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 3  Dental extraction Anxious, shaking, headache, fast heart rate, dizziness, should not have been driving home the first time i had it. The 2nd time I made sure I had a ride. 2nd time woke up in middle of night gasping for air...not sure that is side effect or not F 50 1 days
Unknown 1X D
 1  Dental procedure Immediately after the injection I felt dizzy with a rapid heartbeat. I felt dizzy still for the rest of the day and then woke in the middle of the night feeling like the room was spinning. The next morning I was still so dizzy I couldnít get up. Iíve never felt anything like it before. I have young kids and my husband had to stay home to help me. I didnít feel well enough to stand up until after 3pm. And then still felt a bit off balance the next day. I was so relieved when it finally went away. I was not warned at all about these potential side effects and will only use lidocaine from now on. Iíve never had a bad reaction like this from lidocaine. F 36 1 days
 1  For tooth extraction Was given this medication Tuesday by dentist for a tooth extraction. It's now Friday, lips, chin and face are still numb and it looks like I have had a stroke. I have had lots of dental work but have never experienced anything like this. Will I ever be normal again? I never want this medication again. F 77
1X D
 1  Dental Jaw, ear, neck, head pain. Still continuing after 3 days. There was no epi in this. I will not have this again M 58 0 days
 1  Dental filling I had the shakes straight away and thena day later severe anxiety, shaking, losing control of my body, feeling like I was about to pass out, parathesia down my face hands and foot, now a sensitivity in my ears with Ringing and also tachycardia! I also have a sensitivity down my neck now and I had insomnia with it Do not use it! Even my doctor said it was dangerous and just use lidocaine F 29 1 days
 1  dentist was putting in a filling After my injection I was unable to close my left eye which was the side the injection was given. I began to have intense techacardia and felt as if I was going to lose consciousness my body began to convulse and I experienced dizziness and nausea followed by extreme weakness of my entire body. This was at around 11:45 a.m. it is now 9:42 pm and I still feel horrible. F 35 1 days
 5  Dental work Wonderful drug! Doesn't provide the length of relief to me that most patients experience, but that only means a 2nd or 3rd injection for lengthy procedures when it starts to wear off. Before people who have had bad reactions scream "take it off the market!" Ask yourself what relief is available to those of us who are allergic to lidocaine!?!? M 40 1 days
 1  Temporary crown placement Intense pain at injection site (advil helps), dizziness, tremors, flu-like symptoms, terrible headache, neck pain, intense anxiety. After 4 day, there is no improvement. Can't get any good advice as to how long this will last or if it will get worse. Terrible drug! F 53 1 days
? 1X D
 1  cosmetic dentistry injected upward for top incisor work and made my nose first numb, then painful for two weeks. My chart said no Sudafed, ephedrine, etc. and Septocaine has epinephrine in it. The next time I was switched to Carbocaine without epinephrine and it wore off several times during the procedure (epinephrine is added to make the effects last longer). No problem with the Carbocaine though. F 62 1 days
don't know 1X D
 1  in my dental injection to do crown SEVERE nerve injury along my jawline for SEVERAL YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (IAN nerve injury) Chronic BURNING PAIN!!! Debilitating PAIN!! The needle hit my nerve during the injection and I yelled out. In addition, I had painful and swollen glands under my neck for about 6 months. In the first month, I also had stiff neck, heartbeat irregularities, loss of hearing. In the first few months my pain was 24/7 and I didn't think I could live the rest of my life in that much pain. The FDA needs to immediately take this drug off the market!! A quick search on google will bring up the study that got it approved through the FDA, and you'll see how it showed it had almost triple the nerve injury rates from that of the old standard of lidocaine!!!! Studies also showed that the rates of these injuries rose in Canada and England after the introduction of Septocaine (also called Articaine). Please also see the tons of people posting online about their injuries from this drug in the popular discussion group online. Just type in "oral nerve injury" on Google and then click on the first or second website that says sciental in it. Then click on "Discussion Group" in the left column, and then click on the topic "Injection Nerve Injuries". Most of the people with these injuries posting on this board state that they got Septocaine instead of Lidocaine!!!!! Many are in so much pain that they are discussing suicide!! Studies also show that i F 39 1 times
 1  dental anesthetic Rapid heartbeat, tremors which began mid-appointment and escalated into severe Parkinson's-like shaking violent and scary enough to send me to the ER in the middle of the night. This went on for 2 days!! until the drug cleared my system. My dentist at first suspected low blood sugar and gave me juice, then suggested antihistimine for an allergic reaction - this did not help. The emergency room kept me several hours and sent me home untreated to hope this would eventually go away!!! This was a nightmare that may have long-lasting neurological effects. F 53 1 times
 1  injured my wife for life severe pain lost of taste and feel on one side of face and tounge should be taken off the market M
 1  dental procedure live with pain and numbness for the rest of my life take it off the market F 50
 1  small filling replaced in tooth Everything seemed like a routine trip to the dentist. But once the numbing started to wear off, pain increased where the needle had been inserted until it was unbearable. Terrific pain in my jaw and the worst headache ever! Migraines are nothing compared to this. I was given Naproxen for the pain and that made the pain somehow tolerable. It took a good month for the pain to go away. Very nasty drug. All this for a small filling that fell out and had to be replaced. Prior to taking Septocain, I never had any trouble with medications. Since that time, I've had a very difficult time with anything doctors try to prescribe. I also have ringing in my left ear and sometimes visual issues. I wonder if it is still in my system. F 53 1 days