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 1  Depression, anxiety Unbelievable aches, pains every where, blurry vision, nauseous, had to force myself to eat very little each evening, slept hard (the only plus) for very few hours but not until 4 or 5 am, then still as usual or even possibly more so tired still when waking up almost seemed impossible to do. Barely functional all day long by day 3, flu like whole body, totally similar symptoms. I thought I was getting sick or was having a pain flare still as a chronic pain patient for many years. However there was some very odd symptoms that didn't match any typical "flare" for me, the extra blurry vision all day and night, extreme nausea, runny nose, "waves" of emotions I wasn't even having 2 weeks ago or a month ago, not even a year or 2 years ago! !?? Headache/sensitive to light and hot & freezing shaking cold,sweaty, weak/ heavy feeling hmm ok, that all goes w flu or pain flares or even some siezures, and so can the muscle twitches and tightening/cramps/tenderness...but then the 5th I'm explaining more about all of this to my mom and realize I am nearly having full panic reaction just talking..putting all these symptoms and my feelings and fears/realizations together!!! Omg!! I have not felt "anxiety" or "panic" this strong in this way for a very long time! Imagine what this could do if it were to be happening in front of certain people at the wrong time in my life right now the consequences of their thoughts and reactions could be very serious I apologize my first statement was long and I didn't strictly stick to the exact subject of my very own experience with Geodon only and added to it my feelings about others sharing their experiences but I am grateful and it's important we have these sites and places to share real patients info on these drugs so the information is out there to help each other. I believe we can advocate for ourselves better with the information and for each other by sharing. This medication didn't work for me. I will be contacting my provider tomorrow morning and using my symptoms and the information I learned here to request we discontinue Geodon. I hope the best for everyone in their lives and futures. And my recommendation is be vigilant, informed about your medication yourself before taking anything, don't rely on your provider, caretakers or pharmacist to inform you, and communicate everything you can with your providers the best you can so the best decisions can be made.(such as not forgetting to report taking vitamins and supplements or changes in weight,any known allergies or deficiencies etc) F 41 7 days
20mg 1X D
 3  Bi-Polar I was on Risperdal/Risperidone and now switching to Geodon I didn't have Risperdal withdraw at all. My body teperature has gone back to normal from 95.5 on the Risperdal to now 97.9 on the Geodon. I have lost over 20lbs pounds. And I don't wake up every night to snack or pee more. I feel comfortable on it and it helps me sleep. It does make me feel more aroused and gives me strange thoughts. You may need to take it 2 times a day. My dose seems to wear off about 4 hours before my next dose. M 46 3 weeks
40 MG 1X D
 3  Skitso, bi-polar I feel like my body isn't attached and I feel jitters when I try to drive like something isn't right. M 26 7 days
40mg 2X D
 5  Bipolar 2 Loss of appetite, headaches at first that went away after a couple of weeks. This med has been a lifesaver for me. I feel good mentally and while I still have my bad days, they're much fewer than before. F 44 2 months
20mg 2X D
 2  Bipolar Extreme vertigo/dizziness, heavy chest, headache All was good the first few days, or maybe I should say nothing was bad... I felt productive, energetic, and normal (in a good way) no racing thoughts. I took it at night and it made my chest feel heavy and I was fidgety for awhile, but when I fell asleep I stayed asleep. day 4- INTENSE vertigo, couldn't look up or down without almost falling over which in turn made me incredibly nauseous and terrified considering I've never felt this way. I don't know that it's the cause of this migraine, but I'm calling it. F 39 4 days
20mg 1X D
 1  DDD and PTSD This is the worst experience that I have EVER had on pysch drugs. I use Trileptal for Bipolar which works great and keeps me in a high functioning level in my career. After 3 days on Geodon I had to have help walking and was almost a complete zombie. Might work for you but not for me. Keep in mind though I do not have hallucinations but I have been with a lot of people who do and it's so scarey for them. Geodon might be good for those. Not sure. F 38 3 days
20 1X D
 5  Bipolar Depression None maybe teeth grinding clenching, otherwise the next morning I woke up on a hustle baby. I was alive omg I was alive, dear god overnight I got my life back. Ty Demand it F 51 30 days
120 mg 1X D
 5  Emotional regulation with BPD It's only been about a week, but I can tell a huge difference since starting Geodon. I was afraid to try it because of the negative reviews but it has given me my life back. I do feel a little less emotion than normal, some gi upset....but nothing severe on either. I also take duloxetine and adding in naltrexone leveled me out 100%. Feel kinda like I'm just going through the motions but for me thats not bad. Actually getting to work, staying full shifts, and house is getting taken care of again. Hoping will be able to lose some weight on this one....lost appetite but making better food choices as well :) fingers crossed. Good medication for emotional regulation F 37 5 days
