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 4  constipation omg i feel like a new girl. i took zelnorm before and i fell out when i was looking up meds.and i saw ZELNORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 52 4 days
 1  protracted constipation mild cramping This drug was completely useless to me. I remained unable to move my bowels. The ONLY way this drug EVER worked was to take it with coffee, a stimulant strictly prohibited by my IC diet! F 37 90 days
 5  Chronic constipation At the beginning, I would have a very good BM, followed by several watery ones. This was quickly resolved by cutting the dose in half, and skipping a day every 3 days or so. Within one week or less, I was with NO SIDE EFFECTS! MIRACLE DRUG!! I love it!! After suffering from very stubborn constipation all my life, and getting to the point of the ridiculous these last 3 years, I was prescribed Zelnorm. It feels as though I have a normal life, and I am extremely scared of when I run out of it, as it was pulled off the market. I've been "rationing it" very carefully, but I will be out of it in a couple of weeks... and back to the old misery... F 49 7 months
 5  ibs n/a loved it! F 37 6 days
 1  IBS Extreme stomach upset! Didn't help me at all. Now I heard today that Zelnorm was just pulled Off the market yesterday! You won't be able to get it anymore. They found out it causes Cardiovascular problems!! It was announced on TV this morning. Another poison on the market! F 52 2 months
 4  IBS Minor cramping and headache for the first couple days I built up a tolerance to it so I switched up the dosage and also got off it for a couple weeks every couple months. F 28 10 months
 3  constipation None It worked in the beginning when not taken regularly. You build up a tolerance if taken as prescribed. I'll try taking two as one patient recommended and see if that helps. F 55 1 years
 5  Irritable Bowel Syndrome relief! Prescribed after Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation diagnosis. Important to take on empty stomach or it will NOT work. also, switch up the dosing. for example, for one month or so i will take one dose in the AM and one in the PM, then the next month i will take a double dose in the am and no dose at night. helps to fend of what appears to be a tolerance build-up. F 27 6 months
 3  constipation None It works very quickly and effectively if you use it occasionally, but I notice how much of a tolerance I build up in a short amount of time. M 54 200 days