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 1  Facial hair Red inflamed scalp and extreme loss of scalp hair. F 59 10 years
2X D
 4  facial hair None I have to apply it once or twice a day but it stops 90% of facial hair growth. I use it on the chin area & above the lip. F 64 2 years
30 mg
 5  Reduce waxing & plucking None, it does its job very well - hair growth stops or becomes very light and thin. I've been on this drug for 6 years. Originally I used it only on my upper lip and eyebrows so I wouldn't have to wax as much, but 6 years later I am now using on my chin and neck. Maybe it because I started plucking those areas and now it grew back, but regardless wherever I apply the cream, it does its job and with no side effects. I will use this drug indefinately! Too bad it's not covered by my insurance because $78/tube is a lot. F 31 6 years
 4  excessive facial hair I have successfully used this product for 3+ years with very good results. However, I have noticed over the past year that I have developed a loss of skin pigmentation where I apply the cream. Has anyone else had a similar experience? F 50 3 years
 3  unwanted facial hair none It really worked for me for two years. After waxing my upper lip and eyebrows and using this product every day...i no longer had to wax...BUT THEN NOW (after 2 yrs) it seems like I am building tolerance toward it and I am starting to wax again...very disappointed!!!! F 27 3 years