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 5  chronic asthma & emphysema So far, I've never had any side effects. My husband did have a mild, brief case of thrush from Qvar when he was taking it for his mild, intermittent asthma. My pulmonologist advised using a spacer with Qvar, to minimize side effects. I've been taking it regularly since shortly after FDA approved it & have been very pleased with how well it helps keep my lung function optimized. F 50 6.5 years
 4  Asthma Sore throat (like when you are coming down with something) =[ but otherwise really nothing I can pinpoint. I prefer Asmanex because it does not cause soreness in my throat, BUT it is MUCH more expensive on my insurance, so Qvar is a decent alternative and seems to work essentially as well-- considering it has not caused dysphonia (vocal irritation and changes) like other steriods I've tried, such as Advair and some other generics. F 29 6 months
 2  asthma vertigo, migraine I had a very scary exprience with this drug after two days. I had never had vertigo or a migraine and suffered both. I have terrible asthma and have for 12 years and tried various medications. This drug helped the asthma but made me otherwise unable to function. I was terrified until the drug ran its course for that dose and I went back to normal. I have dediced to get off all inhaled steriods because I have experienced side effects with all of them; thrush, weight gain, vertigo, migraines. Not worth it so I am giving Intal and cingular regular tabs a try and so far so good. I am still amazed at the effect this drug had on my body and how scared I was. F 30 2 days
 4  allergic asthma none On Qvar 80, 1 puff/day, (plus Nasarel), I use my Albuterol only occasionally even in Spring and Fall, the heavy allergy seasons for me. I'm very happy with the asthma control/prevention from this inhaler. F 59 3 years
 4  Sarcoidosis I do notice the difference if i miss my medication for a couple of days. I inhale twice a day. And so far no side effects. Very happy, much better then risking bone loss with prednisone. F 36 8 days
 4  Asthma Prevention I have not experienced any side effects from Qvar. The medicine is a very fine mist and does not cause me any throat irritation that Advair and Asthma Twisthaler did. So far Qvar has been a good medicine in the preventitive treatment of asthma. M 36 2 years
 4  Asthma None. It really does control my moderate to severe asthma. I can reduce or increase the dose as my peak flow meter shows its readings. M 6 months