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 5  Opioid Addiction Suppressed emotions. Slight paranoia. Sleep paralysis once in awhile. Lack of energy. I absolutely love this drug as it literally saved my life. It allowed me the time to not feel withdrawal and finally get off of opiates. I have tried to stop a couple of times but have relapsed twice so I am scared of trying to stop again. I have been sober from opiates for over 10 years. I want to stop but I have spent a decade rebuilding my life and I don't want to lose all that I have worked so hard to amend. Overall I would say the benefits of this drug outweigh the negatives. M 40 10 years
4 MG 2X D
 3  Addiction I am having sudden weight loss like 10 pounds since starting the meds 22 days ago also night sweats? F 36 22 days
20mg 1X D
 4  MAT Fatigue, Reduced sex drive (almost to a halt), Sometimes it feels like my emotions are just numb. I've been on Subutex for almost 2 years & as for the medication, it has helped me stay clean & I can't be more grateful for that. My addiction had a deep hold on me for 17 years & nothing helped until I got on Subutex. I started on 16mg & I have tapered down to 4mg. The side affects, especially the lose of libido has been horrible seeing as I am married & every time I taper it is not fun to say the least. My goal is to be off of the medication completely in 6 months as I am tapering right now to 2mg. If used correctly, Subutex can be life changing! F 35 21 months
1X D
 5  Opiod addiction Constipation Good stuff to fight addiction M 70 6 days
24 mg per
 5  Addiction and pain management Migraines from direct sunlight. I'm sensitive to them though. So, could just be me. F 29 2 years
 5  OID - Opioid addiction Constipation This drug save my life. I am able to live a normal life now without any opioid cravings. When I first took it, For a short period of time, or I had symptoms of euphoria and sedation. The symptoms went away quickly, to the point where I donít even realize I am on the medication. Occasionally I will experience constipation, However this can be remedied quickly with and over the counter medication like MiraLAX. Last but not least, for the first 4 to 6 hours after taking it it does give significant pain relief. So if my back is in pain, instead of taking 8 mg twice a day, I take 4 mg four times a day. Either way it adds up to 16mg. Also this medication seems to have a ceiling when it comes to pain relief and opioid craving relief. As doses titrated from 16 to 32 mg, the benefits gained diminishes as you approach 32 mg. There is really no benefit to going over 32 mg per day. One other note, is if youíve been on this medication for over three months, and you need to come off of it, this must be done slowly as the medication has a very long half life. It is not Uncommon for patients on 8 mg To take up to three+ months to eventually get off the medication. The taper down schedule would look something like this: 6mg for 14 days 4mg for 14 days 3mg for 7 days 2mg for 7 days 1.5mg for 7 days 1mg for 7 days .75 mg for 10 days .5 mg for 10 days .25mg for 10 days .125 mg for 10 days .1mg for 10 days For the very small doses you can give the patient suboxone st M 45 10 years
8mg bid
 1  Codeine addiction Horrendous withdrawal symptoms lasting years Ban it F 31 9 years
 3  Chronic Pain It worked well at the beginning but over the years caused Anxiety, weight gain, major adrenal and hormonal issues, very difficult to taper off. I took this drug because I was in too much pain to work. It kept me going to work for over 6 years but eventually the side effects were too much. The taper was very difficult and time consuming (3 years - unable to work the last two). I was at a very high dose for pain but I believe if I was at a lower dose I might not have had so many side effects. F 49 8 years
24 mg max
 4  Better option than relapsing Same as opiates less intense This drug was the first drug I have ever discovered, that my brain had no want to abuse. I have been taking 1/4 of a pill a day for two years now. I never thought it possible to be happy on just a quarter a day!! I thought I found my miracle drug. After two years however I have been finding my self depressed randomly and I cry for no particular reason. So with turning 30 looming around the corner l made a drastic change. I quit my job, was honest with everyone why! You know why honesty is hard. It's like we are hidden, no body knows the true me and the struggles an addict deals with, so we hide from everyone. I am glad too report I am 5 days into my detox and although it is not even close to as easy as I thought it would be for the first time in awhile I am feeling like my self again. When we are hi 24/7 everything seems like a dream and that is no longer sufficient for me! I want real memories and I want to connect with people on an honest level. I have walked every walk of life there is from being a bum on the street to a general manager of a 2million dollar business. From drug addict to construction chief. From inmate to head chef!! I have never let drugs stand in the way of my dreams. I smoke a pack a day and still jog 2 miles everyday. every walk of life I have endured has only shown me that everyone deals with issues. It has to be about you!! You have to want it and be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you want out of life! I was willing to tell a judge lock me M 29 2 years