 4  Schizoeffective Disorder, PTSD Extreme fatigue and sleepiness all day, hand tremor, muscle weakness, dizzyness Still hear voices occasionally, couldn't handle a higher dose as it made me too tired. Fatigue is awful. Helps with sleep. Makes me feel high. F 30 12 months
 2  Bipolar II Achy joints Akithasia tiredness no sexuality depersonalization no motivation This drug was great in the beginning of treatment did make me tired but I didnít have mania for the last six years now Iím doing better and more aware of the side effects coming off this med slowly was on 60mg at noc now 40mg going to decreased to 20mg after a month on the lower dose... I want my happy laughing life back this drug makes me non emotional and have no life F 40 6 years
 5  Bipolar 2 with paranoia Not many yet. Hypo mania and restlessness, but that's evening out. I no longer have paranoia and my rapid cycling bipolar went away so far also. I immediately felt like the "real me" again and it's been a long time since I've been just happy. It's really giving me some hope for a better life. F 46 1 months
 1  Bipolar Worst side effects I have ever experienced. Been hallucinating. How can one be hallucinating while on an antipsychotic? Very potent and dibilitating F 51 3 months
 1  Schizophrenia Suicide attempt Another brilliant move by the psychiatrist. Gave me a sample and gave me no information about side effects. Highly unethical. F 37 1 days
5 1X D
 3  Bipolar Disorder Was on 80mg x 2 times daily. I am tapering off of Geodon and have actually lost weight. Iíve been tapering slowly as I get dizzy, light-headed, restless and anxious if I taper off to quickly. It helped, but I am trying Latuda because it is supposed to be more helpful for BP depression. 44 2 years
 1  Bipolar SEVERE MANIA within 12 hours of beginning drug. Relapsed gambling, personality change, hypersexual, saw trails, thought I could move things with my mind. FURIOUS at Dr who prescribed it. I told her I'd been manic on it 8 years before but dummy me trusted her. I was so angry that after I went off it, if I had seen her at the office I would've attacked her which is completely UNLIKE me. Even though I was only on it a month, the withdrawal was torture. Severe migraines, nausea, fever and chills for several days. I lost 11 months clean off gambling from this poison. F 53 4 weeks
 1  Schizoaffective I have been through a lot but nothing like this because geodon. I was up to 400lbs 6 years ago knew nothing about the drug at all was told nothing I set a goal to lose over 120lbs and lost almost 190lbs on my own took 2 years a couple years after taking it because of my health problems. Looked it up and then confronted my doctors about the horrible side effects they denied anything at all sent me to a regular doctor for withdrawal side effects. Ruined my life forever undoing everything now developing health anxiety believing and having serious problems do not ever ever take its a trap drug needing 500 unhealthy calories to work and a half life of 7 hours so no matter what you are screwed 5 hours a day withdrawal. I repeat do not ever ever take this drug. The doctors are wrong they can't do anything about the side effects anyways coming off is impossible it's a death sentence My therapist and doctors say I am the only one to do what I did losing all that weight on my own to end this way completely screwed up for good forever done over gone. You have been warned please please trust me never ever take this drug at all. I have taken them all. They all are dangerous and bad. But this is real seriously the worst possible M 40 6 years
 3  Anxiety Attacks, Panic Disorder I feel like Iím knocked out cold. I definitely donít have trouble sleeping with this drug but I also take 20mg 2X daily of my Adderall as well for my ADHD. My psychiatrist said to take my Geodon at bedtime and I feel like itís really hard for me to wake up in the mornings, until I take my Adderall. Anyone else having this problem as well? It does seem to be helping with my panic and anxiety disorder but should I be this sleepy and groggy? Is that what itís supposed to do? I feel like a Zombie. But itís only been a few days and I can see a difference but do t really like the side effects. TIA F 29 3 days
40 mg
 1  Bipolar 2 Worst itchy rash ever. Pins and needles pain. Fever could not sleep skin felt like it was on fire. Had to go to the hospital because of this plus I was having shortness of breath. They told me to stop taking the medication ASAP. F 45 15 days
20mg x2
 5  Bipolar psychosis None Saved my life M 40 1 weeks
60 1X D
 1  Mood disorders I take it in the evening with dinner and I can't get up some mornings. And I swear I've had more panic attacks and emotional breakdowns in the last 30 days than the last 7yrs. I'm stopping it tonight and see if it's the medicine. I've tried so many different kinds of meds and I get reactions and as soon as I stop the bad reactions go away. Being prescribe 40mg 2x daily off adderall instant release which I take 40mg when I wake up I should be able to function. Having ADHD I'm very high strung and I seriously had no strength or energy some days. Its affecting my daily life time to stop. F 36 30 days

GEODON  (ZIPRASIDONE HYDROCHLORIDE):  Ziprasidone injection is used to treat occurrences of severe agitation in patients with schizophrenia. It works by helping to restore the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Ziprasidone injection is used when quick relief of your symptoms is required. It is not used together with the form of this medication that is taken by mouth. An injection of ziprasidone works quickly to reduce tension and anxiety which, if untreated, can result in dangerous behavior and interfere with your treatment and care.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)