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 1  Dry eyes I do not recommend this I do not recommend these eyedrops they are horrible my eyes are itchy I got a bloody nose blurred vision for a long time and vision impairment! They're extremely expensive I paid $300 my insurance covered the rest regular $700 F 65 0 weeks
5 1X D
 2  Dry eye Blurry vision for more than 30 minutes. F 62 30 days
2X D
 3  Dry eyes It definitely helped my dry eyes. I had brief burning to my eyes. The awful post nasal drainage was unpleasant but tolerable. It give me a dry mouth something awful so will have to stop. Price is also a little steep. F 44 14 days
2X D
 2  Dry eye Conjunctivitis and pain. Will continue a while longer. M 72 3 months
Drops 2X D
 1  Dry eyes Bad taste, Burning and itching eyes. Swollen throat. I am miserable and scared waiting for my throat to recover. I got a steroid shot today to hopefully help soon. F 36 3 weeks
2X D
 5  Dry Eyes Burning in eyes when I apply drops. Bad taste soon after applying drops. Blurry vision for a few minutes after applying drops. After a few minutes everything resolves. My eyes were really dry for years and I would use lubricating eye drops through out the day which would help temporarily. At night I would use lubricating gel and in the morning my eyes would not feel as grainy and dry. Then I started Xiidra and I no longer use any of the above! I blink and I can feel moisture, which is awesome. F 30 1 months
one drop 2X D
 1  dry eyes severe headache and blood pressure spiked to danger zone. 12 hours lafter stopping blood pressure has gone down some I had the same experiece (high blood pressure) when my doctor prescribed restatsis. My doctor knew of my prior experience but said xiidra worked differently. I am on thyroid meds and am allergic to prednisone, could this have any bearing on my reaction to these 2 drugs? Can you suggest another remedy for my dry eyes? Over the counter tears and Pataday did not help. I have also noticed sunlight bothers me. F 79 2 days
0.2 2X D
 3  Dry eyes Brief blurry vision lasting approximately 20 minutes Xiidra really helped the dryness but I stopped using it because my eyes felt like there was increased pressure in them. F 55 12 months
2X D
 1  yes Pain around my eyes. Sinus drainage, bad taste in my mouth hours after application. Eye sight decreased. F 43 7 days
2X D
 2  Dry eye disease Gritty Bad taste Dizzy Headache Eyes still watery F 75 3 weeks
1 drop ea 2X D
 2  Sjogren's dry eyes Bad taste in mouth, metallic taste, increased sinus drainage, stinging with application that lasted 2-4 minutes, the last few days of use I came to realize I probably had an adverse/allergic reaction to it... Severe swelling of eye, felt like corneal abrasion, decreased vision, increased eye & sinus drainage - got better within 24 hrs of stopping Xiidra! Other eye started to have same symptoms and got better after stopping drops too. Unfortunately believe I'm allergic to Xiidra... Will have to go back to restasis or try that other new one that just came out that supposed to be similar to restasis. F 39 14 days
2X D
 3  Dry eyes Some stinging and burning for a few er i da, blurry vision for a few minutes. No bad taste but dry mouth. Don't know if it's related but that only started after Xiidra. Too expensive. Single dose applicator is awful. M 56 10 days
2x day 2X D
 1  Dry eye Difficult to use. Plastic applicator difficult to squeeze Burning at every application. Did not help at all. Made situation worse. Always felt Like I had grit/ sand in my eyes. Very uncomfortable. Kept waiting for relief that did not come. Over the counter Eye ointment at bedtime and eye drops during the day have given me tremendous relief. F 78 60 days
2X D
 5  Post lasik extreme dryness Does leave a taste in the throat, sometimes can notice it randomly, almost like the taste when you get a sinus infection. Weird, but barely noticeable if at all. Was getting headaches and eye pain post lasik due to extreme dryness (was in month 1.5ish of healing, in the winter, yikes). Although the eye aches were becoming much less frequent when I started xiidra, the drug accelerated healing and I really don't get dry anymore at all. Going from least 10 or so single use drop vials a day to zero. Like that basically since I started on it. If you have Blue Cross and manufacture coupon, it's free at Walgreens and not $1,500 (as of 2021). Going to see if I can stop this drug after my doc and I feel I'm over the hump. Worth it so far. M 30 30 days
1 drop/eye 2X D
 1  Dry eyes Horrible side effects. Sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, sinusitis, headaches, burning sensation in eyes, this drug should never have been approved by FDA. Too many side effects. F 2 days
2X D
 3  Dry eyes and excessive tearing Burning of eyes after application. Metallic taste for 3-4 hrs after taking medication. The single use applicator is awful to use. Sometimes the medication comes out all at once so that you can only medicate one eye. Sometimes the medication liquid adheres to the top of the applicator and must shake container there by losing some of the medication. The company needs to redesign the applicator so it is more patient friendly. M 80 15 days
.2ml 2X D
 2  Dry watery eyes that even got worse I had watery eyes about one hour after using xiidra I start using it because my eyes was very teary but it got worse I thought it will stop the tear for the cost of this drug I thought it will solve my problem F 77 6 months
Twice a 2X D
 1  Dry eye Horrible side effects! I used Xiidra for 1 1/2 weeks. About 3 to 5 days later I started getting this horrible pain in my eye socket, especially around the inner part of my eyes. The pain is so intense that I have had to take ibuprofen to help with the pain. I have had headaches, and what seems to be sinusitis. I dealt with the horrible bitter taste hoping I would get relief from the dryness, but now pain that will not subside. Making appointment to see my doctor. Called the company after I paid almost $55.00 and they will not reimburse even after advising I would send product and receipt back. CVS will also not take it back. BEWARE! If you want to try, ask your ophthalmologist for a sample. Pain, constant tearing of eyes, headache, blurry vision... Reported to FDA. I had to see an ophthalmologist, and the next day went to the ER. The pain around my eyes and sinuses was severe. Even the Percocet prescribed by the ER physician, did very little to help take away the pain. Never had an experience even close to this one. F 55 7 days
5 mg 1X D
 1  Dry eyes 1 Noticed after 2 weeks that I was having regular congestion and a lot of yellow/green mucous that also dried up fast. I googled and I see that a side effect of xiidra is sinus infection. How do drops give you an infection? Confused but I believe the drops are causing the issue since the timing lines up. I'm going off of them since I'd rather be able to breathe. I'll have to deal with the dry eyes. Definitely helped with the eye dryness but not worth the itching/burning/bad taste and sinus problems it caused. F 35 18 days
2X D
 1  Severe dry eye Not good. Made my eyes very blurry for average of 1/2 hour after use. Stung when used. Experienced excessive mucus in my eyes after use. Felt like my eyes were being stripped. Did not help. New doctor at UNC changed me to Restasis. Whole new world! Could feel the difference with 1st use. F 57 5 months
2X D

XIIDRA  (LIFITEGRAST):  This medication is used to treat dry eye disease.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)