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 1  GW I used the aggressive approach by applying it 5 days in a week and resting for 2 days...i got sores and blisters but kept using it for 3 the end of it all my warts kept on increasing in numbers ... Stopped using it...was prescribed TCA by the doctor which cleared my warts in one month F 30 3 months
5X W
 1  BCC I developed Sjogrens Toxic. Should be taken off market. F 66 4 weeks
30mg 1X D
 4  Genital Warts Have warts around my anus, initially had them frozen off a couple of times but they just returned in numbers. Started with Imiquimod (Aldara) 3 times a week, the doctor told me to apply using my finger and that I could use one sachet twice. After the 3rd application the pain had increased with dry, cracking skin, itchiness. I can’t use any kind of soap on the area as the pain is intense so I just wash with warm water. The other side effects are the flu symptoms, exactly 11 hours after applying the cream I start with headaches, muscle pain, pressure behind the eyes and extreme tiredness but ibuprofen seems to help. The warts are decreasing in size after 3 weeks and I’ve learnt that applying with a qtip just a tiny amount on each wart is much better. Less is more!!! Only apply to the warts themselves, this cream is a form of chemotherapy so use sparingly. Using camomile lotion the day after the treatment helps with the itching. M 20 days
3X W
 1  Basal cell cancer Very fun blisters all over my face, vomiting and tiredness after first week joint pain which now is long term possibility an immune response issue which is what this medicine is supposed to do on the skin level only...that doesn't even sound logical now looking back Really at wits end with joint pain and nothing anyone can find wrong... nothing dietary or herbal has helped... pain is unbearable... oh yea... over 10 years after using but began at that time ... extremely healthy, organic diet exercise good weight... doctors are stumped.... F 43 6 weeks
15mg 1X D
 1  BCC Severe headaches, nausea and dizzy spells. Already used this previous and was not keen to use again, but the consultant said it was the best way to treat the BCC on my chest. Within days sores appeared, weeping , crusting, then the headaches,nausea and dizzy spells, reported this and was advised to come of it for 12 weeks to allow the area to repair, I will never use this horrendous cream again, Id rather be left with scars from surgically removal. F 57 4 weeks
5mg 1X D
 5  Genital and Anal warts This cream works , it just needs one to be very patient and above all strong . I've had genital and anal warts for six months and the doctor I was using kept on giving me different medication that didn't work . I changed my doctor and he prescribed Aldara . Week one was a walk in the park , things started heating up on week 2 then I stopped using for a few days and I continued . I'm on week 4 now and I can see the difference. The pain gets too much at times but it's really saving my sex life . M 30 4 weeks
3X D
 2  HPV It caused me to breakout in a rash all over my body, I also found that I was tired a lot more than usual. I broke out in a full body rash after using this for my HPV. I've had warts for 4 years hoping they'd go away but they didn't. I've been using Aldara for 2 months now and I have seen no improvement. I'm going to go back to my gyno to see if I can switch treatments. I was also reading up on this medication and I see where it's used to treat skin cancers, I'm not sure how true it is but I'm really scared to continue using this. Will update if I get another treatment and also if it works. F 24 38 days
1 3X W
 1  Genital Warts - HPV See below I got prescribed Aldara by my local sexual health clinic to treat genital warts caused by HPV. I thought my warts were the end of the world, until I used this cream. The nurse said it would cause some redness around the area and that it may be a *little* bit sore. After applying the cream twice (as directed, only on the warts and every other night, washing it off in the morning) boy did I regret my life choices. My entire vagina swelled up the following day, and ulcer type sores appeared EVERYWHERE in that area. I couldnt move without being in excruciating pain, and every time I needed to pee, i almost passed out from the pain. I ended up in hospital, on a 7 day course of antibiotics - two tablets 4x daily, as well as dihydracodine to manage the pain. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CREAM - it should not be prescribed!!! After doing extensive reading online about Aldara, I quickly realised that so many people had been through the same as me. The warts eventually go away on their own, or there are other treatments such as freezing them off. Please please please stay away from this cream. F 21 2 days
30mg 2X W
 1  Skin cancer Infection. Open sores, med got into bloodstream. Dr. Did not monitor me. Now have Sjorgren syndrome. My dermatologist over prescribed Aldara. She was not educated in the serious side effects. F 68 2 months
5X W
 1  Bcc Flu like symptoms. Severe skin reaction. Thought I would lose my arm. Wish I had never used it F 60 6 weeks
Not sure 2X D
 5  GW The first week was extremely painful, but it only took that first week for my GW to clear up, Although I only had 4 around my rectum and they were rather small. But after that first week and the warts disappearing and some time to heal from that, there is no longer any pain/burning and only slight itching/irritation that is almost un noticeable majority of the time. It has been 2 months and no more have showed up Very pleased with the results of this cream, with how fast it removed them and have not had any new ones appear. It can be painful but I feel it is worth going through some pain to deal with something like this. M 20 2 months
1X D
 5  GW There was a lot of pain during the first week of using it, but 4-5 days in my GW's were COMPLETEY gone and have not recurred, and by week 2 there barely is any pain when applied, only mild itching and irritation every now and then Definitely recommended, the process can be painful but it has good results in the end 20 2 months
1X D
 5  Sw Good cream 30 4 weeks
5% 1X D
