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 1  Asthma No side effects aside from the frustration caused by inhalers that stop working properly with half the doses left. It's absurd that I keep having to refill my inhaler early because it stops working 50-70 doses left. This has happened with the last four I've had in a row. F 2 years
2X D
 3  Asthma The medicine works well. Sometimes I cannot remember if I have taken my dose or not, because my symptoms are well controlled. The device itself fails every time during the last 3 weeks of use. I start to think that there is an environmental cause for my flare ups, or that it is stress related, then check my inhaler count and realize I have to replace it early. I have replaced at least 5 inhalers early, which has shorted me about one full inhaler. I talked to the pharmacist about it, he recommended storing the inhaler upright, which I have done with little effect, and calling the company, which I have not done yet. F 51 2 years
80 2X D
 4  Asthma No medication side effects My complaint is with the new delivery system. It is annoying to have to recap after each puff. In addition the last 20 or so doses do not appear to be full doses. I have to take extra puffs to get relief so therefore it does not deliver the full 120 doses. F 66 7 years
80 mg 2X D
 1  Asthma Ive had this inhaler two days now and it already has stopped working, i have to break the seal just to make it puff, and even then most of the medicine comes out. F 16 0 days
80mg 2X D
 2  Asthma None Similar to other complaints, the dispenser does not work well. Feels like a re-capping activation issue because if I push the cap firmly in and up at the right spot - in one quick motion,I can sometimes get it to catch the right spot to dispense another dose. Even if I can get this workaround to work 100% of the time, it does not!, no one should have to MacGyver their medicine device to get to theirs meds. F 45 2 years
80 1X D
 2  Asthma No side effects Does not dispense dosage as it's supposed to, works for awhile then just quits! F 47 2 years
80 mg
 1  Asthma No side effects because the medicine never reaches your system. Had used the old Qvar with success, but twice now I have had flare ups that required prednisone because the Redihaler does not dispense medicine. Current one said it had 39 doses left on counter, but since it was not working, I removed the canister from the plastic and you can tell it is almost full! No meds are getting into my system. Terrible and fraudulent for a $250 product. Would not be surprised if someone files a class action suit eventually. Asthmatics can't guess if the medicine is getting into the system, we need to be certain. M 48 3 months
 1  Asthma No side effects. The medication works well, the device does not. The last two devices have stopped dispensing medicine with 70+ doses remaining. F 13 2 years
80mcg 2X D
 1  Asthma No side effects I had one dispenser not dispensing medication. I thought my asthma was getting worse. Now I have one that when I open it it squirts out wasting my doses. I hate this inhaler. The other style was better. Will talk to my Dr. About switching to a different brand. This inhaler is a waste of money. F 58 2 years
 1  Asthma This redihaler stopped delivering meds somewhere at 60 dosages remaining. This is the second one thatís done that. My breathing asthmatic cough doesnít clear up. The old aerosols were much better. F 69 7 years
80 mcg
 1  Asthma No side effects Redihaler stops working. I have been unable to get any of the medication. This has occurred four times. My medication is mail order and I get three inhalers sent to me at a time. In this last mailing two of the inhalers are malfunctioning. I was totally satisfied with the original inhaler used with the spacer. Never had any issues. Completely dissatisfied with this product. F 55 10 days
40 mcg
 1  Asthma Began to have problems breathing because I wasn't getting the medicine properly from the redihaler. My asthma was totally under control with Qvar before they changed it. Device does not deliver medication properly. After noticing I wasn't getting the doses, I had my husband tear off top to use manually to be able to get medication. This needs to be corrected. Med works well for me but redihaler doesn't. F 66 3 years
80 mg
 1  Asthma Just not working as the older Qvar. M 44 4 years
40 mg
 2  Asthmatic I do not like the redihaler. Like breathing dirt. I much prefer the aerosol used eith a spacer. I am very dissatisfied with this product. I want to use a spacer. F 66 3 years
30 mg
 1  Asthma It quits working. Doesn't deliver any meds! I would rather have the old inhaler it actually delivered the meds I need to breathe. I have wasted money on two I halers! F 58 10 years
 2  COPD QVAR HFA worked very well for years for me ,,, but they started selling inhalers that would run out of medicine with 20 puffs left (just propellant) and then 50 puffs left ..... NOW they have switched to REDIHALER which does not use propellant at all but depends on breath strength to atomize the medicine - THEY DID THIS TO PREVENT THEIR PATENT FROM EXPIRING. All the negative reviews of the REDIHALER have been removed from RXLIST. Numerous complaints about the RediHaler. I've not seen or talked to anyone who is happy with the new delivery system. M 55 6 years
80 mcg 1X D

QVAR REDIHALER  (BECLOMETHASONE DIPROPIONATE):  Beclomethasone is used to prevent and control symptoms (wheezing and shortness of breath) caused by asthma. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. It works by reducing the swelling of the airways in the lungs to make breathing easier. This medication must be used regularly to prevent breathing problems (attacks of wheezing/shortness of breath). It does not work right away and should not be used to relieve an asthma attack. If an attack occurs, use your quick-relief inhaler as prescribed.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)