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 1  COPD Cramps in legs(just now realizing why)),severe head tremors(started 8months ago),extreme hair loss(bald spots),rubbery loose skin entire body,teeth turned black(11pulled so far),and so many more.Every system has been affected...panic attacks, extreme personality changes for the worse.These effects creep up on you and bite you in the ass. The past 2 years have been a train wreck.All of these side effects exploded all over me bit by bit in the past 2 years.It has destroyed my life. F 57 9 years
2 puffs 2X D
 4  Asthma My throat is sore sometimes & my voice is hoarse. Think I might have thrush so I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow. My inhaler is advair 500/50 F 62 6 months
50 mg 2X D
 1  Asthma Swollen left knee, swollen salivary gland in right neck, back pain, candida, bone pain, dental problems with teeth separating, sleeping problems, lungs become addictive to it, leg pain, lowered immune system, raised blood sugar and blood pressure The medicine has changed not as effective as it use to be F 55 5 years
100/50 1X D
 5  COPD Weight gain and depression Advair helped me breath again I coughed so much and had alot of phleum it was awful I just hate the weight gain. M 42 2 years
100/50 2X D
 2  Mild asthma Took it when I was 20 for mild asthma because the weather was damp. Ended up with permanent geographic tongue, permanent pain in left knee, hungry all the time, too energetic at night and can't sleep and weight gain that is difficult to lose. Also increases sun sensitivity. F 34 1 years
 5  Asthma None This medicine helped me greatly. I can breathe again!! F 54 1 months
 5  Asthma None thank goodness When I use this I never have to use my rescue pump. As soon as I take it my lungs any chest open up as if chest tightness was never there. I love this and the 10 dollar coupon offer I always use when filling with my insurance! I love advair it gives me life! F 38 2 years
 4  Breathing None F 61 2 days
 1  Asthma Chest & back pain, rapid heartbeat,hoarseness, anxiety, restless leg syndrome, fatigue , tightening neck & throat It has been a struggle for me to get off this medicine. I feel it has done more harm than good. I've carefully & slowly taking myself off mostly because it was causing me sever chest pain & I was experiencing some breathing problems at night while sleeping. I'm still using a nebulizer 2 X a day & my rescue inhalers as needed. Taking vitamins, supplements & eating healthy as I can. I'm still worried that I will never feel as healthy as I did before I was put on advair for asthma. Can anyone give me info as to how long it's going to be for me to heal F 49 4 years
 1  asthma Aortic stenosis with calcification wish I had looked up side effects earlier - it seems that Advair is known to cause aortic stenosis in older women F 68 6 years
2X D
 2  Chronic bronchitis Metal smells, headaches, mild lip.irration after inhaling advair. Mild mania I'm not really happy with it. I would like to stop it F 58 2 weeks
 1  asthma Extreme panic attacks and extreme agitation F 33 1 days
 3  Asthma I was twelve when I first started taking advair 250/50. It was while taking advair that my hair started to fall out. During that time mother and I didnt know the reason why. I only found out why 9 years later when I couldn't afford the medicine for three months and my hair started growing back. Unfortinately that was too long without it and I ended up being hospitalized. I was able to get a free advair from the hospital and immediately after I took the first dose my hair started to fall out in chuncks. Another side effect of advair was that if I missed one dose I would immediately develop a cold. And since I was forgetful that was a normal occurance for me. And if I missed a full day I suffered severe asthma symptoms within 8 hours (think school days) of the missed dose and would need to be rushed to hospital for treatment. If I had albuterol I could extend the time it takes before I have to be rushed to the hospital, but even then it's pure torture surviving like that. For the albuterol does not help for long (minutes) and it doesn't help with all of the symptoms.One last thing I noticed was that even though it was helpful during the day. It was very unhelpful in terms of dealing with my exercise induced asthma. Any type of running for a minute was impossible because immediately my asthma would act up. Wheezing, chest tightness, heart pounding, and a pain deep in the lungs everytime I tried to draw breath. It got to the point where any exercise more strenuous than a walk was While on advair it did make my life a little easier to handle with my asthma being partially under control. But I didnt like the fact that it seemed like my body was dependent on it. For this last year I was finally able to stop taking it completely. It took effort and was gradual from taking one dose a day instead of two, to just taking it when my asthma would start to flair up. And after a while the flair ups became less and less until I didn't need to take it anymore. As a matter of fact I was able to survive cold turkey from any asthma medications except for albuetoral for 6 months. Then I made the mistake of getting a cat, but now that I know it's possible to survive without advair, I would prefer to live without it then with. F 23 10 years
 5  Asthma In first three weeks: Slight nausea, loss of appetite. Psychological adjustments needed to respond to increased lung capacity: had occasional hiccup-like spasms when taking a unaccustomed deep breath. Almost had to re-learn how to breathe. Both side-effects disappeared after three weeks. After first month: Muscle pain, back pain, leg cramps. Doctor said these were not related to the drug, but to a too-sudden increase in physical activity enabled by the drug. He recommended increasing physical activity gradually. Muscle pain disappeared after two months. After 6 months: Gradual weight loss: Down 25 pound in 6 months. Doctor says this is not caused directly by the drug, but due a low-carb diet and increase in physical exercise enabled by the drug. Improved sense of smell to both good and bad odours. Sometimes experience cramps in chest or feeling "not normal". Experience a metallic taste/smell when around aerosols or perfume. Difficulty interpreting the For Advair Diskus 500/50: After two days, sudden decease in mucous in lungs. Strange feeling of dryness in lungs. For first time in memory, unable to cough up phlegm