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 2  hot flashes Migrane headaches, tingling fingers, wavy vision, bleeding The other commentors raved about cenestin. I'm glad it worked for them, but the side effects were too great for me and I had to go off the medication. F 54 2 months
 5  Premature menopause I have experienced NO side effects unless you say being calm, centered, healthy and energized side effects. I take Cenestin along with Prometrium and have taken it for about 10 years. I read about it before FDA approval because the company that makes it is practically in my back yard. I was diagnosed with premature menopause at 32 years old. I am now 43 and my doctor had at first prescribed Premarin (with which I bled about 20 days out of each month. I was searching for something new when I read about Cenestin development. I kept asking my doctor for it and as soon as it was FDA approved I got my prescription (even though I had to educate my doctor on what it was first). I have been on it ever since and have recommended it to many. I don't know why this isn't THE leading menopause symptom remedy. Doctors should be more educated. F 43 10 years
 5  Hot flashes, night sweats This drug is wonderful - my doctor says it's plant-based. I take a VERY low dose - the lowest infact. I used to take a higher dose but as time went on, I found I didn't need it. I take Cenestin with Prometrium. Occasionally I have breast soreness but without this drug, my life is a living hell. F 53 5 years
 5  Dr. prescribed I don't notice any side effects. I take Cenestin with Prometruim before bedtime every night. The combination makes me calm.. I rarely get upset and I feel 25 again sexually, I'm having fun..life is grand! Before taking these I had severe hot flashes and I became angry too quickly. I am so much happier now, I'm feeling confident; all my friends ask me what I'm taking because they also want some. F 50 1 years
 5  hystorectomy none I feel great on it. Tried to not take any hormones and felt terrible. Not like myself. When I began Cenestin, I began to feel like my old self again. Won't stop taking it. F 42 2 years
 5  Night sweats None I had night sweats for 10 yrs that suddenly became severe. My Dr. gave me the lowest dose. After 2 weeks, I took it every other day and now I am taking it every third day. The night sweats are almost completley gone! F 54 8 months