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 1  Influenza A Hallucinations, Delusions, very scary experience for a 10 year old who took the drug, effects lasted 2 days, flu was not improved M 10 1 days
20MG 1X D
 1  Influenza A Night Terrors, hallucinations, confusion, leg pain M 5 1 days
6 mg/ml 1X D
 1  Flu My child had hallucinations. Would stare into space & not be able to answer us for a few minutes. Wouldn't recommend this drug. This happened on more than one occasion. She took it when she was 6 and 8, but wasn't able to communicate that she was having hallucinations. But a few years later she could tell us the awful hallucinations and nauseous effects of tamiflu. F 11 0 days
Child dose
 1  Subjected to the flu It's done more harm than good for my son. Headaches, Dizzy and severe stomach pain. He is no longer going to be taking it. Has anyone found anything to help with the stomach pains? M 10 4 days
10 mg
 1  Stomach flu for child Didn't even get to experience the side effects - child hated the taste and we are out more than 100.00 for this. I wish I came on here or anywhere else prior to attempting to give this medicine to my child. Upon the strong recommendation of our Doctor we decided to give this medicine to our child. For 144.00 you would think the makers of this would make something that tasted ok so that our child would actually continue to take the medicine. We got through 2 attempts of what seemed like pulling teeth to administer the medicine at her pace which included immediate vomiting, and the 3rd attempt now we have a child that probably will never want to have any medicine ever again. I guess maybe from reading all the other horrible experiences with the horrible side effects, maybe it is a blessing that she was unable to take the medicine. What we are left with now is a child that still has the flu, a child that threw up twice when having the medice that tasted disgusting, a wallet that is 144.00 lighter, and a child that will not trust us with administering medicine to her again in the future. Wish I was someone reading what I just wrote prior to considering this medicine. What a disaster. Please avoid. Thanks F 3 2 days
7.5 ML 1X D
 1  Flu type.A Confused, vomiting, diarrhea, blurred vision I will never give this to anyone in my house, ever! My son has been vomiting and has diarrhea. At one point he said he couldn't see. I had a panic attack basically. After a few minutes I put him in tub and gave him an ice pack. He had a 103 fever. I had heard and read negative things about this drug and I should of followed my instincts M 9 2 days
 1  Flu A After just 2 doses my son's upper body started twitching in his sleep and opening his mouth very wide, eyes rolled back, couldn't speak. Even when trying to wake him up and make he walk he stop and start racing his arms like when you do a cross or airplane with your body and again opening his mouth. I started to freaked out and was screaming what was happening???? He opened his eyes and said it was ok, the he started asking me "where's the mind? Where's the mind?( at the time we didn't know what he was saying luckily I was recording the his twitching and never turned the camera off when we all panicked) he then started making unusual sounds and covering his ears, as we all screamed in panic. He seemed really confused and scared. Took him to the ER. ER dr told us to keep giving to him, ofcourse we didn't listened to him. We just kept treating the symptoms and he is doing much better. Don't use this crap. This is poison M 9 1 days
 1  Prescribed at er for influenza b My 2 year old daughter started taking this because they prescribed it when we went to the ER for her high fever & she was really just acting really tired she had since the day before.They told me to alt between tyneol & ibuprofen every 4 hours along with her taking the tami flu antibiotic. So after giving her her 1st dose she didn't like the taste of it, I gave her food with it. She was OK just acted kinda tired. Then after her 2 and 3rd dose I noticed she would be so tired and just not act right didn't want to eat. I mentioned that to the nurse they said it's a side effect. I still thought that was odd. Then after a couple more doses she started mumbling and acting strange and her balance was off the day I called the doctor and stopped was when she completely started hallucinating reaching for things in the air,and then when she woke up from her nap she was still really tired wouldn't sit up was like she was a doll just limb and she started twitching and shaking wasn't responding at first. I checked her temp got her calm down gave her some ibuprofen and she started acting better. I called the doctor said this isn't working and told him what was happening they said to stop immediately. Which I was already doing. I don't recommend this drug to any children. I wish I would have researched it before she took it. Now I pray she is ok because I have to check on her through out the night to make sure she is alright dosent have another reaction. May God be with those I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Please research and think very hard before taking this. F 3 3 days
 1  Influenza A Rash all over body after third dosage M 2 3 days
6 MG
 1  Flu symptoms side effects included: delirium, hallucinations, night terrors, and night sweats. Just after one dose. Waking screaming and running wide eyed and heart pounding saying that people are in her room fighting. When I got her calmed she asked why she was dreaming such crazy things. We slept together on the sofa. She woke an hour later asking me if trees were really falling on the house. Of course I cannot sleep. Researching and making sure I don't need to take her in. I called on call pediatrician. They were dumb founded. Told me not to give it to her againÖ like I needed that advice. Then as I am stroking her hair she is moaning lightly sleeping. I had ice on her neck and she was sweating. Every time she woke up she would make sure we both knew what was real and what wasn't. Finally in the morning almost 10 hours after that very first dose she said she could still hear voices of people fighting "in the background" in her head. Still has a fever but I refuse to give her anything freaking out. The rest of the day and morning has been normal. She is very nervous about going to sleep tonight. F 10 1 days