on demand. Between two weeks and two months: Huge increase in lung capacity, particularly in the left lung. Needed to re-learn how to breathe with an increased lung capacity. Could feel my chest move under my shirt for the first time in years. After getting over the muscle cramps, was and continue to be able to exercise and walk unimaginably long distances. Mixed results when experimenting with decreasing the dose. Sometimes can decrease to half-dose or less, sometimes not. Currently at 3/4 dose with doctor's approval: two days at full dose, and two days at half dose. On bad days, mucous and a heaviness in the chest returns, but never an asthma attack. Return to full dose on bad days or when sick with the cold. The asthma seems to alternate with the eczema; when the eczema is bad, the asthma gets better, and the reverse is true. Have not the slightest idea what triggers either. Did not experience a single full-blown asthma attack since starting this drug. M 43 6 months
500/50 2X D
 3  asthma I just got off of it since i have no insurance. extreme night terrors... Muscle and joint fatigue. Sore throat, nasal congestion. Flu like symptoms.extreme discomfort. Anxiety. Dizziness. Feel like shit. This is day four. M 30 10 years
 1  Asthma Severe anxiety and depression Night terrors Hair thinning/loss Extreme fatigue Infertility These are symptoms that all began after i started taking Advair 250/50 and persist today. 5 years ago I attempted to stop taking the advair and failed miserably. After several miserable weeks (during which i thought i was dying) I started taking the lower dose Advair 100/50.0 It took me at least 3 years to start to feel normal again. At first i needed prednizone and albueral daily to get by. Eventually things got better and I rarely use my inhaler- although i am still taking Avair 100/50. I have attempted to dose down several times in the last 2 years and have been unable to get off of this medication. I am unable to hold a job due to the depression, anxiety and fatigue. The price of this medication is obscene.When it was first prescribed to me I had insurance and didn't know how much it cost- Since then i have lost my insurance and now must pay $300/ month for the rest of my life. I got insurance a few years ago and they refused to pay for it because it was a pre existing condition. YAY I have been to multiple doctors and have had many tests done and they have found no reason or explanation for my symptoms. I personally know that these symptoms began shortly after starting this drug and I believe it to be the cause. F 28 7 years
100/50 1X D
 1  Severe asthma thrush, weight gain, anxiety, abdominal pain, headaches, intestinal issues For years I've been trying to figure out what was wrong with me, but now I believe that this drug and being on it for so long has caused most of these issues. Even eating very severely low calorie diets, trying anything I could to get rid of weight, it just kept steadily rising the entire time I was on the drug. (I stopped in 2014 due to lack of insurance.) No diet or lifestyle change yielded any weight loss; drs very confused. Thrush was constant the last year I was on it and no drug would touch it to get rid of it. It stopped about 3 months after going off the drug. Headaches were severely worse while on it and have tapered off to normal headaches people get not soul-crushing experiences. Now that I'm off it, my abdomen feels cramped up all the time; drs think it's left overs from years of having something regulating the tightness as it lessens with the use of an emergency inhaler. Asthma is actually the same now that I'm off of it as it was on it. Still there, no better or worse. F 32 12 years
250/50 2x 2X D
 1  Moderate asthma My phlegm felt thicker and I could not cough or clear my throat effectively. I was constantly clearing my throat and felt like it was hard to breathe. My doctor then switched me to a stronger dose of Advair Diskus and my breathing got even worse. I felt like the Advair was killing me. I then quit using Advair and switched to expectorant. My breathing got much better and I stopped my constant throat clearing. My mom had an identical experience to mine, and my dad died of a massive pulmonary hemorhage while using Advair Diskus, but at a stronger dose. F 54 1.2 years
2X D
 1  ASTHMA AND PERMANENT LUNG DAMAGE Heart palpitations; weight gain; difficulty swallowing; mouth swellings even though I'm dilligent about scrubbing my mouth clean after each use; difficulty sleeping; joint pains; continually tired. Initially, I was given Advair Diskus from a PA who thought that I had asthmatic pneumonia. Then I had a lifethreatening bout of Eociniphylic Pneumonitis and was put on oral steroids and other inhalers. After a few years; dr put me back on Advair. I've complained of weight gain; heart palpitations; joint pain; tiredness; difficulty swallowing; mouth swellings; difficulty sleeping; and more. I'm continually offered additional medications to assist with my symptoms. I slowly weaned myself to one dose a day. Then; due to insurance issues I've been without any Advair for 3 days. I have sever difficulty swallowing; my chest pains me; and I'm a little scared of how I feel. I'm so hoping that I can get back to National Jewish Health and get the proper health assistance that they had given to me almost 7 years ago. F 52 3 years
100/50 2X D
 5   minor depression, minor heart extra beats will all disappear after a week. stay on lower dose once a day it is a life savior. if you have asthma, ask your doctor to put you on advair. start with a lower dose only once a day preferred in the morning. avoid taking it twice a day. taking it twice a day will result in experiencing the bad side effects. taking it on a lower dose once a day, will make you enjoy life, help on your asthma and stop other inhalers. i was feeling tired even if i leave bed to washroom. my family doctor put me on advair 250/twice a day, i started to experience bad side effect. he then asked me to use it only once in the morning. i started to feel better , breath good, mot feeling tired as before. brush your teeth after using it and rinse your mouth. you may experience minor depression or heart beats but they will disappear soon. don't stop advair. avoid using the other buff like atrovent or ventolin because it will cause insomina and more depression. stay only on advair. try to handle it the first week then you will adore it and keep using it to help your lungs. M 55 10 days
250 1X D