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 1  Prep for colonoscopy Warning! It nearly killed me. I'm a healthy 52 yr old woman. I was sitting down and A few minutes after taking the 20th pill, I told my husband I didn't feel very good, and lost consciousness. I tried to stand up and I passed out again. He called the paramedics. They sat me in a chair, then I heard them say "We are losing her" next thing I know I was in the hospital. After 7 bags of IV fluids, potassium pills and 4 days in the hospital, my potassium and heart rate came back. This was two weeks ago, and I still don't feel well. Avoid this medication. Very dangerous. It was very difficult to find a pharmacy to fill this bad medicine. Not many carry it. No one I know has used this method. Now I know why. I wish I would have been warned. I hope no one else has to go through what I did. Visicol tablets are dangerous to your health. M 52 1 days
 1  colonoscopy prep had several colonoscopies with traditional prep previously - no problems - after visicol prep had cardiac "episode" during procedure resulting in constant atrial fibrillation (3 years) -now accompanied by tachycardia - around 45 years old at the time and very physically fit M 48 1 days
 5  Prep for colonoscopy No side effects at all! No nausea, no cramping, no bloating. No pain at all. I'd read about electrolyte disturbances after taking this drug, so I prepared for it by making sure I was fully hydrated before-hand and that I took it with fluids that contained electrolytes (Propel, Gatorade, Apple Juice). It's a lot of pills to take, but they were no larger than my Vitamin C tablet I take daily, so not hard to swallow. I started getting results 45 minutes after taking the first pills, and it lasted for several hours afterward - around 5 hours from start to when I stopped getting the urge to have a BM. My procedure was scheduled for the afternoon, so I did the first round at 5pm the night before, then started up the second round at 5am the next morning. I didn't feel dehydrated at all afterward. This drug can also put a heavy load on your kidneys, so I continued drinking fluids for the entire 5 hours to insure there would be some extra fluids available for my kidneys. Most of what you drink with the prep is sucked out by your colon, so I feel it's important to F 43 2 days