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 3  remove precancerous skin lesions I had the application to my legs two days ago. There was temporary burning while under the blue light, but not too bad. Now the areas are itchy. I hope they will peel. I have an overall sick feeling, achy, body irritated, tired, weak, head ache, hard to focus. I guess it is possible I absorbed a lot of the drug and my body does not like it. Ugh. This is way worse than the burning. Can't tell if it will work or not. F 60 3 days
one tube 1X O
 2  moderate hormonal acne redness, burning, itching, peeling, pigmentation Had one treatment of levulan with Blue-U. Cost approx. $400. I looked moderately sunburned for 3 days - people asked what happened to me - it didn't look like I had been on vacation... Had to stay inside for 2 days after treatment because of photosensitivity. Then the peeling starts - didn't notice much more peeling than with tazorac treatment. You don't look normal for about 1 week. After 1 week - broke out with hormonal acne on schedule, but now my old acne spots are even darker than before. And the skin on my face is now darker than my neck. Difficult to camouflage with makeup. I have light brown skin - maybe not the best candidate for this treatment, although the nurse said she has not seen this type of pigmentation reaction before...It does seem to make your skin smooth after the peeling, but I am not happy with the darker acne spots - this is the reason I got the levulan Blue-u in the first place, so I am very disappointed to say the least... F 44 1 times