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 1  Insomnia WIRED. This medication not only failed to make me sleep it actually woke me up I tossed and turned all night, my teeth were clenched as well. Am I allergic to this??? How could I have the opposite effect??? Never again F 54 1 days
5mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia Took a 5 mg at 9:30 pm and was wide awake. At 1:00 am, I took another and spent the rest of the night wondering if I was really sleeping or not. It's now 6 am and I'm wide awake and anxious. No more for me! F 50 1 days
5 1X D
 5  insomnia none. IT WONT WORK AT ALL UNLESS ITS ON AN EMPTY STOMACH Great for sleep onset insomnia. Great for middle of the night awakenings. 0 hangover unlike even ambien. Due to its 1hr half life. But because it is weaker it won't KNOCK you out. It does incinerate anxiety before you sleep. You will have to get in bed and close your eyes and "try" to sleep. The difference is you will. MUST take it on empty stomach or will feel like nthing. It can be addictive if you dont treat it like serious medication. As others said it will be incredible at first. Later on the amount of sleep it guarantees will be far less. That said 10 mg still guarantees me 3 hours of sleep. If i am super worried/wired. I take 2 at bed time Usually i take one at bedtime. Sometimes I take a second in the middle of the night. if I want to sleep longer that night. Not saying you will never sleep more than 3hrs after 10mg. I'm just saying it's just not going to deliver that consistently. It will get you 3hrs or so with 0 hangover. So even if you toss and turn all night, its like out of your system in 3 hrs too. If you are a person that can't even count on 3hrs of sleep when you need it. leaves sleep architecure intact Lunesta is way long acting and feels weird to me. Ambien eventually starts to affect your cognition in the day because it's too effective. Trazadone was too much for me and made me feel weird. CBTi only took me so far. Sonata address the root cause of my insomnia which is a anxiety. and gives you just a nudge of gaba M 32 6 years
20 2X D
 5  middle of night insomnia None. It helps me fall asleep when I wake at 3, 4, or 5am and have to be up in a few hours. It never leaves me feeling groggy or lethargic. And it usually works within 10 to 15 minutes. I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the only residual is that I HAVE to get 7 to 9 hours sleep a night to function. Zaleplon has been a god-send. I thankfully only have to take it 2 - 3 times a week. I only take it when I waken in the middle of the night. F 54 4 years
10 mg 1X AN
 4  Chronic insomnia I've been an insomniac most my life as a child no one ever medicated me until I needed to go to the children's psych ward from too many awake days. My parents just said oh she just gets a little lot Loopy when she doesn't get lots of sleep. Now twenty years later i was on Ambien on and off for many years but then I had horrid side effects so i got to experience the roller coaster ride of half a dozen sleep meds in the course of a month. Sonatas works but doesn't get me loaded like Ambien. It's the closest I can get to natural sleep induced by drugs. To the woman above please DO NOT stack sleeping meds I've known personally people dying in their sleep from this talk to your dr and find a solution that works. I tell me doc the truth she's a psych meds provider and she works with me as long as I'm not trying to pull one over on her. Good luck and sweet dreams hopefully. F 30 4 days
 2  For erratic sleep problems None This pill started out working amazing for me at 5mg per night. But I would awaken 3-4 hours later. At first I was, able to go right back to sleep. Now in 10 days time I have had to keep increasing my dose nightly without telling my Dr. These put me to sleep, they just don't keep me asleep! Can a pill such as trazedon be added to it to keep me asleep? I have taken 100mg of trazedon at night in the past. F 48 10 days
 3  Insomnia Major headache with 1st pill, day 2 no side effects beyond blurred vision. I just started these meds after being prescribed Xanax for years. Tired of waking up feeling like I got hit by a truck, decided to try these. Day one got ZERO sleep at all, felt nothing. But that could be the result of having taken my Adderall at 3pm, which is late for me. Day 2 I decided to take two- MUCH better. Will be crashing as soon as I type this review. I'll follow up in a week with update. F 40 2 days
 1  insomnia I have anxiety disorder and was having a lot of anxiety - I was having trouble sleeping and took sonata - I fell asleep ok but I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep! I also had increased anxiety, agitation, difficulty concentrating and depression. This drug should NEVER be prescribed to someone who has anxiety!!! F 47 5 days
10 1X D
 3  Insomnia Fuzzy head, double vision, eating food and buying things on the Internet without remembering anything about it! Scared me but nothing serious except spent some money and gained a few lb's. At times I did have a feeling of general overall wellbeing. It did get me to sleep most every time for at least half the night. Short lived, but does not have lasting side affects other than some moderate anxiety durning the day. Loses affect over time. Sometimes I have to take 40 MG to get to sleep. M 47 2 years
20MG 1X D
 1  Insomnia& awakening after a few hrs Sleeplessness, anxiety, racing thoughts, feeling jittery and wired, stomach pains, sweating and hot/cold sweats I had been taking Ambien for years and was used to getting a full nights sleep because of it. All of the sudden it stopped being so effective for me. I would awaken after only 3 hours of sleep. Dr switched be to Sonata. I expected it to work in the same manner. (Fall asleep quickly) NO SUCH LUCK. I took this medication and experienced the worst night of my life! I didn't sleep AT ALL! I mean none! I felt wired and anxious and sleepy but couldn't even doze off for a short period. Then I started sweating and shaking and had extreme stomach cramping. I literally laid in bed for 7 hours feeling like I was losing my mind! I would rather get 3 hours of sleep on Ambien. F 39 1 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Insomnia Horrific tinnitus. Brain fog. I was prescribed this medication at Mayo clinic for my severe insomnia. On the second night after taking it, I developed severe ringing in the ears… Horrific buzzing sound. I have had it every night since then. Two nights ago I stopped taking it, and now miraculously the sound is gone. It also caused severe next day drowsiness, brain fog and general feeling of being unwell. I have barely been able to function for the last few months on this horrible drug. Although it is advertised as having a short half-life, in me the effects last up to 18 1/2 hours. F 50 4 months