 3  GW Oozing sores, blisters, and discoloration of the skin. I used it very sparingly like the doctor recommended. Its been 2 months since I stopped the treatment and my skin is very discolored and is still flaking. I am putting on vitamin D oil to hopefully help with the scaring. Limiting my bathing so the skin underneath the flakes can heal. I would not reccomend this drug. The skin is bright red now and would be very alarming to any female I may encounter. I wish more people would talk to their partners about HPV if they know they have it. My ex gave it to me without telling me. Very sad that people are like this. M 23 3 months
 1  Genital warts I experienced itching during the first week of using this topical medication, which was not present before. I ignored it because my doctor did tell me there would be some irritation. By week 2, the itching was still there accompanied by soreness and now not even fully through week 3 and I have blisters and soreness everywhere that this cream possibly touched. Definitely would not be using this again. F 21 3 weeks
3X W
 2  Anal warts None (except nausea 2 times without being able to say if it was related to the treatment or not) although I put the cream on the whole anal area and not only on the warts themselves. No visible effect on the 14 warts, except that they seems to change of color being some days more red and other days more white. But still there :/ Eager to reach the end of the 3 months treatment to make more a final idea. M 38 2 weeks
3X W
 3  Genital Warts Burning, itching, sores, redness, blisters I was told to use Aldara 3 times a week. I have clusters of warts around both my anal and genital area so I was told by the doctor that it would take around 2 months to clear. So the first day of using this cream I didn't have any side effects. After the second application it felt a little uncomfortable. And after my third I've come out with one blister on my clitoris and sores around my genital area. It's the second week of using Aldara and I've decided to take a few days off as I don't want to irritate the skin even more. However, having said that, I can already see a difference in my warts, they are getting smaller and the ones around my anus are getting dry and flatter. There's still some time before my warts completely go but I'm not giving up. If your in pain even a little bit, don't use the cream as it will only make the area worse. Instead take a break from the cream and allow your skin to heal before using it again. My doctor said even if you take a week off the cream will still work as it boosts your immune system. But everyone is different! You may not experience any symptoms, and other will. And if your worried about anything whilst using the cream then go see your doctor :) I'll give you an update soon after two weeks as I'm taking a few days off the cream F 23 3 days
3X W
 4  GW Headache, flu like symptoms, really bad sores down there that scabbed and hurt every time I went the toilet I took this for 4 weeks until the pain got unbearable, I was unable to wee, I had blisters on both sides of my vulva which then filled with puss, I decided to take 3 weeks off to let my body fully heal - not sure if this was a good thing or not but I have just completed week 6, the scabs have returned but the trick is to put a minute amount on the cream and cover the rest of the area with vaseline - it works wonders and I think the scabs arent that bad the second time around because of this. I only had two warts however I got really paranoid about these so started the cream. Going in to week 7 they seem to have scabbed over and are healing. The pain that come with this is severe I'm not going to lie BUT I would much rather cope with this pain for 16 weeks than cope with the mental trauma that genital warts bring. For those starting out with this cream. Use a tiny amount on the wart, and be prepared for pain. F 30 6 weeks
 5  GW Ok so i was so worried about using this(imiquiod) because of all the bad reviews! Like sh!t scared. But i'm glad i did, worked amazingly! I only had one wart, and i had cryotherapy that did absolutely nothing. The dr prescribed the imiquiod and really didn't think i'd use it, because i'd read so many bad stories. Anyway i got very desperate as the freezing hadn't worked and warticon was out of stock. I only used the tiniest bit, literally the size of a water droplet, rubbed it into the skin, fanned it abit so it would dry and put aqeous cream on the surrounding areas. One box has three satchets(lasts three days) after one use i would throw the satchet away and use a new satchet each time. Instructed by my dr. I had no side effects at all, no burning, no aches, no nothing. Just a little tingle for the first 5 mins after i put it on. I used it once every other day, 4 times in total and its totally cleared up. I wanted to post this for anyone else who has gw and lost hope of anything working. Please give this a try but only use the tiniest bit( like a drop of water), rub in, let dry, put aqueous cream on surrounding areas as a protection barrier. Good luck x Would def recommend, but please read instructions and follow WORD FOR WORD F 32 4 days
 4  BCC No noticeable side affects as yet though I still have 7 more applications remaining. My treatment area is on the side of my face approx 3 sq cm. A scab formed after about 10 days. I am much younger than many of the uses on this site. Therefore I am curious if it due to my age/strength of my immune system. Have been applying 5 nights on, two nights off. Was surprised after 10 days that a secondary smaller lesion formed on the edge of my treatment area (my cheek). Resultantly I slightly increased the area of application (approx. 3 sq cm). Am very much looking forward to the treatments conclusion as a consequence of reading the reviews here. It definitely has increased my anxiety when going to sleep. Due to the scab forming on my face I have been very careful to keep the area clean with a gentle face wash. M 38 18 days

ALDARA  (IMIQUIMOD):  This medication is used to treat certain types of growths on the skin. These are precancerous growths (actinic keratoses), a certain type of skin cancer (superficial basal cell carcinoma), and warts on the outside of the genitals/anus. Treating these conditions can decrease complications from them. Imiquimod belongs to a group of drugs called immune response modifiers. It is believed to work by helping to activate your immune system to fight these abnormal skin growths. This product is not recommended for use on children under 12 years of age unless specifically directed by your doctor.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)