 4  Febrile seizure positive for flu A My daughter's fever was at 99 and before the medicine kicked in, she had a febrile seizure. Dialed 911 the whole shabang. Got to the hospital and tested positive for flu type A. Was prescribed Tamiflu. After the first dose at 11 am, I noticed she was bouncing off the walls hyper af and did not want to nap at all. Finally crashed at 4 pm. Next dose at 9 pm, bad mistake on my part.. she is bouncing off the walls again and it is midnight... she is dancing to any song that comes on the tv.. BUT I rather much hyperactivity than the hallucinations and mood changes I keep reading about. She has a cough and a slight runny nose, not as bad as yesterday. And Iím glad sheís happy at least. Would def use again. I think people are mistaking this medicine to cure the flu, but itís used to shorten to duration of the illness by 1 and a half days. Iím glad itís working for my daughter though. Wish you fellow parents luck! F 2 5 days
 1  positive for flu Just got home from ER. Gas completely filled intestines and into colon. Screaming from the cramping and pain My baby has never been mean until tamiflu. Itís like he turned into a COMPLETELY different person. DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN!!! M 2 1 days
 2  My son has the flu He is acting very angry and not eating or drinking. Everything is making him upset. He is accusing me of doing things to make him unhappy. He said his stomach doesn't feel good. No fever. I would not give this to him again. M 9 2 days
60 MG 2X D
 5  Positive for both strands of the flu My daughter is 8 and she was very sick and tested positive for both strands of the flu, luckily we caught it quick and started Tamiflu and 2 days later, she was a new kid. She had absolutely no side effects! Love love love F 8 3 days
 1  Flu Tamiflu caused my son's lips to blister, crack, swell, turn a blueish color, and bleed. Also very concerning, shortly after taking Tamiflu, my son's mental state deteriorated. He was not making sense when speaking. His words were all jumbled. He was acting extremely out of the ordinary. Very worrisome. I would not recommend Tamiflu to anyone. I especially feel that this medicine should NOT be given to children. M 7 2 days
 1  diagnosed with the flu A few hours after first dose my 4 year old was screaming, waving his hands, eyes wide opened but asleep, afraid of whatever he was "looking" at. His body was shaking--like convulsions. His fever was as high as it was before. Calmed him. He feel back asleep. An hour later the same thing. Fever still high. Called Dr. Was told to stop the Tamiflu and alternate Motrin and Tylenol. Motrin did the trick! This should NOT be given to children. It was the scariest experience of my life...and I am not exaggerating. My husband was with me, a 25 year firefighter/EMT. He was baffled! This should NOT be given to children!! M 4 1 days
7.5 mg
 2   Was prescribed Tamiflu because my older daughter had been diagnosed with flu B. My twins are high-risk and one was on a ventilator in the past so we started both twins on Tamiflu as prophylaxis. Within 45 minutes she started vomiting and continued for 30 minutes. The rest of the evening she was extremely nauseated and hallucinated, reaching at objects in the air and picking imaginary things off her clothes. Her sister, the other twin was extremely rambunctious and running around like a crazy person but experienced no other side effects. Immediately called the doctor and they advise me to stop the doses and just keep watch over them. Thankfully, it subsided eight hours later but then she ended up coming down with the flu and ended up in the hospital anyway. F 3 1 days
 1  Influenza B My daughter had been running a fever with a sore throat and really bad cough for 3 days. Took her to her doctors and found out she had influenza B & prescribed Tamiflu. I had no idea how EXPENSIVE it was, or the side effects. Helped finally break her fever but what she went through was much worse. Didn't help with congestion, just her fever. She said the taste was HORRIBLE.. we tried mixing with with other foods or chasing it with soda, nothing helped. She would either throw up immediately or 1-2 hours later. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TAMIFLU. F 9 2 days
 2  FLU My normally calm children turned into a WILD man after taking the first dose at 10am. He continued to go bonkers all day even with 102 fever. Gave the second dose at 7pm and he woke up laughing uncontrollably (it was a scary laugh). Then went right back to sleep. Third dose at 7am this morning and he is back to bouncing off the walls again. M 3 2 days
Susps/7.5L 2X D
 1  Flu She threw up 5 minutes after taking it. The only time she threw up with the sinus flu. We stopped taking immediately. F 9 1 days

TAMIFLU  (OSELTAMIVIR PHOSPHATE):  Oseltamivir is used to treat symptoms caused by the flu virus (influenza). It helps make the symptoms (such as stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, fever/chills, aches, tiredness) less severe and shortens the recovery time by 1-2 days. This medication may also be used to prevent the flu if you have been exposed to someone who already has the flu (such as a sick household member) or if there is a flu outbreak in the community. Talk to your doctor for more details. This medication works by stopping the flu virus from growing. It is not a substitute for the flu vaccine. (See also Notes section.)   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)