5 mg
 4  Insomnia Easily influenced; insomnia; memory loss I've taken it for many years, so obviously the pros outweigh the cons. Generally, it puts me right to sleep and I have no grogginess in the morning. I learned that I have to be in bed, and ready to go to sleep immediately, before taking it. If not, I would do things that I would not normally do. I would convince myself that it was a good idea to buy whatever they were selling on TV. I had conversations with my daughter that I do not recall. I absolutely HAD to eat something. It was an occurrence last night that frightened me, but it was because I took it and then started looking at some things on the Internet instead of turning out the light and preparing to fall asleep. Apparently, I got up, got dressed and drove to the grocery store at 12:30 a.m. I made several purchases, drove home, put everything away and then must have gone to bed. I was surprised in the morning when I got up and was checking my bank account and saw a charge to the grocery store. I thought someone had stolen my debit card. I got up and went to the kitchen and discovered it was me. I have NEVER had anything this serious happen to me as a result of the Sonata. A review of this website is a relief since it appears that it was the Sonata and not me having a nervous breakdown. It may be time for a break from it. I'm sure I'll need some type of sleep aid since I have always had a difficult time falling asleep. So, I will take precautions like giving my keys to my daughter to hide at nigh F 54 10 years
10 mg 1X D
 3  Trouble falling asleep Hallucinations I made the mistake of staying up on Sonata in order to spend time with my significant other and I had the strangest yet most wonderful hallucinations. I actually quite enjoyed it, it felt like the universe opened up and shined its light upon me, I felt as if I had taken a bite of the forbidden fruit and gained the knowledge of all. I then proceeded to have wonderful sex with my partner and it was quite lovely. I felt as if we were in the midst of a forest on a fall evening and I heard the whisperings of magical creatures of the woods all around us. After that and after he fell asleep, i created some absolutely wicked art pieces. It didn't put me out but I gained even greater sex and my long since dead and dried out creativity. That's a fine trade. F 23 1 days
 4  insomnia, not staying asleep at night sleepwalking, memory lapses, difficulty concentrating The reason I gave this a high rating is because it does actually make me sleep. Not quality sleep by any means, but before sonata i got maybe 4 hours of sleep a week, if I was lucky. That being said, waking up in front of the coffeemaker at 4am drinking old coffee from the pot is a little disconcerting. My biggest problem with sonata is that my adhd medication negates its effects, and recently I have been getting no sleep at all because my other meds keep me up. TL;DR it might not work with your other meds and it might make you do weird stuff. M 16 2 months
1X D
 1  Insomnia, Anxiety Hallucinations, energy I took it at 1 this morning, and I'm now writing this at 6 am. Tired? No no no. But man, have I been tripping balls! It started with my phone feeling weird, like the case was crumpled cheap tin foil. Texting became a challenge. First the buttons became hard to press and would stick. I have an iPhone. Then the words on the screen decided to show off them moves like jagger and formed a conga line. Then I was transported to the titanic as it was sinking, because my spring matress turned into a waterbed. Sensations WERENT the only form of hallucinations either. I'm assuming math hates me as much as I hated it, because geometric shapes flew at me, hovered around me, and just stares at me. I got a special guest apparance hailing all the way from gnomes lair in south park, Colorado, the underwear gnomes! They've seem to have refined their tastes though, as they tried to pull the blanket off of the bed and take it. Once they saw themselves out, the Wild Wild west decided to swing on by unannounced. Tiny toy horses everywhere. Now don't get me wrong, sonata isn't all bad, it's slightly magical. It has the magical ability to make all technology 3D. My iPhone, kindle, Macbook, even my ancient tubular TV that was all the rage back in the 90s. Apple may have invented retnia display, but Steve Jobs MUST be rolling over in his grave because of king pharmaceuticals stroke of genius. 3D AND YOU DONT NEED GLASSES?! It's 2015, it's about time. TL;DR- I would rather stay up all night and F 21 1 days
 1  Insomnia Headache, stomach upset, dizziness, hangover, depression, brain fog F 41 3 days
5 mgs
 3  Insomnia due to severe anxiety My therapist told me to be near a bed when I decided to take the medicine. So for the first night I did as I was told but it took forever to fall asleep. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th night I would fall asleep within in hour of taking the meds. So I'd say the medicine improved for me. However, on the fifth night I started hallucinating. I saw colors that flew in the air when you waved a flash light. I could barely stay on my feet and I was so dizzy. So I can understand why you should stay near your bed when taking this medicine. F 18 1 weeks
 4  Hard to get to sleep Hallucinations right before sleep things feeling like they are moving around the room and twisting and twirling. Takes a whole to get to bed but when you sleep it's really good quality sleep and not a lot of drowsiness in morning F 25 1 months
 1  Sleep aid for a sleep study I was stuck in a half awake state. I had really vivid, disturbing dreams. I didn't feel rested at all in the morning and the following day I had no appetite and was extremely depressed. I would never take this again. F 43 1 days
 1  Insomnia Experienced confusion, anger and depressed thoughts, unable to function. I would avoid this like the plague M 53 5 days
10 1X D

SONATA  (ZALEPLON):  This medication is used for a short time to treat people who have trouble falling asleep. If you have other sleep problems such as not being able to sleep through the night, this medication may not be right for you. Zaleplon is known as a hypnotic. It works on certain centers in the brain to relax you and help you fall asleep faster.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)