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 1  Sinus infection Terrible joint pains and nausea. The nausea started right away. The doctor did not thing I should stop the medication. Five days later I had disturbing joint pains. I stop the medication on the advice of another doctor. I don't remember the exact dosage; this was back in 2005. This medication is forbidden in Canada since 2006 I was wondering if my joint pain that I have now (2012) is a still a result from that medication. I heard it weakens the joints. F 48 5 days
1X D
 1  sinus infection Severe, painful Neuropathy, immune problems. Take Tequin off the market! F 45 10 days
400 1X W
 1  Knee infection Muscle weakness after 20 minutes of infusion. I could not keep my eyelids open. After each 1 hr. infusion I had to get immediately into bed and 'sleep it off'. I would be fine after about 5-6 hours after the dosage. I had to infuse beside my bed so I wouldn't have to walk anywhere. I fell in the first week of infusion because my muscles were just limp. It was 6 weeks of hell and I hated this poison. Thank God I only had to infuse just once a day and I chose to do it before bed. I'd go to the bathroom first so I wouldn't HAVE to get up for several hours-or I would've never been able to walk the few steps to the toilet. This is a serious and dangerous drug for those unaware of the major side effects. Muscle weakness came on very quickly with each dose and literally disabled me (eyelids, hands, legs etc) the muscles were not capable of holding on to anything or holding me up. F 50 6 weeks
intravenus 1X D
 1  purported skin infection Ruptured Achilles Tendon Ruptured tendons and especially Achilles tendons were a know side effect for 10 years prior to the doctor prescribing it for what turned out to be an allergy to neosporin. M 59 10 days
? 1X D
 1  For a suspected sinus infection Severe tendonitis that required cortisone shots and 6 months of physical therapy, with 4 months just for the wrists and hands. Impaired my ability to work, but could not claim any compensation. Terrible sense of smell that won't go away, over a year later. For me this was poison. I now list this and all other quinolones (class of drugs which includes certain other antibiotics) on my health charts as a drug I cannot tolerate, and to be avoided at all costs. Joined MedicAlert to make sure I never get treated with a quinolone by emergency physicians. F 54 10 days
 1  Bronchitis Pins and needles, severe muscle pain, vomiting, chills, numbness, burning, felt like getting an electrical shock, unable to open arms after 8 months I still suffer with what has been diagnosed as peripherial neuropathy. I have cycles of about every 2 weeks where I have to take off of work for two days because of extreme pain. Never, never take a quinolone! F 50 4 days
 1  Sinus Infection 400+ Bloog Glucose and Diabetes DON'T TAKE IT! It can attack beta cells in the pancrease and make you a diabetic without warning. I found myself in the emergency room unable to quench thirst after only 10 days on it. M 39 10 days
 1   Bristol-Myers Squibb, manufacturer of the antibiotic Tequin has confirmed that it plans to stop making and selling the drug. Tequin has been linked to life-threatening side effects including hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia dysglycemia, and death. M 29
 1  sinus infection extreme dizziness to the point that I could not walk or stand up, tingling in extremities, difficulty breathing, extreme stomach pain I had to go to the ER after taking this drug. They claimed my symptoms could not have been the tequin, but I disagree. Tingling in my hands and arms lasted for over a week after stopping this drug. Shortly after stopping, I was sicker than I had ever been in my life, found myself lying on the bathroom floor in pain. I could not eat anything for a week afterwards and lost a ton of weight in that week. They told me I had gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach). I had never had any problems eating normally before taking this drug and now I can't eat normally anymore. I don't think it is a coincidence. I would NEVER take this drug or any in the same family again. F 30 3 days
 2  urinary tract infection nausea, abdominal pain, flu-like symptoms This drug did not work on my urinary tract infection. If it had worked, the side effects may have been tolerable. F 29 7 days
 1  Bronchitis/Sinutitis I feel even worse than before! I've thrown up about 10 times since taking this medication 4 days ago. I'm going to my doctor tomorrow to get me off this stuff. Its horrible! F 25 10 days
 1  UTI Very nausous, dizzy, stomach pain, disoriented, no appetite. Would not recommend this drug at all. F 19
 4  sinus/bladder infections none I am suprised at some of the negative comments. Reading these reviews before starting the medication, I became a little scared, so I would advise people to do their own research and see how their individual body reacts to the medication before becoming afraid or put off by the negative comments. F 21 7 days
 1  respiratory and sinus infection After taking the first dose, I suffered from terrible nausea and vomitting. I had to stop the medication.(This is the first time I have had such an adverse reaction to an antibiotic). F 40 1 days
 1  wheezing my 78 yr old mother was given 400 mg of tequin for ten days she died two weeks later of cardiac arrest i think her kidney shut down and killed her F 78 10 days
 1  sinus infection tingling in my feet; lack of sleep; nauseated; no energy; no appetite; racing heart; F 57 3 days
 1  Urinary & Sinus Infection Numbness and tingling in face and hands, sleeplessness, panic attacks, dizziness, dry mouth and swelling of the throat. I have difficulty getting my blood pressure under control with the highs and lows. My first reactions was waking and I was totally numb to my fingertips. This has taught me to always read and research drup reactions before taking any new meds. The risks certainly out weigh the benefits. After reading all the other comments, I'm very, very concerned how long this will last. F 46 5 days
 4  upper respitory infection Dizziness, nausea, fuzzy thinking, headaches, bloating This is one of the few antibiotics that will work on my bronchitis and sinusitus, so I take it despite the overall sick feeling I get when taking it. My side effects came after 6 days on it, and I have another 8 days to go. If someone knows of another antibiotic that they have had success with, I would sure like to know. F 53 6 days
 1  sinunitus vomit, diariaha, horrible back pain, cramping, headaches, fever, sweating, cold sweats, unable to sleep because of the pain. M 42 5 days

TEQUIN  (GATIFLOXACIN):  This medication is a quinolone antibiotic used for eye infections (such as conjunctivitis). This medication treats only bacterial eye infections. It will not work for other types of eye infections. Unnecessary use or misuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)