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 3  muscular dystrophy, herniated disc, itching,/is the worst/ stomach distress but drug still helps with my pain I have been on pain meds for the last 25 yrs.now I'm trying to get them way down.I was on 600mg daily. now the 45mg with a breakthrough pain med called diladid 4mg ..I have serious issues. and the drug works fine. but coming off of them is so very hard. I just want to be normal again.but with severe pain your never normal again.pain definitely destroys your life.the dr wants me to get off the drugs but gives you nothing for all the withdrawal symptoms. .. F 55 10 weeks
45mg 2dail
 5  Severe Chronic Pain slows my digestive track, but I don't have to take anything for it. It can cause trouble with a sleeping schedule a bit or a lot at times. But that's it. I have been through the list of Pain killers. I know Pain is not the same, nor is it the same how a medicine works for each person and their Pain. But for my C1-C2 fusion neck Pain, Avinza works the longest for killing/easing my Pain. I give it a high rating and for how it feels for interacting with my body and system, being very good. I always take it with Milk, and as long as I do that I have no stomach problems. I give Avinza an A+ I do also take immediate release Morphine daily, from 30mg to 90mg, and when real bad up to 150mg all at once, but not often. Before being able to use Morphine all the time and a proper dose, my Pain would often escalate often to outrageous events of Pain and vomiting from Pain. For which I wouldn't find the words for. So AVINZA/Morphine is a G-d Send, a Miracle Drug, a Life Saver (and that's actually real). M 53
240mg 2X D
 5  Fibromyalgia Brief allergic reaction controlled with Benadryl, constipation, loopy, hard to digest food properly, decided to try no gluten and that seems to help a lot After being in constant unbearable pain for four years this drug works like nothing else. It is a miracle for me. No the pain is not all gone (how I wish I could go up to 90) but it makes life worth living and I can get through each day with mild/moderate pain. For constipation I just take five magnesium pills a day which I figure can help relax muscles also. Also fibro friends try trigger point therapy. It is wonderful!!! F 53 1 years
60 1X D
 1  morphine sulfate er Holy stomach cramps Batman. Honestly I don't think this med has done one bit of good for me, my stomach hurts, my shoulders feel like they have been crushed and no back pain is even relieved M 30 2 days
30mg 2X D
 5  Severe Back Pain At first some "high" feeling but went away after a short time. Some constipation but treated with mild laxatives. This has been the best pain treatment I ever had. This drug has been a life changer for me. Able to work again with no side effects. The possible downfall is that if I ever lose my insurance it is extremely expensive and the withdrawal from this type of drug is like going through hell from what I have been told. It scares me to death to think of "what if". I hope that I will never have to go through withdrawal from this. As said if you can get over the side effects and handle it I give it an excellent rating. 5 of 5. M 44 7 years
60mg x 2 1X D
 5  severe pain/ thoracic radiculopathy Major brain fog. Major drowsiness, though that I got used to after awhile. Cant think of the word while trying to speak. EXTREME forgetfulness...mostly short term memory. I forgot I was talking to my mom on the phone once[even with a phone in my hand!] SCARY. Major constipation which has to be treated w/ meds now too. Lots of issues w/ side effects, but for me, worth it to have the pain relief. This medicine saved my life! A new mom, w/ small children when I got hurt & had so much pain life was unbearable!This is the only thing that works to take my pain away enough to manage life. To me,it is a miracle. I do hate the side effects, but all close family&friends know my loopy-ness is from the drug. Im thankful for this med as I KNOW I would NOT have made it w/o it. Cost is INSANE, but thank God I have a great insurance policy and benefits due to hubby's work. F 37 4 years
 4  PELVIC PAIN (ENDO) The only side effect I had was constipation. I also was taking 4 of the 15 mg MSIR a day and once I cut back on my dosage of the constipation got much better. I take a vegetable laxative as needed. I never did feel loopy at all or like I was on drugs. Couldn't tell I am even taking them really other than some constipation and pain relief. My only worry is when I have to finally get off of them and hard it may be. F 29 7 months
 5  Chronic pain Constipation, severe withdrawal symptoms (flu-like aches, headache, loose bowels,) smaller bank account balance With 90 mg once a day it controls pain very well. (plus Darvocet, mobic and zoloft) I take a stool softener and that takes care of the constipation which is really the only physical side effect-well except duh! you are taking morphine-you get a little loopy. It is pricey! Like the other postee, I am going to check into generic alternative. M 50 18 months
 4  Chronic Pain Severe constipation; treated w/ metamucil 2x/day, fiber pills, and ex-lax. Headache, dizziness, and sleepiness for about 2 hrs after taking 24hr dose; decreased after first week. Taking 90mg - 1x/day with lortab 10/500 and/or percocet 10/650 for breakthrough pain in 4hr intervals as needed. Sometimes use Darvocet-N 100/650 for the last 4-5 hrs prior to next 24hr Avinza dose (rarely). Nearly fainted when I went to pay for script since I was in coverage gap. Cost was nearly $300/month for 30 - 90mg pills. Doc is changing me to MS Contin next month, 30mg - 3x/day that cost less than $20 for a month's supply in the generic form. I have been satisfied with results of the Avinza compared to taking a handful of pain meds every day, but the cost is ridiculous. If you are covered by Part D, beware, expecially if you have other monthly maintenance meds. CHECK YOUR DRUG COSTS FOR THE FULL YEAR and plan accordingly with your doctor regarding Rx options. You have to research drug costs, most all doctors are not aware of full drug costs. Copay's maybe, but do your homework. By a Drug book and research options in the same drug class or family and lookup costs an M 39 1 months
 4  severe pain M 45 1 years

AVINZA  (MORPHINE SULFATE):  This medication is used to help relieve severe ongoing pain (such as due to cancer). Morphine belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. The higher strengths of this drug (100 milligrams or more per tablet) should be used only if you have been regularly taking moderate to large amounts of opioid pain medications. These strengths may cause overdose (even death) if taken by a person who has not been regularly taking opioids. Do not use the extended-release form of morphine to relieve pain that is mild or that will go away in a few days. This medication is not for occasional ("as needed") use.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)