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 1  Reative Airway Disorder Nervousness, Difficulty sleeping, Gas, Diarrhea, gerd, skin irritation, nightmares Started trial of the nebulized version of pulmicort. After 1 hour, I noticed mild skin irriation. After 2.5 hours, my stomach started to rumble loudly. I took some antacid went to bed. Had difficulty falling asleep. Had two nightmares, one of which woke me heart pounding, woke with diarrhea. I can also feel the acid in my esophagus which was not there before taking this product. No thanks! I have a very hard time finding an effective treatment for my symptoms as so many meds create an adverse reaction. F 44
2 Mg 2X D
 1  asthma irritable, aggressive, defiant, disrupted sleep My 4-year-old has been taking Pulmicort for 2 years and we've only just made the connection to his difficult behavior. It felt like he was always either stalling or squalling. At worst he would have raging tantrums multiple times a day. We stopped treatment about a month ago and the change was night and day. He also started sleeping through the night more often. When Singulair didn't work, we resumed Pulmicort and within a few days he started showing some of the old defiant tendencies. We are taking him back off and researching alternatives. M 4 2 years
.25 mg 1X D
 1  allergy-induced bronchitis & asthma It resolved any tightness from bronchitis & asthma within an hour but caused violent, angry thoughts that developed into uncontrollable rage. I don't want to ever take it again because I don't want to be liable for my behavior. This drug could make me harm others. This was very disturbing, unsettling, out of character. I would use any/all alternatives first if needed. I will not go back to this unless I can sign a release of liability. Poor parents who have to deal with their tiny temporary drug induced Hulks. F 44 1 days
60mg 1X D
 2  asthma 1st dose had coughing. 2nd dose had severe coughing and severe bronchospasm resulting in anaphylaxsis episode. Doc has no clue why. F 39 1 days
2X D
 1  asthma My normally loving, kind son became a monster while taking this and other allergy and steroid based meds. He would cry all day long, hit and kick (which he had never done until on the meds) and he will not eat and sleeps constantly. Naps keep getting longer and longer and he still wakes up appearing tired and restless and then cries more. His normally mild tantrums became unbearably violent and hysterical. Screaming would not stop, hitting and biting himself in frustration started. He complained his head and stomach hurt all the time which he had never done before. He said foods tasted funny, no matter the food. Many bruises started to appear on his legs... more than the norm. Overall, my child turned into someone we didn't recognize. We want our sweet child back! I do not recommend giving this to any children. It has horrible side effects for some kids. Beware of this possibility. M 2.5 2 weeks
5 mg 2X D
 1  asthma You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit www.FDA.gov/medwatch or call 1-800-FDA-1088. F
 3  Allergy Induced Asthma Improved breathing and reduced illness recurrence. Unfortunately, my 6 year old had uncontrollable rage and mood swings. He lost all ability to reason, could not sleep, was hyper and exhausted. I cannot tell you how awful it was for my husband and I until it dawned on us that it could be the medication. Sure enough within 2 days of stopping it he started to return to "normal". My doctor did not believe me and wanted me to start the medication again. I refused. I have to say that because my son's Asthma is not severe, we were able to stop taking this medication. It really worked for his breathing and I have friends who have had great luck with this medication for their kids severe Asthma symptoms without the behavioral issues. It is just not a good med. for my son. M 6 2 months
 1  Asthma This medication does help our sons asthma, but the side effects seem to outweigh. I have realized since he has become potty trained, that giving him this medication makes him incontinent. This is very upsetting to him. The Dr's seem surprised and I'm not sure they believe me, but it is factual. It also makes him very moody and sensitive and he will cry at the drop of a pin. His preschool teachers knew when he had been on this med as his behavior would change so drastically. I feel badly that we left him on this med for so long, but it is hard to sort out what is toddler behavior and what is medication induced. Trust your gut, I wish I had. We have decided to discontinue, but are very disappointed as we know his asthma symptoms will increase. M 4 2 years
 3  asthma irritability, uncontrollable anger, absolute defiance. Concern about "published" side effects not saying anything about the ones I have experienced with this child. Seems there are others with same signs. What is medical field feedback? Anyone know? Would appreciate comment. M 2.5 4 months
 2  Asthma 2 year old went from being nice, loving, and happy to dropping on floor, constant crying at school, hyper, standing on table, and napping every where. Preschool commented on crying for two days and sleeping all day on cot and not herself. Also bruising on arms, legs, buttocks, and back. Seemed a little withdrawn at times. It helped her to sleep through the night, which is what the problem was. F 2 5 days
