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 5  Menopause No side affects till I tried to reduce. Dizzy, sore breasts. Went back to 1 pill F 70 10 days
1/5 1X D
 5  Osteoporosis No leg pain. Felt like legs always fatigued. Since returning to femhrt, pain and discomfort gone from legs and feel like myself again F 70 1 days
0.5/2.5 1X D
 1  Menopausal symptoms Felt extremely cold or hot, chills and headaches with nausea. Also affected my sleep, waking me early due to frequent urination. Not worth the side effects. F 47 7 days
0.5/2.5 1X D
 2  Menopause Dizziness, anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, ocular migraines. I wrote the review posted on 7/29/14 and am updating. The wonderful results I had using this med didn't last. Over the past year and a half I've experienced dizziness daily, anxiety to the point of becoming a hermit, extreme difficulty concentrating and noticed one day I couldn't even write my name when signing at the grocery store checkout. I have since tried progesterone cream and figured out it wasn't the (very low dose) of estrogen in Femhrt that was making me sick it was progestins. Progesterone cream also causes these side effects for me. Femhrt is largely composed of progestin and a low dose of estrogen. Contrary to all of the "estrogen dominance" literature out there some of us can't handle progestins. Read the reviews for progesterone on this site for other perspectives. F 53 3 years
1mg/5mcg 1X D
 5  Menopause I am taking a generic version of Femhrt called Jinteli. I had been on BCP since I was in my early twenties. Five years ago I stopped taking the pill and immediately was postmenopausal. The first year I experienced hot flashes. Every year after I experienced worsening symptoms including: low blood sugar levels, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia (for one year sleeping only four hours per night), body aches and pains, I felt I had aged 15 years in four years, and poor memory which to me felt like dementia. After reading about the WHI study I was too afraid to try HRT. Instead I tried acupuncture, meditation, herbs, saw a naturopath. I saw MD's and found out how easy it is to get a prescription for antidepressants/anti-anxiety meds (which I never tried). I kept asking older women how they survived menopause and so many told me they had used Prempro or Premarin. Finally a year ago I asked my OB/GYN for a prescription for HRT. It took about six months to feel "normal" again, but the results have been only a blessing. Most nights I now sleep 8 hours, my memory is back, and there are no more aches and pains. I would have rated my health a 2 or 3 a year ago and now would say it is an 8 or 9. If taking this shortens my lifespan so be it. I'd rather have a few really good years than live to be a hundred feeling the way I had been feeling. F 51 1 years
1 mg/5 mcg 1X D

 5  menopause I started taking one every day but have been weaned down to 3x a week. no symptoms. I read one of the other's report about having severe leg pains. I have that at night...not sure if FemHRT is the cause but 500mg of Magnesium helps the legs. F 63 8 years
30 mg 3X W
 3  menorrhagia pre-existing depression worsened, loss of libido Even though my periods, PMS and hot flashes disappeared, I'm trying to decide whether this is worth it... M 54 4 months
 3  menorrhagia depression, loss of libido definitely enjoyed not having PMS or periods. However, now that I am off of Femhrt, I don't think it was worth it because of the side effects. F 52 4 years
 1  relief from hot flashes Extreme pain in lower legs (wondered if I was developing blood clots). Cramping in abdomen similar to menstrual pains. F 52 2 weeks
 5  menopause Been a great help-no more night sweats F 56 2 years
 2  MENOPAUSE doesn't really work well, not strong enough, still ahve problems sleepng. F 46 9 months

FEMHRT  (ETHINYL ESTRADIOL; NORETHINDRONE ACETATE):  This medication contains 2 female hormones: an estrogen (such as conjugated estrogen, estradiol) and a progestin (such as medroxyprogesterone, norethindrone, norgestimate). It is used by women to help reduce symptoms of menopause (such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness). These symptoms are caused by the body making less estrogen. The progestin in this medication helps to reduce the risk of cancer of the uterus which can be caused by using estrogen. Women who have had their uterus removed do not need the progestin and therefore should not use this combination medication. If you are using this medication to treat symptoms only in and around the vagina, products applied directly inside the vagina should be considered before medications that are taken by mouth, absorbed through the skin, or injected. This medication may also be used by women after menopause to prevent bone loss (osteoporosis). However, there are other medications (such as raloxifene, bisphosphonates including alendronate) that are also effective in preventing bone loss and may be safer. These medications should be considered for use before estrogen/progestin treatment.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)