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 2  Allergies Dilated pupils Zaditor caused both my pupils to dilate. My right eye itched more than the left, so at times I didn't use the drops in the left eye, resulting in a larger dilated right pupil than the left. Some sites list this as a side effect, and others don't, but my ophthalmologist said dilated pupils can indeed be a side effect. I stopped the Zaditor drops immediately. F
1X D
 5  Severe grass allergy So far, no side effects experienced aside from mild haziness that disappears when I wash my eyes. I have severe eye and throat itch allergies associated with grass, and this is working to control the itch in my eyes. A large bout of grass can still trigger a mild attack, but it is much more bearable with the drops. I was looking for side effects, but so far, pleasantly - none at all. Taking with Allegra. M 33 5 days
 2  Itchy eyes from pollen in April-May No side effects but no benefit from Zaditor either. Didn't really relieve the itchy eyes. I tried Zaditor, Opcon A, Visine A. None of them helped with the Itchy eyes from pollen in April-May. I found a better solution. I bought sunglasses from the mall kiosk ($15, knockoffs) that fit really close to the eyes (try a few in the mall, you will see the one I am talking about, they fit really close to the eyes, practically touching your skin/eyebrows and block the pollen from getting in). I use these sun glasses before heading out and it helps a lot. Zaditor, Opcon A and Visine A were useless in the case of my itchy eyes from tree pollen. M 32 7 days
 5  pollen allergies None We used this on my 5 year old son who is allergic to tree pollen. His eyes would swell, turn red, and become very itchy to the point that he would be sent home from schools. On some mornings his his eyes would be sealed shut from discharge when he woke up. Zaditor cleared up his symptoms almost entirely. His eyes remained a little puffy but the redness, itchiness and discharge were gone. The only negative I can think of is that the effects of Zaditor wore off before 8 hours (usually 6). Since the directions say it should not be applied more than twice a day there would be periods during the day when my son would suffer a little as he awaited his next scheduled eye drop. M 60 days
 4  severe allergic conjunctivitis mild eye dryness Switched to this from Patanol due to price difference and OTC availability. I use it a few months out of the year. It reduces my extreme seasonal eye itching to none or manageable with minimal side effects. Seems to work better if you start using it a few weeks before your pollen comes into season. M 37 4 months
 4  Pet allergies None Helps to relieve eye redness but doesn't help that much with the itchiness. F 20 2 months
 4  Seasonal Allergies None M 41 2 days