 1  Asthma, cough Coughing, irratibility, extreme tiredness, but inability to sleep. Too young to know for sure, but may be having signs of aggression. This medicine was prescribed to my child and I was led to believe that without it her asthma would keep her in the hospital. While on Pulmicort she's been to the ER twice and admitted to the hospital once. I was told there were no side effects, but her coughing increased dramatically. Each time I complained of her cough, they increased her dose. Finally after researching on my own, I learned coughing IS a side effect. Now that she's off it, she's not coughing and sleeping through the night. We still have to deal with her asthma, but Pulmicort definately did NOT help and may have even made things worse. F 1 2 months
 1  Asthma My child experienced severe behavioral changes each time he went on Pulmicort. He became irritable, impulsive and aggressive. We took him off the medicine and his behavior returned to normal. M 5 4 months
 2  asthma My five year old has necessitated Pulmicort during allergy season. He becomes aggressive and sleepless whenever this is administered via the nebulizer. While his wheezing from the asthma does reduce, his irritability become incessant. This medication causes him to cry (all day), want to fight, and urinate in his bed (after limiting liquids). He will also wake up screaming, even though he does not realize that he is talking. This does not occur when Pulmicort is not administered. I am the mother of the child taking this medication. It is very expensive and should NOT be prescribed without sharing the aforementioned information to parents of kids with asthma. F 35 2.5 years
 1  Whistle cough Out of control behavior, unreasonable hostility, fits of rage, irrational responses, hyperactivity. My 5 year old son was prescribed this meds as a nebulizer for a whistle cough. It is like the sweet, funny child we were used to moved out and this extremely naughty, hostile, disruptive, reactive child took his place. We could not reason with him at all, he seemed unable to control his own behavior and unable to explain why he was behaving this way. It was awful. We will never use this medicine again, or any other steroid inhaler or nasal spray. M 5 6 months
 4  Wheezing My 6 year old son is having problems with constant urination. He is even having accidents at night. This started shortly after taking Pulmicort. M 6 6 weeks
 2  asthma Significant behavioral problems-aggression, emotionality at a higher dose. Overactive and exicitable at a lower dose. My child started on this drug at age 3 1/2 and, we thought we had a different child. Drs. convinced us it was unrelated to the meds. We finally discontinued at age 6 for a 'drug vacation' over the summer and were amazed at our calmer boy. Thought it might be coincidence until the DR. wanted him back on due to illness. After five months off, three weeks on made OBVIOUS behavior changes. We will NOT use this med in daily preventative way ever again! I resent the Dr. refusing to acknowledge that behaviors ARE a side effect! M 7 3 years
 2  asthma stunted growth, "yeast" diaper rash/thrush My now 2.5 year old took pulmicort daily (at first 2.5 twice daily, then once) for asthma control. I think it did offer some control, however she still had asthma flares requiring albuterol while taking pulmicort as "maintenance". I was concerned about the side effects and "weaned" her off pulmicort while making all kinds of "smaller" changes (eg, eliminated milk products from her diet, added magnesium, changed some environmental factors). In four months at the end of the taper period and off the drug she jumped from below 50%-tile in height to 75th%-tile in height. No more diaper rash, either. (note: her siblings average about 80%-tile in height). I think this stuff does work to control inflammation - but for mild-moderate asthma in children it is like using a nuclear weapon to kill the bugs in your garden, with vigilance and research you can tread "more lightly" on your (or your child's) body. Also - there are no 10-20 year out studies f F 1 1 years
 1  asthma vomitting, hyperactivity, infection doctor has insisted after each attack that we give this to our 5 year old and 2 year old, but we've stop due to side effects noted above. Try to control with Xoponex alone, and advair for the 8 year old. This is not good for children. F 2 2 years
 1  Asthma My daughter was wild! Irritable, cranky, moody! Climbing all over everything! Totally out of control! Did work for asthma, but side effects were too severe. Dr switched her to Flovent. Have not experienced any side effects with it and she was on it for the entire winter. No ER visits either. F 5 1 months
 1  asthma irritability, hyperactivity, loss of interest in playing, generally unhappy for most of the day - had to discontinue after 1 week of use. The drug company needs to review its findings - I have found numourous web sites containing the same complaints from frustrated parents who thought they were doing the right thing. Will never use pulmicort again. M 2 1 weeks

PULMICORT RESPULES  (BUDESONIDE):  This medication is used to treat certain bowel conditions (such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis). While budesonide does not cure these conditions, it may decrease symptoms such as pain and diarrhea. Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory drug (corticosteroid hormone). It works by decreasing the body's natural defense response (immune response).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)