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 5  Bipolar M 44 14 years
6,25 1X D
 5   Lethargy at first, as with all anti-psychotics, managed it with early to bed and morning set routine to get active. some weight gain, but lost it all. had to stay away from any psycho-stimulants while on drug: coffee, caffeinated beverages, adderall. had to taper off slowly, but came off it well. I had been on Risperdral and that turned into a true blue living nightmare when akithesia appeared after about two months of dosing. Akithesia is a fate worse than death. Myself, like others, wished for death and pleaded to God for mercy from the hell of akithesia. You can't sit still, you can't walk around. On Risperdral I was actually hopping around my living room in tears non-stop. At one point seriously considering suicide. The doctor took me off Risperdral and put me on Zyprexa immediately-instantly. Zyprexa was a massive relief. This drug was a Godsend. I loved Zyprexa. Got rid of the screaming voices, intrusive thoughts, and paranoia. the minor weight I gained was nothing compared to ge After I got over my symptoms and tapered off, I worked in the mental health field for awhile. I saw how others suffered from akithesia because they were given Risperidone/Abilify/Geodon "R.A.G." family drugs due to their low cost and the insurance companies pushing them. I was so disgusted. I hugely recommended Zyprexa (olonzapine) to those that suffered, and it always worked out well. Some of the negative comments about Zyprexa would not exist if these people even had a shadow of the akithesia the RAG class anti-psychotics can bring on. Read about akithesia, and anyone who suffers it, which is like 30%, mention "worse than death" in the same sentence, no kidding or exaggerating. Stick with Zyprexa and play it safe. It's an excellent drug. Get the 30-day shot if possible. M 47 9 months
10 mgs 2X D
 5  Anxiety and depression F 55 1 months
 1  supposedly pre-psychotic Zombie, sick, unable to think or work. Increased distress. Where I hadn't been psychotic before, once on this, I was This drug is EVIL...very difficult to discontinue. Do not ruin your life with this shit. I recovered fully once I tapered off this drug. Have now been fine for 6 years. F 55 2 years
10 2X D
 4  Anxiety, Bipolar Great drug! Immediately felt better day 1 - reduced crazy thoughts and calmed anxiety. I'm hooked though. I've tried to stop it a few times and I always go back on due to symptoms coming back. I did not have weight gain much for many years but recently found out I have high triglycerides - but this just may be due to all the junk food I have been eating lately. : ) Great drug! Really helped me. So glad I got on this drug. F 48 7 years
2.5mg 1X D
 1  they hated me Chemical lobotomy. Higher doses of zyprexa are just TOXIC to the brain. Use Seroquel IR 400mg/night instead. Or maybe Zyprexa 5mg. Avoid all neuroleptics and use anticonvulsants instead. M 32 3 months
15 1X D
 1  Bipolar Trouble breathing, dysautonomia, brainstem damage. Lack of concentration. Zyprexa is just a toxic drug. Use Seroquel instead if possible. Internet is full of lies but Seroquel IR 400mg/night is not that bad but all atypicals are deadly. One should only use sleeping pills or low doses of pure dopamine blockers (peratsin). M 32 2 years
5 MG 1X D
 1  auditory hallucinations Constantly tired, substantial weight gain - 20 pounds in 4 months. I was on very small doses of zyprexa, starting at 2.5 mg/day then increasing to 3.75 mg/day and then back to 2.5 mg/day. It made me sleep longer than usual and even after waking, still felt tired most of the day. I felt like a zombie and wasn't able to do anything. I also gained alot of weight fast. I finally stopped taking it, my weight stopped increasing and I was more awake and alert during the day. The worst part of all this is that the medication had little effect on the auditory hallucinations I was having. M 39 4 months
 3  ptsd schioeffective depress anxiety I gained 55 pounds in 2 years, my cholestrol was elevated, I was tired all the time avg 12 to 13 hours sleep a day, it made me not remember very well, my legs were restless when I would try to sleep, my feet would ache when I would walk, I was on 10mg a day, I was not very motivated. My doctors took me off it and changed to geodon due to weight gain and cholestoral and possibility of getting diabetis. I was also on lorazapam and zoloft, It took away my memory of past events that lead to me being on zyprexa, was still not well enough to get back to work; sleep and no motivation, But it did help with voices, paranoia, anxiety and depression. But the best thing it did for me was take away smells, so they did not effect me. F 37 2 years
 3  Mood disorder nos, cutting, anxiety tardive dyskinsia, somulance, makes me dumb and demotivated. I was on Seroquel 375 mg but I got tardive dyskinesia. I was also so sleepy. Zyprexa is a far better drug, I'm not nearly as sleepy (on 7.5 mg) but have constant fatigue. Also I used to be able to read heavy theory for uni, but I no longer can. Doesn't make sense-words swim around on the page. Also got tardive dyskinesia. Doc says this shouldn't happen with Zyprexa, so I don't know if its from the seroquel that I was previously on or the Zyprexa. I don't believe my psychiatrist as the package insert says it can cause tardive dyskinesia. I blame the Zyprexa but I'm a bit confused. Any help would be much appriecated. I have attached my email address 23 3 months