1 mg
 5  opiate detox Loss of libido entirely, my relationship has suffered greatly from this libido issue. Psychological upset when treatment ceased. Subutex (buprenorphine) saved my life. Methadone left me feeling like a junkie with sweats and aches daily but subutex is like being clean, I tapered my dose from 8mg to my current 1mg over 6 months and will be drug free within this month. Feel fantastic. I know from previous withdrawal however that once I'm off the subutex I will start craving heroin again. The circle will repeat. F 26 6 months
 5  Opioid addiction maintenance & pain Constipation As a recovering addict, this medication does *NOT* get me high whatsoever and despite being a partial opioid agonist, it helps relieve some pain but is only moderately effective. It was a very uncomfortable transition from large doses of Methadone to Buprenorphine but the discomfort lasted around 3-5 days. This medication has given me my life back however and because it bonds so strongly to the opiate receptors in your brain, it will block other opiates while it's still in your system so you won't get high from them which is a great tool to prevent lapse-in-judgment relapses. There is a generic out now that is much less expensive. M 28 9 months
8 MG 2X D
 5  opiates Tingling arms and hands sec nod wen sitting for 5 minutes M 57 3 years
8mg day
 2  chronic back pain What my side effects on it were: Decreased sex drive (almost to a halt), insomnia & sleep paralysis, anxiety, memory issues, difficulty concentrating, palpitations, hair is falling out & springs then snaps, teeth ache & chipping, & nails fold & are ridged all down beds- (read that subutex inhibits absorption of calcium), chronically fatigued, my husband says I don't show emotion & my friends say my "joy is gone". I was put on every opiate I can think of in 2001post car accident. After liking them way to much & dosages being upped & upped I was switched to methadone. That was upped eventually to 335mg per day. Bad things came about from the methadone & I thought subutex was the answer. I began at 8mg suboxone- was eventually switched to subutex & worked up to 32mg subQ. The side effects did not come on at once. Insomnia & low sex drive were the beginning. I am at home detoxing now- jumped off at .33mg per day. I have made it into day 18.. maybe that's because I had taken it for 8 yrs & methadone 2 prior to that. My neurotransmitters have alot of self correcting to do. Symptoms of detox are coming and going now & the worst is over. The 1st 7 days were physically tough for me. The next 7 days the emotional detox started & physical symptoms were lighter. Now I'm trying to regain strength & say goodbye to the off & on physical symptoms & I'm starting to see a bit more sleep. Did it help my pain? -yes. F 35 8 years
 4  Opiate Dependency ZERO sex drive, some constipation, some drowsiness I began taking Subutex after experiencing nasty side effects while on Suboxone. I've heard that for some people, the Naloxone/Buprenorphine mix is bad; guess I was one of them. Subutex does the job in curbing opiate cravings. I do notice, however, that I get more of a temporary "high" feeling from Subutex than I did from Suboxone. This is why some addiction specialists will only prescribe Subutex to those who have demonstrated responsibility; apparently Subutex is much easier to abuse due to the lack of Naloxone as a deterrent. Because the name brand is so expensive, I go with generics but have learned a few things from the different formulas. There are some crappy generics, one of which is called Hi-tech (or something like that) and it is carried at Walgreens. This formula dissolves incredibly fast which renders the levels of the drug in the bloodstream erratic. This could lead to the need to take the drug more often. I found that Teva brand was excellent (operative word being "was" since their patent expired) so the next best is Roxane brand. I found that some days I need even less of my usual dose because Roxane brand works so well since it dissolves slowly. In all, Subutex has helped although the lack of libido is slowly killing my once happy marriage. I am in the process of tapering my dose (went from an initial 16mg a day down to my current 5mg) so I hope to get my libido back. F 35 2 years
5mg 1X D
