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 Type: Rx Drug

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 3  IVF/prevent ovulation Stinging/itchy. Somewhat unpleasant but effective (I guess). F 30 3 days
 2  IVF suppression Ovulated while on this drug, sizeable corpus luteum cyst, shoulder pain, fatigue I used this drug as part of an antagonist IVF protocol. It's role was to suppress me. I ovulated while on this drug and developed a corpus luteum cyst approx 30mm big and my cycle had to be cancelled. I had horrible fatigue, and shoulder pain, in addition to the severe abdominal pain from the cyst. Previous to my ultrasound where I found out about the cyst, I felt so sick that I discussed with my husband whether I needed to be admitted to a hospital...that's how horrible I was feeling. My RE switched me to a different protocol that did not involve cetrotide for the next IVF attempt. I found this drug very inconvienent and difficult to inject due to it's powdered form. During reconstitution, I inevitably felt I was not getting good disolvement of the cetrotide. The drug was more difficult than average (compared to other fertility drugs I've used) to draw up into the syringe once mixed. I am also not thrilled with the quality of the needles. Something finer such as the guage one would find on follistim needles would be MUCH better and easier for patients to withstand. For obvious reasons I would not personally use this drug again. F 30 3 days
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