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 5  Overactive bladder (15 mg. dose) Dry mouth, some stomach pain are persistent effects. Tiredness at first but no any more. This drug changed my life. I was becoming increasingly homebound due to having to go so often. My bladder has nerve damage due to prior necessary surgeries. I was going about 25X or more a day and now down to 10-13. It is much easier to make it to the bathroom in time. I have my life back and any side effects are worth it. I have insurance but I would take a second job to pay for this if I did not. It is worth it. There is a generic version but it did not work as well for me. F 35 10 days
 3  Incontinence Extreme dry mouth. This was so bad it awakened me during sleep. Was taking 15 mg a day at the time. Decreased to 5 mg a day. Sore spot in roof of mouth. Dentist said it was a blocked salivary opening; asked me if I was taking incontinence drug. Now I'm experencing add'l pain in throat, & ear canal. Could this be another restricted salivary route? This drug helped tremendously with the incontinence. I still wear protection, but I no longer worry about leagage. I've taken myself off the drug temporarily to see if the throat pain subsides. F 65 2 years
 5  Urgency This drug has changed my life. Expensive but they work great. I have been on them for a couple months and almost the first day I have NOT made a mistake or had an embarressing day at the office. I can actually go to the bathroom in time before I pee my pants. Yeah!! Thankful to have a medical plan to cover the cost of this drug. Very expensive. F 36 2.5 months
 4  OverActiveBladder Dry throat/mouth, blurred vision and eye strain/pain (whether or not vision will return to normal after I stop taking Ditropan is unknown). F 25 3 months
 3  Urinary incontinence None when i began taking it. I then stopped for a year and then began taking it again. It now causes me unbearable drowsiness, dizziness and i feel as if i am going to throw up or pass out. This is all very strange considering it had no side effects (except dry mouth) originally. It seems effective for its actual purpose, but i can't take it if i'm to function even half properly. F 20 2 years
 5   I wish I'd found out about it sooner! F 19 9 months
 4  bladder spasms None This medication has worked very well for me with no side effects and hopefully won't have to up the milligrams. F 48 2 years
 5  Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) my face didnt sweat! Excellent! No other effects. Excellent! If you have excessive sweating, please try it, because it changed my life!!!! F 27 6 years
 5  bladder issues none I avoid too much sun and heat as recommended; no problems F 54 4 years
 4  Interstitial Cystitis Chest pain and bronchodilation. It feels like when you eat a Altoid and breathe in real deep ~ then I cough. In the prescriding info it mentions cough but I had to learn about the other through internet searches. Ditropan XL is an anticholinergic. These medicines cause bronchodiation. It has eliminated that terrible feeling of urgency! I has cut my need to urinate by almost 50% in 4 days. F 40 4 days
 2  bladder control I was sick to my stomach every afternoon. I felt like I was going to vomit. Otherwise, it seems to work F 47 8 days
 5  Urgency, leakage Dry mouth Ditropan XL is fine during waking hours. However, when I awaken during the night, I get a terrible sense of urgency and I can't move for approximately 5 minutes in order to avoid an accident. It feels like my bladder has a spasm as soon as I awaken. F 54 2 years
 5  Urinary urgency Almost none. Some drowsiness when dose doubled but this went away when I took it at night. I limited fluid intake and used restroom facilities whenever possible before starting this drug as well as using incontinence pads. Since I have been on it, I have had increased retention and all urgency has been eliminated. F 54 2 years
 2  urge incomtinence Only dry mouth, but I am also taking another med which increased the side effect. I take 10.5 mg. every morning. At first, I thought it was helping me--but lately I have had increasing bouts of leakage often--For instance--I had to urinate 8 times between hours of 5:00 p. m. and 8:00 p. m. last night-because of leakage, but I do think it is helping during sleeping hours. Now getting up only twice a night--before it was at least 4 times. F 78 2 months
 4  overactive bladder dry mouth and eyes and decreased sexual desire I was on Ditropan XL for 1 1/2 years. I loved it. This allowed me to have my life back again, not having to look for a bathroom every 15 minutes and getting up at least once per night. Travelling was now a pleasant experience. My doctor asked me to take myself off of it for one month before seeing him again, which I am doing right now. It is a struggle, once again, to deal with the constant feeling of urgency but I am hoping this feeling will subside at least a little before I see the doc again. Caffeine seems to make the urgency worse. One other problem that I have noticed is the decrease in sexual desire, similar to that of anti-depressants. I have not seen this in any other forums. That is one reason I would be hesitant to start back on the med. My bladder problem is due, in part, to uterine fibroid tumors which have decreased the size of my bladder by two-thirds. I hope this info helps someone out there make a more informed decision whether or not to go on the drug. All in all, it has been a positive experience. Thank you. F 45 18 months
 1  irritable bladder Had to discontinue after a short period because I experienced muscle soreness in my legs F 46 4 days
 4  doctore recomand impotence M 65 2 months
 3  leakage problems I have not had any side effects other than dry mouth. My doctor has me take Ditopan xl twice a day and that has helped me more. F 64 3 years
 5  loss of bladder control F 46