 1  chronic physical scoliosis pain Insomnia, being treated like a drug addict after decades of terrible chronic physical pain, banned from any hope of future pain treatment. no matter what happens to me, because of the "addict" label, fear of errors in hospitals because MDs can't remember the endlessly proliferating opiate brand names. I was told by a pain mgmt MD that Suboxone was a pain med. It is not. I switched to Subutex after the horrors of the Naloxone (Narcan) added to Subutex which = Suboxone. Now I am in as much pain as before Suboxone but must live with the constant fear of accident or illness that will cause more pain because both are incompatible with opiates. Sellers of these drugs claim tolerance can't happen, but this is not true if you are in pain; they're no different from opiates in this way. 5 months
6-32 1X D
 3  Unprecribed medication usage Constipation, headaches, nasal issues, tiredness, low energy levels. F 30 2 years
 3  Opioid Addiction Constipation, Urinary Retention (difficulty voiding), headaches, nausea, episodes of panic, decreased sex drive, joint aches This medication does very well at controlling the cravings for opiates but the side effects have been a nightmare. I've only been on this medication one month so far- and it is doing it's job but I feel terrible. My body maybe unable to handle the medication therefore my options are to switch to another medication or taper off the Subutex "for good." F 20 1 months
8 mg 3X D
 3  Addiction to Prescription Pain Meds Constipation, Itchy, No Sex Drive, Depression at Doses under 1MG, Sometimes feeling skin discomfort, Nausea (Occasional), Insomnia, Food Cravings, Thirsty, Drowsy I started using Suboxone first before Subutex I was addicted to Pain Killers. I never shot up, snorted my meds. Simple addiction traded for something I believe is worse. It keeps my withdrawal symptoms at Bay and keeps me from wanting other Opiates. The side effects are horrible. I started at 4mg comfortably and have made my way down to .25mg. I tried going off the medication entirely and couldn't do so momentarily. You have to have no other obligations or anything going on because detox is rough. Looking back I should have detoxed from previous meds and by now I would be feeling alot better instead I am still at square one. On a positive note. I am more productive on the meds. I didn't keep up on things while abusing pain meds. I have made alot of life changes since the transition. I actually was able to see the changes I needed to make. I just think it's harder because this stuff is so much stronger. So please make a informed decision before starting subutex, suboxone or buprenorphone treatment. Remember withdrawal is inevitable. Coming from someone who actually takes their meds like they are suppose to and not a dr. writing a script. F 25 6 months
.25 1X D
 4  opiate addiction constipation, lowered sex drive, some nights I experience insomnia (only if dose was taken too soon before bed), I'm a tobacco smoker, and tend to smoke more after taking a dose, cravings for starches/sugar. I began taking Subutex after finding that Suboxone's side effects were too overwhelming! I had a pretty substantial problem with opiates, both pain pills and heroin, and sought treatment in Jan. 2010. I can say that Buprenorphine itself has helped me tremendously; I have not abused any opiates since. I started with Suboxone but I found that after 2 months I had severe constipation, zero sex drive, and my menstrual cycles were crazy irregular. Thankfully I have a doctor who was willing to try Subutex with me. He said that for some reason, a lot of his female patients were having problems with the other ingredient in Suboxone (Naloxone) and he noticed that they responded better to Subutex. I can say that while I still have some constipation and at times low sex drive, they haved dramatically decreased in severity. My cycle is also back to normal. Extra additives in ANY medication is something that the body just doesn't need. The Naloxone only acts as a blocker for opiates. If you prove to your doctor that you are responsible and are not abusing opiates (or, even trying to abuse the Suboxone) they should consider giving you Subutex instead. And it's cheaper! If you are a woman taking Suboxone and having any of the problems I had, please consider taking Subutex. You will still have some issues, but they will be less severe, I promise. Who knows, it may be better for men too, but of course I can't attest to that! Feel free to email with any questions. F 34 12 months
4mg 3X D
 4  Treatment Resistant Depression Refractory/Treatment Resistant Depression/Anxiety since the age of 16y/o and have tried probably 70 psychotherpeutic drugs (all classes of antidepressants, benzo's, mood stablizers, 70 ECT'e or shock treatments, you name it, I've tried it. Parnate and Naridil with "Buprenorphine even better. Maybe many people suffering from severe life altering anxiety and depression don't necessarily have a defective monamine or neurotransmitter malfunction of serotonin, norepinepine, dopamine and Gaba, but in endorphins or opiods as exercise was the only thing that ever really superiorly helped my depression via endorphin system. M 43 2 months
2 mg BID 2X D