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 1  birth control Extremely moody, more emotional than I've ever been in my life, swollen/tender breast (even after 3mo) & bad acne. Periods are also longer & heavier. Used to last 3 days, now about 7. I have never been the person to get break outs, even in high school, but ever since I have been on this BC I have had the WORST acne I've ever had! I snap at my husband on a daily basis & I get emotional & tear up/cry over little things. I NEVER used to be a cryer. I like the bigger boobs, but not the pain. Its comforting to see Im not alone here. F 28 3 months
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 3  To regulate my period/ I just ended my period and it was the worst 7 days of my life. I layed on the couch in the worst pain i've ever been in in my entire life. The cramps were unbearable, huge blood clots, going through at least 15 tampons a day. Craziness. My breasts are so sore, I get very irritated easily, freaking out on my boyfriend for no reason...getting upset when he would touch me...let alone try and have sex. F 20 1 months
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 3  birth control I've gained 10lbs, periods supposed to be lighter, are heavier than my normal ones, and last longer. About 7 days now, compared to before my norm was 3 days. Breasts enlarged, the only side effect I like. Mood swings seem worse now too. F 20 4 months
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 4  Regulate cycle Heavy cycles but regulated cycles. Mood balanced, mellow and calm attitude, less irritated more emotional. So far so good for me. Before taking Levlite, I had horrible mood swings. I would wake up angry and typically anything would make me angry. I started taking Levlite after talking to my doctor about my ridiculously irregular cycle (1 cycle every 5-6 months). The only things I am concerned about are my extremely heavy cycles, they last for nearly two weeks, so it seems like the are frequent. During the cycles I feel extreme fatigue. But I would recommend this to anyone that has mood swings, irregular cycles... F 26 4 months
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 2  BC/Regulate Cycle Extreme psychotic depression and some initial spotting I'm so glad I found this page of reviews. For the past week I have been extremely depressed & psychotic: ie, freaking out over NOTHING and recognizing that fact but NOT being able to control the rage I felt b/c of it...on top of crying every single day-a lot. I've NEVER been this way, so I figured it was a combo of quitting smoking and pms, b/c normally I'm not THIS bad; However after reading others' comments, I believe it could be due to this new pill and I'm going to ask my dr to change. F 24 16 days
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 1  birth control i didnt relize that this bc did this to me untill i read everyones side effects from this site, i got these side effects during and after taking levlite28 it gave me depression and when people on here r talking about being psychotic i think they mean it makes them do or say things u wouldnt do cuz i freaked out on my bf on the littlest thing and i knew it when i was doing it but i was taking things way beyond and it was hard to controll but it also gave me back pains, it made me very sensitive w/ emotions & pyshically being touched even sexually, it also gave me lack of energy and even motivation, i got off of this bc a yr and 1 month in cuz i was getting these pains in my uterus then after 6 months of being off i was still getting the pains, i found i have mini sists that i get cuz my body is producing to many hormones which never happend be4 taking this bc i would'nt recomend this to any1, i didnt even relize that this was the reason for my problems, i thought it was just me but i found more people with the same side effects and thanks to this page im not going back to LEVLITE its good to look up any medicine u get cuz i was making sure i wanted to go back on this bc but now im not F 18 1 years
 2  birth control migraines, terrible mood swings, discharge, spotting, high blood pressure, hard to lose weight, lack of sex drive been on lessina since shortly after the birth of my second child...2yrs. I started paying attention to what my body was going thru and it finally dawned on me that it was the bc. Going to be "fixed" thru the essure process, so will never have to be on bc again...and hopefully all this stuff will end. F 40 2 years
 1  Too control heavy bleeding Heart attack, blood clots in legs and lungs, hospitalized twice. Must use blood thinners permanently. Doctor was careless and issued my wife 30 day samples without regarding her age and medical history. This product left permanent damage after 3 wks use. After exhaustive research of this product and birth control in general. I want everyone to imagine being slowly poisoned over years. I hear women claim that they receive excellent benefits from birth control with no side effects except when they are diagnosed with ovarian cancers, breast problems, pelvic disorder's, etc. their doctors will cover all the possible scenarios that contributed to the problems, but are silent about may have been the culprit for the deaths of so many women: Birth Control pills. Some doctors and medical scientist are stepping up to the plate now and sounding the alarm. But others in the medical, pharmaceutical and legal professions will only look out for one factor: The Mighty Dollar. Fact: Any food or drug that alters the natural function of the human body or counters from what it was designed to do, will cause adverse effects. That is what Birth Control does. You can trust the hype and play games with your health. Or get serious and educate yourselves. Th F 53 3 weeks
