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 5  Migraine Causes some odd sensations, particularly when swallowing (like a tightness in the back of the neck). It can also cause a feeling of mild soreness in my muscles. Initially I was prescribed the 5 mg dose but I found it was not much more effective and the side effects were much more pronounced. 2.5 seems to be the most effective dose with minimal side effects (depending on severity and timing, I have found cutting these pills - they are scored - and taking a half dose to be effective as well, though it's more likely I'll have to take a second dose later). Typically this works very well for my migraines. Occasionally I have to take multiple doses over several days, but it typically works within an hour (more often 20-30 minutes) and I feel about 95% normal (it also seems to work on my other migraine symptoms, like the "out of it" feeling and excessive fatigue, etc). This has been a lifesaver for me as I've suffered with these headaches since I was a teenager. I went for years with no prescription and really regret all the time I lost to migraines in those years. F 42 1 years
2.5 1X W
 5  Aura migraines Highly recommend! The only side effect I experience is I lack energy a little bit and I feel "heavier" than normal, walking up stairs say takes a little longer. I find I drink a lot more water after I took it but it's absolutely brilliant for helping me feel better. I find a sip of something cold and sweet really compensates the drop in my energy level. Fantastic item works within 10-15 mins for me, does not impair my driving, no light/sound sensitivity at all. Very effective! F 39 4 years
2.5mg 1X AN
 5  Migraines No side effects Suffering from debilitating migraines for the past three weeks. They came out of nowhere and I have never experienced migraines such as this before in my life. They were so bad that I went for a CT scan. CT scan was normal. Doctor prescribed sumatriptan initially. The sumatriptan did not work at all. My friend recommended Zomig. I talked to my doctor and my doctor prescribed Zomig + 4 mg of Odansetron (anti-nausea.) The Zomig w/ the anti-nausea medication plus I added 50 mg of Benadryl ...and it knocked the migraine out within 20 minutes. I have been migraine free for 3 days now. Knock on wood. Miracle drug. Dare I say I even feel happier??? Looked online to see if increased mood was an effect. Couldn't find anything. I feel very happy lately. Maybe because I'm not in the fetal position w/ the shades drawn with ice bottles on my eyes and neck. So happy to have this medication. Have not tried it without the Benadryl yet so I'm not sure if it will work independently from that. I suspect it will because I took the Benadryl about 45 minutes before the Zomig and I still had my migraine...it wasn't pounding, but it wasn't until I added the Zomig that it stopped. F 46 1 weeks
5 -mg 1X AN
 5  Migraine None noticed They are fantastic. It's not a complete cure but they really help. I would say they remove the pain and nausea from a migraine but leave all the other symptoms. I'm still dizzy and sensitive to sound and light but I can stand up and function. I don't get migraines very often but they used to knock me out of action for two days. All I could do was curl up in a dark room and wait. I haven't had to take a sick day from work for migraines since I was prescribed zolmitriptan. Get the dissolvable ones. They taste bad but they work faster. M 27 3 years
2.5mg 1X AN
 2  Migraines Makes my migraine worse. Sinus passages seem to open up and feel very sensitive, like breathing in cold air. Salivary glands were in overdrive with tingling tightness feeling. Muscle aches. Looking for another alternative. Relpax was by far the best medicine I have taken, but insurance co. decided to not cover it forcing me to try other medications. Working my way back. F 54 6 months
 4  migraine 'fuzzy' headness afterwards, stomach discomfort/nausea, tightness in the throat, sensitivity to heat zomig usually works for my headaches. Used to take imitrex but after many years my side effects became much worse to where I had to change. The side effects with zomig are ok - sometimes minimal and sometimes very discomforting, like today. occasionally have to take two pills - but usually just one. I have noted the sensitivity to heat in both -triptans I've taken. I've never had the sun effects - but at one point I was having laser hair treatments and didn't realize the possibility of effects and ended up with very bad burns that it took me a while to figure out with my doctor on settings that normally had no problem. F 55
2.5 1X AN
 4  Migraine without aura Strange fuzziness on migraine side of head which lasts about an hour after which pain goes completely. Before I took Zomig nothing ever worked. With each attack I would be in bed for at least 2 days. Zomig has given me my life back. I have noticed this last set of pills are a different colour and taste differently. They were not so effective. I had to repeat my dose which I've never had to do before. F 62 6 years
 1  Migraines Within 2 hours I had had full cardiac problems. I went to the e.r. and ended up being admitted and put on cardiac care for a few days. Even after I left it still hurt in my ribs and chest. Still had trouble breathing well. Pamphlet stated there was no cure/answer to fix this side effect. I also read later that many people die within hours of taking this medication. Glad it worked for some. Almost killed me! Be fully aware of all and any side effects. Not just from zomig but from real patients. F 37 1 days
 5  Migraines These occur about half the time - drowsiness, sensitivity to warm water, heavy feeling shoulders/arms, frequent urination, runny nose. I take zolmitripan zmt (generic) 5mg. Has worked as great as original. Side effects are worth the relief from migraines. F 45 20 years