 3  Bipolar This medication knocked me out..I slept all day long. I was on Zyprexa many years ago but I just found this website so I thought I would add my two cents on the meds I have tried. I took this medication on and off for around three years time. F 22 3 years
 2  schizophrenia/anxiety gained 50 lbs in 2 months. Dry throat/nose. No noticable benefits. M 27 2 years
 1  for anxiety and sleeping huge weight gain, no sexual feelings, depression, anxiety, no help with sleeping, major difficulty with withdrawal. Terrible drug. I'm trying a program to accelerate drug reduction from a site called theroadback.org which offers a full tapering program for both antianxiety and antipsychotic meds. It's too soon to say if it works but they seem to understand what it takes to get off these drugs. Zyprexa is very dangerous, can cause diabetes, pancreatitis, and death M 64 3 years
 5  bipolar 2, 1st mixed state ever at 15 mg, saved my life overnight LITERALLY just stopped the death wish overnight Cut to 10 mg on 3rd day Sugar/carb cravings, sleeping well, stopped praying for death, so I'll just have to be careful about my diet & not get too dependent on this stuff. Saved my life, like I said. First time in close to a year I don't spend my entire day crying/sobbing/screaming screaming screaming screaming in my car driving with windows rolled up because the pain was so bad tears were not enought to express it. This crap lasted probably eight months at least. So, yeah, this stuff saved my life. Switched to regular Zyprexa after 1 week -- I really think I could go down to 5 mg now. Finally can sleep (w/Ambien, too, but that was not working on its own)...definitely for short term use only but please DON'T BE AFRAID OF IT -- you CAN lose the weight; -- it's a quality of life thing, really...it short circuited my death-state and I am living and laughing and working again. I am having a helluva a time with my breathing though, frequently -- what's up with that? Like I'm breathing really hard and/or my heart is pounding like I've been climbing stairs all day or something, can't catch my breath...geez...really, what's up with that? I am 5'4" F 47 10 days
 4  bipolar weight gain i was first put on zyprexa about 1 & 1/2 years agao when i was 14/15 i went from 118lbs to 142lbs. That was the only side effect i got, bescides wanting to sleep alot.it helped with the "crazy" thoughts, mood swings, nightmares, and anxiety.I went to my doctor and told her how i eat all day long and i cant keep gaining weight like this.. she put me on geodon.i hated it. it made me feel so crazy and have terrible thoughts.it also made me feel "out of it"i gave it about 2 months and still hated it.would not reccomend to anyone. but it did make me loose 20lbs..but to me it wasnt worth it.Since ive been off zyprexa i have had terrible anxiety problems to the point where im afraid to leave my house.im considering going back on it but i dont want to gain the weight.so if you dont mind gaining the weight i think its a great med to take .. it worked for me & fast.. its the only med iv took that worked and iv tryd about 10 F 16 2 days
 4  Schizoaffective disorder Loss of libido, increased need for sleep, some weight gain This medication treated my psychosis when the dose was raised to a sufficient level (initially 40mg, then 20 mg). I am now on 10 mg and I have noticed that the side effects only stop when the drug is completely withdrawn from your system. Even at 2.5mg, I still have no interest in sex. M 26 18 months
 4  Bipolar - Mixed episodes definite weight gain, hypoglycemic-type episodes where I feel weak and dizzy and crave sugar. I take it at night and it is sometimes hard to wake up in the mornings This drug was very effective in controlling my intrusive thoughts and while I take it, I notice less need for Xanax. An effect I didn't expect but appreciate is that it has relieved my mild stage fright. M 38 6 months
 4  Bi Polar Disorder Woken up -- more alert, potentially acne, frequent urination and increased thirst. F 38 4 weeks
 2  depression sleepiness, increased appitite, gainned 20lbs I also take effexor every day, adding the zyprexa was just a shot in the dark that left me fat F 23 6 months
 4  depression/agitation this worked very well for my moods.I felt like I was F 33 1 months

ZYPREXA ZYDIS  (OLANZAPINE):  Olanzapine is used to treat certain mental/mood conditions (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). It may also be used in combination with other medication to treat depression. This medication can help to decrease hallucinations and help you to think more clearly and positively about yourself, feel less agitated, and take a more active part in everyday life. Olanzapine belongs to a class of drugs called atypical antipsychotics. It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances in the brain. Talk to the doctor about the risks and benefits of treatment (especially when used in teenagers). See also Precautions section.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)