 5  all other BC's made me SICK!! With the NAME brand Levlite I have experienced no side effects. With the GENERIC form I became psychotic, emotional, and extremely moody. I would suggest anyone that uses the GENERIC form and has had bad side effects try the NAME brand. The name brand makes my periods light, last maybe a day or two, no emotionally mood swings or PMS or cramps AT ALL. However, the GENERIC was horribly awful. Wish my insurance covered the name brand because it is expensive but worth it in many ways. F 27 6 years
 2   First month I bled for 2 weeks, second month I had the most awful cramps I've ever had, third month I still had awful cramps, to the point of almost fainting, and some breakthrough bleeding. Also, my stomach is always bothering me, I don't have a day without nausea. Additionally, I have lost weight but so much so that I don't have hips or breasts too much anymore and my skin has an acne problem I haven't had since I was a teenager. I don't recommend this one - I was on Lo-Ovral 28 some years ago and had few if any of these problems F 28 3 months
 3  birth control, cyst control MOODINESS during third week, nausea during mid cycle This pill has helped with IBS symptoms and has prevented pregnancy, but during the third week of the pills I am depressed and irritable. I also get flu-like nausea during the second week of pills. Called Dr. to switch. F 37 4 months
 1  contraceptive Weight gain, mood swings, and it didn't work I had switched from Yasmin because it made me absolutely numb... emotionally, sexually, etc. I switched to levelite (generic lessina) and it seemed a little wierd at first. My first cycle after the first month took DAYS to show up. After month number 2... got pregnant while on it. I'm on no medications, and completely healthy, and also took them like clockwork everyday. So I assume it just wasn't strong enough. I never had a problem with Alesse but they stopped making it due to a packaging problem and I never found it again. They're supposed to be the same... apparently NOT! F 31 2 months
 4  birth control swollen breasts (but bigger!), back aches, slight depression & more emotional week of period. some cramping day before period, but definately less then before. overall, very satisfied. periods are 4 days, max. & extremely light flow. breakthrough bleeding first 2 weeks on pill, but regulated with second pack. skin oil increased. a little weight gain, nothing drastic. a little more emotional week of period. F 18 7 months
 1  prevent pregnancy I was on Levlite almost 10 years ago. I developed an anxiety disorder and had panic attacks. Both of which completely disappeared when a new gyno recommened I stop taking Levlite. She had seen that happen before with some pills. Also, I lost my sex drive. I didn't even want to be touched, let alone have sex. Again, when I stopped taking it, things got better and the sex drive came back very quickly. I was taking Levlite because I was a smoker at the time. The low estrogen was great for me in that regard, but this particular pill didn't work for me. F 32 2 years
 4  severe cramping I have experienced quite a lot of headaches in the last 4 years I have been taking Levlite. 4 years ago I was hospitalized for a subdurral bleed in my brain, Dr.'s were puzzled as to why this happened, but a later test showed it was gone. 3 weeks ago I was hospitalized with a 6 inch blood clot in my brain, again Dr.'s are puzzled. They said this probably happened because of the use of oral contraceptives. God has been watching over me, because death could have been the result. Please use oral contrceptives with caution and if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Call your Dr. levlite did help with my severe cramping and my story is rare, this is not going to happen to everyone. F 33 10 years
 5  Birth control None....works great, hardly any period at all. F 32 4 years
 2  bc, treating migraines Breakthrough bleeding every day for 6 weeks, much more frequent and severe migraines. Do not recommend, at all F 25 2 months
 3  to replace ortho tri cyclen lo one month= constipation, weight gain, first 2 weeks had nausea and vomiting. F 20 1 months
 2  Birth control Mild depression, significant increase in acne, no sex drive. Did not like this BC overall. I am still trying to get my skin to clear up, and when stopped taking med, depression improved dramatically. Be cognizant of acne problems, reduced sex drive, or mood fluctuations. My doctor did not advise me to watch out for this. F 28 3 months
 5  birthcontrol mild moodiness at first, changed acne pattern, greatly reduced menstrual pains/nausea, lighted/shortened period, some headaches around period, made me a little less coordinated (physical motion, when dancing). from all the good and bad things I've heard here and from friends about birth control, I really think this one has worked out well for me. F 23 3 months