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 ANTIHYPERTENSIVES Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers (ARBs)

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 1  Hypertension Increase pvc's, anxiety, occasionally runs of tachycardia, bigemeny for hours, fogginess, my doctor won't change my med, also increasing liver pain/ bile duct pain after I eat, they sent me to cardiologist, still won't change my med????? Why??? Horrible side effects F 57 1 days
40 1X D
 2  Hbp Upset stomach, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, frequent nighttime urination. I am not going to continue with this med. I know it's only 1 day, but I feel absolutely dreadful. Didn't sleep at all. F 62 1 days
40 1X D
 1  Blood pressure Pains in legs. Also week. Anxiety. Headache Have no energy. Did better on Cozaar Hope to change. F 85 2 months
40 2 per d 2X D
 3  Blood pressure Headache. Anxiety Lowered blood pressure F 85 0 weeks
40 mg 2X D
 3  Hypertension I have been on micardis for many years and it has always controlled my blood pressure at a low dose. But after reading these comments I am wondering if this may be the reason for my anxiety and panic attacks. I never had anxiety in my life and then they just started happening out of the blue about the same time I started taking micardis in 2008. I went to the emergency room several times till I was put on Xanax for the panic attacks. I have been taking Xanax ever since. Could micardis be the reason for my anxiety/panic attacks? F 53 13 years
1/2 10mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure Extreme dizziness, weight gain, bloated, constipation, dry mouth, poor sleep, joints swelling, and just started with chest pain. After reading the reviews I know I am not crazy! I had anxiety and severe sinuses problems like I cant breathe thru my nose. I am speaking with my doctor and asking to be taken off. I'm gonna do it the old fashion way by exercising more and changing diet. F 49 1 years
10 mgs 1X D
 1  Hypertension Elevated BP, increased chest pain & dyspnea with exertion, dizziness, headache I did not tolerate ARBs 20 years ago but was assured by the physician that the newer drugs in this family had so few side effects as to be negligible. Will not continue this drug as it seems to be ineffective. BPs much higher than before taking it. F 70 3 days
20 mg 1X D
 1  Hypertension Muscle weakness and stiffness. I walk several miles a day and it became very uncomfortable. Also odd tiny muscle spasms started about 5 months after I started taking it. Stopped taking it a week ago. Managing BP with weight loss, exercise, beets, and magnesium. BP is same as when taking micardis. Not taking meds ever again. The anxiety and fear of the side effects are NOT worth it. I feel like I've been poisoning myself F 50 15 months
80 1X D
 2  High blood pressure Sinus congestion and cold like symptoms Worsening anxiety Extreme dry mouth Fatigue F 69 10 days
80mg 1X D
 1  Hypertension Extreme physical fatigue, blurred vision, anxiety and panic attacks, nasal and chest congestion, constant sore throat, totally cannot handle humidity or heat...feel like I m drowning. Dizzy. Terrible drug for me. Was on valsartan then switched to this drug...in the same drug family. I ve been on it 8 mos and feel like I m going to die. Side effects just keep coming. My doc says can t be the drug ...I know it is. It is controlling b pressure but quality of life is horrible. F 56 8 months
40 mg 1X D
 1  Blood Pressure Bloating, dry mouth, feeling anxious, tiredness, stomach pain and discomfort, excessive gas, morning nausea, depression not wanting to be at work or around people All the doctors say is the side effects are better than what could happen. Problem is trying to live life daily on this stuff has become shocking. M 44 7 days
40mg 1X D
 2  High pressure Control the blood Pressure but the side effects are horrible-heart pain palpations anxiety shaking...hate it F 59 0 days
 3  Hypertension Severe bloating, sinus congestion, joint pain, blurred vision It did reduce the Systolic BP, but diastolic consistently at. 100 M 48 3 months
 1  High blood pressure It's only looking back that I tie-in all my miseries with Micardis. First was dreadful blind pimples - really distressing for a woman of my age (any age!) and drastic thinning of my hair. Foot cramps at night, and occasionally a feeling coming over me that I was about to faint. This happened a few times when driving and it was terrifying. It's been around 6 weeks since I took myself off, I haven't been to tell my doctor yet, no doubt she'll be concerned and possibly displeased that I made this decision on my own. Skin clear!! No more cramps and already feeling much better in myself. Sleep pattern back to normal and no more weird Technicolor dreams. It all simply had to connect to Micardis as it started exactly at that time. F 77 12 months
 5  Ticket for high blood pressure None I love it because I don't have any side effects and I'm finally losing weight and I feel better than ever F 71 6 months
40 mg
 4  Hypertension Fatigue, anxiety and some backpain. But overall it's bearable had a different medication before and micardis is muc better personally. F 25 23 days
 3  Blood pressure 80 0 days
 1  BP too high Weight gain, severe lower back, hip & knee pain, tinnitis, constant hot & cold sweats, sinus pain, headache, blurred vision, disturbed sleep, tired, calf cramps, cough, anxiety, memory problems, mood swings, decreased sex drive. Had to switch after Losartan was pulled. Also had taken Amlodipine with Micardis and symptoms were even worse. Stopped the Amlodipine and now BP goes up in late afternoon. Losartan had done pretty good but BP had gone up in late afternoon but had no severe side effects. Going to the doctor next week and I want off the Mircardis. Stupid thing is I have RA and was going to tell my DOC that my RA was 10x worse than last time I saw him 2 mo ago and I was scared that I was just losing the battle with RA.. Micardis side effects are making it look like whats wrong with me is that my RA is just getting worse. It's like a damn domino effect. Take a med, have a side effect, treat the side effect by giving you another med. I was ready to go to the hearing DOC about the tinnitis. Let's have 5 different doctors treating you for 5 different things all caused by this drug? I do have either allergic reactions or 'side effects' to many drugs and some have landed me in the hospital. They really are having a hard time getting my BP under control. We'll see if I get to 'test' another drug after I see the doctor next week. Feel like a guinea pig. F 59 2 months
40 MG
 1  High blood pressure I started taking micardis or telmisartan because losartan hctz has been on recall for months. I have been taking it for almost 9 weeks now and I'm experiencing the ABSOLUTE worst upper back pain in my life. I never have had any kind of back pain.... EVER! Also experiencing high and very low blood pressure readings. Also experiencing dizziness, heart palpitations, severe muscle cramps and weakness, extreme fatigue, just totally exhausted and just malaise. My body just feels awful. I hate this drug. I would never recommend this drug F 48 8 weeks
 1  High blood pressure Back pain, became lightheaded, weak like I wanted to faint. Diarrhea, kidney failure. I took this medication for two weeks during that period I experienced several side effects, the most serious is kidney failure. M 62 0 days

MICARDIS  (TELMISARTAN):  This medication is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. Telmisartan belongs to a class of drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs). It works by relaxing blood vessels so blood can flow more easily.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)