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 2  allergies fasciculations (quivering) of posterior neck muscles, and irregular heartbeat Clarinex is fantastic for hay fever, asthma, and hives; better than any antihistamine I have ever taken. I never had to take it 2 days in a row because the effects last at least 48hrs. In seasons when I had to take it fairly often, I began to wake up because of quivering posterior neck muscles and heart palpitations. I finally went to my GP, who did an EKG which was normal; but of course the palpitations weren't happening at the time. Recently I had not taken it in 6 weeks, then had to take it once because of a food allergy. That night, for the first time in 6 wks the muscle fasciculations and heart palpitations happened again. I was amazed to read here that someone had had exactly the same thing happen! I am on a beta-blocker, amlodipine, and a diurectic for high blood pressure. I will certainly take Clarinex again if I need it badly, but I'm a little reluctant now. I will update this entry in the future if my conclusions here seem wrong. F 63 18 months
5 mg 1X AN
 2  allergies asthma heart palpitations, tachycardia Have taken clarinex for several years and all of a sudden a few months ago noticed having rapid heart rate after taking it. Don't know if something changed in the make up or what? Was even going to check with my pharmacists to see if I had the correct pill. Not sure why this just started. F 45 4 years
1X D

 3  All Year Allergies Hyperactivity, impulsiveness. My son has been on some type of allergy medicine since 6 months of age. He was prescribed the Clarinex due to claritin no longer worked. The medicine itself does work. Just a little background, my son has always been very high energy. I just assumed it was his personality and it was normal for little boys. However, this year when he started school it was brought to my attention that he was over the top. I removed red dye from his diet and cut back on the sugar he was eating. That helped some but he still had issues with hyperactivity and impulsiveness. I was starting to think ADHD and ADD. Then, just for the heck of it, I started researching side affects of Clarinex and surprisingly found links to hyperactivity in children. Especially boys. As an experiment, I removed him from all allergy medicines. (including his nasal spray Flonase which also causes hyperactivity) Double whammy. After about a week, there was improvement. After 2 weeks, I was having people comment on his behavior change. Now, after a month off he is no longer having issues at school. I am giving this medicine a 3 because it does work. However, due to the effects for my son, he can't take it and do well in school at the same time. I just wanted to put this out there so other parents can observe their children if they are on this and other medicines like it. M 6 2 years
2.5 mg 1X D
 4  Allergies Slight increase in appetite and a little tightness in my rear neck muscles, but this didn't last long. This antihistamine worked better for me (with less side effects) than Zyrtec (which caused asthma) or Allegra. Clarinex is my favorite antihistamine and is non-drowsy. I prefer it over any other, although it is slower acting than something like Benadryl. I do recommend it, however. M 49 6 years
5 MG 1X D

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