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 1  Allergic rash on arms I took Claritin Reditabs for general allergies and allergic arm rash. Little did I know it was the Claritin causing the rash!!! I'm stoping this medication immediately. I'm unsure if I'm allergic to Loratidine or one of the ingredients in the Reditab version of this medication. F 56 2 months
10 mg 1X D
 5  For vertigo Hard to tell. It gets rid of my vertigo but I noticed I get headaches and have had rapid heart rate with no explanation. This was recommended for Benign positional vertigo by my ear nose and throat Dr. F 22 5 years
10mg 1X D
 3  Allergies I can't tell if I experienced any side effects, as I have multiple conditions & take several different medications. Reditabs stop sneezing, runny nose & watery eyes, as advertised, but my allergies cause fatigue & body aches, and white these are helped by taking the pill form of Claritin, reditabs don't address this. F 51 4 days
10 mg
 1  Allergies Insomnia, tired, anxiety,dried mouth,terrible headache. Not taking this again.not recommended. F 1 days
 5  Hives None! I love Claritin! I get hives when I have a fever or if I am warm (in Texas that's a lot). I have tried ALL allergy drugs and nothing worked as well as Claritin. I take it as needed, like if I will be at the beach or even when I am bundled up in the winter. Takes care of the hives in about an hour. Only side effect I have ever noticed is hangovers are little worse. But that's behind me. ;) Love it. F 42 5 years
10mg 1X AN
 1  Sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes Very, very tired and cold. Still had the runny nose. My eyes would burn at times. Insomnia. Only lasted a few hours and not 12. Wouldn't take it again!! F 19 1 days
 2  allergies headaches and very tired. Anxiety I will not continue to take this drug. I can hardly function, I just want to sleep M 40 2 days
1 reditab 1X D
 1  allergies severe migraine like headaches.. including light and sound sensitivity If you are taking this medicine to clear up your allergies, keep an eye out on it because it caused severe migraine like headaches for me. I will never take this again! 27 6 days
10mg 1X D
 5  allergies none very effective. convenient to take without water. no issues whatever. F 45
1X D
 2  seasonal allergies They do nothing for my allergies and make my face and jaw hurt. I wanted to try them for a week and see what happened, but will be throwing them away. Kind of cool pill form…wish more would do that as they are nice to keep in the car. M 27 7 days
5mg 1X D
 1  seasonal allergies ears stuffed; "out of it" feeling; tired; alternating sweating/chills Have only taken two days: yesterday @ 2pm and today @ 11am. After reading on this site, I am already sorry I took today's dose and hour and a half ago as my ears feel stuffed almost shut and I feel zombie like. NOT good for anyone having to drive or work a demanding job. I'm drinking a lot of water hoping to get this out of my system sooner. Of note, I take NO OTHER meds, and haven't for years, I exercise daily in a gym and usually feel very healthy. Sorry I started this drug and won't continue. F 59 2 days
 2  Seasonal Allergies Cannot sleep despite being exhausted all day. Easily aggrivated, and find it difficult to concentrate. The first day, it hardly worked at all. After the first day my allergies seemed to be almost completely gone. I'm not sure what I'd rather deal with, my horrible allergies, constant sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes or the side effects of the drug. Either way I cannot get any work done and am miserable. M 23 4 days
 4  Seasonal Allergies Very drowsy during the day, anxious at night, insomnia, hot flashes Actually taking Alavert version, but it's the same active ingredient. For the last few years, I've had no trouble at all. This season, though, it just hasn't been helping that much. With the side-effects keeping me up at night, I'm taking benadryl to sleep! I think I'll just stick with that and keep on being tired during the day. I was ready to blame my bc for the anxiety and hot flashes before reading these! F 25 4 years
 1  allergies anxiety, itchy eyes, dizziness, apathy, shakiness, depression Absolutely terrible side effects. It took me so long to realize that claritin was the problem. Shouldn't be allowed. M 20 4 weeks
 1  allergies monster head aches, dried out mucus membranes... yuck F 48 4 weeks
 2  Allergy symptoms-sniffles,sneezing Dizziness, symptoms came back after a couple of hours I was expecting better resutls, I started getting headaches which added to the dizziness, did not make me feel any better F 29 3 days
 2  sneezing insomnia side effects are prohibitive M 64 3 weeks
 1  allergies Edgy, obsessive, slightly paranoid. Required little sleep. Very sad sometimes. Not significantly different than other psuedophredrine type medications. The effects were more subtle and built up over time. I was only taking half a pill a day. M 40 4 weeks
 1  Allergies/drainage My son had hyperactivity, extremely aggressive behavior, sleeping problems. My pediatrician recommended this medicine for my 3 year old son. The doctor didn't seem to have a problem giving my son the 10mg dose but children his age shouldn't take an adult dose. My son had a terrible experience with this. He threw things at us, hit, kicked and slapped us. He was Dr. Jeckyl, Mr. Hyde with this crap. Would never give to a child again. We were at the point we were going to get him "evaluated" when we realized that the Claritin was the problem. Thank God we did, he's a different child now. M 3 10 days
 2  allergy symptoms homicidal tendancies, unable to sleep, bedwetting, lack of interest in the opposite sex, made me want to spend all my time in the kitchen making aioli. I stopped sneezing F 23 3 days