5 mg 1X AN
 5  Migraines I cut the 5mg tablets in fourths. The small dosage still works well and no side effects. M 68 10 years
 5  Migraines 2.5 Tablet makes me sneeze The best medicine ever I could not fuction without this med F 53 2 years
 1  Migraines Photosensitivity to the sun. Let me start by saying this: Zomig WORKS as far as nixing the start of a migraine. However, I experienced a reaction that has made me stop this and try something else. I also want to add that I have been on Relpax since 2002 but it has become so expensive, that I wanted to try Zomig since it's available as a generic (and the generic is what I took - Zolmitriptan). In any case, I took it and within a day of so after being outside in the sun, I broke out with a horrible red, itchy rash only where the sun was hitting me in my bathing suit (upper body). I thought it was heat rash. Ten days later I took Zolmitriptan again and this time the rash was worse. I had to get steroids from my primary doctor to get rid of it. My Pharmacist is the one who said that Zolmitriptan can absolutely do this. I googled it, and low and behold, there it was. Figures. Relpax though does not do this. If this has happened to anyone else, I would love for you to please email me! F 41 2 times
5mg 1X AN
 5  Migraines Achy joints, fatigue, sometimes an upset stomach If I take at the onset of a migraine it usually subsides within 30 minutes F 46 6 years
 5  Chronic Migraines Frequent urination, facial numbness. Within 45 minutes, my headache is greatly reduced. I've tried the generic Sumitriptan and it doesn't work nearly as effectively. It can take a headache that is causing vomiting and severe pain down to an annoyance at worst. The facial pain is somewhat of a relief as I've had chronic facial pain for the past 2.5 years, so any relief is great, but it does concern me as I would hate for that to become permanent. M 41 30 days
5mg 1X D
 4  Migraines The migraine is gone within 45 minutes after taking zomig but then the side effects are crazy. I can't hold my head up, my throat swells were its impossible to swallow anything, I'm dizzy, my stomach is very upset and my skin feels like its burning I've been prescribed so many different prescriptions but the zomig is by far the only migraine medication that give me some relief, the side effects i can really do without F 49 4 years
 5  Migraines Difficulty swallowing. No trouble except swallowing, which is a concern. I no longer take it but I have permanent constriction in my throat from taking it over time. (However, I only took 2.5 mg at a time, cutting it in half because I only received 9 a month), I still suffered a lot of pain in head, neck, shoulders, face that was excruciating when I didn't have any left to take of my monthly prescription. The zomig relieved the pain quickly when I took it, however. But now I'm left with problems swallowing which other over the counter drugs also create, to a lessor degree. Upon taking zomig I'd feel my arms becoming heavy as if whatever pain in my head was relaxing my body as the pain depleted. I was glad to have this medication because the pain was so bad. Of course now I realize I have histamine intolerance so it's like foods with histamine a built up in my system causing this but it was confusing because one day a certain food didn't bother me and another it did. I didn't know then about histamine intolerance however. I still have it and I have to be careful what I eat and vary my diet. F 67 10 years
 5  Migraines Sleepiness, skin is extremely sensitive to warm/hot water, occasional nausea This stuff is great. I tried everything over-the-counter and nothing worked. Relieves my headaches completely within 30 minutes. My doctor prescribed the 5 mg tablet but I cut them in half to lessen the nausea side effect. F 37 4 years
2.5 1X W
 3  Hemiplegic Migraine Tingling in the back of my head. Tightness in my neck and pain from neck to my right eye. Extreme nausea. Drunk-like feeling. Loss of coordination. This took action within 2 hours, the side effects kicked in after 45mins - 1hr. I felt awful. Could not hold my head up, had to keep tilting it to find some relief. Nearly threw up from nausea. Felt like I was in some weird drunken stupor and could not walk straight. Migraine subsided substantially though after about 1.5hrs. I found that this was not supposed to be prescribed for hemiplegics so perhaps this was the issue along with my doctor who prescribed me this medication. I would sincerely advise anyone thinking of taking this medicine to try an alternative first if possible. F 23 1 days
2.5mg 1X D
 4  Migraines No side effects that I've noticed. I've suffered with chronic migraines since I was 13. I'm now 27 and have seen countless doctors and neurologists and tried countless medications. Zomig is the first and only drug to even touch my migraines. Zomig doesn't completely stop my migraines but it brings it from a level 10 (where I'm vomiting or fainting), down to a level 6. It's still very painful and I have to remain lying in bed, in the dark, but it's not bad enough to make me vomit. Zomig is amazing but I wish I could get more than 6 pills at once. F 27 4 years
2.5 mg

ZOMIG  (ZOLMITRIPTAN):  Zolmitriptan is used to treat migraines. It helps to relieve headache, pain, and other migraine symptoms (including nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light/sound). Prompt treatment helps you return to your normal routine and may decrease your need for other pain medications. Zolmitriptan belongs to a class of drugs known as triptans. It affects a certain natural substance (serotonin) that causes narrowing of blood vessels in the brain. It may also relieve pain by affecting certain nerves in the brain. Zolmitriptan does not prevent future migraines or lessen how often you get migraine attacks.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)