROXINE SODIUM):  Levothyroxine is used to treat an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). It replaces or provides more thyroid hormone, which is normally produced by the thyroid gland. Low thyroid hormone levels can occur naturally or when the thyroid gland is injured by radiation/medications or removed by surgery. Having enough thyroid hormone is important for maintaining normal mental and physical activity. In children, having enough thyroid hormone is important for normal mental and physical development. This medication is also used to treat other types of thyroid disorders (such as certain types of goiters, thyroid cancer). This medication should not be used to treat infertility unless it is caused by low thyroid hormone levels.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)