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 Type: Brand name discontinued; available as generic

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 1  PCOS I experiences no symptoms for the first three days which was good because Marvelon caused extreme stomach burning on day one. By day 4 of Alesse, I had pangs of pain on my sides (potentially kidneys or adrenal glands). Today (day 5) and yesterday I have been feeling depressed. Yesterday was more manageable but today was suicidal feelings and extreme unhappiness. I have been crying for the past 2 days. I have had depression twice in the past but have been depression free for 3 years. Sleep, exercising, eating healthy and stress management is how I have managed it, but since Alesse nothing I do makes a lasting difference. F 26 5 days
20 mcg e 1X D
 5  Contraception Extreme bloating-stomach looked tripled by the end of the day. Zero sex drive and extreme hungry 24/7. This medication is the DEVIL! F 29 3 months
1X D
 1  Severe cramps Severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, acne worse, constant crying. After 14 days of taking this pill, I had to stop, it is the devils drug, I have never been a depressed person but I was suicidal and felt hopeless. Please don't take this drug! F 16 14 days
1X D
 2  Birth Control / PCOS Seemed fine the first month, but now that I am almost on the 3rd month the depression is out of control. I can't handle anything. Every little thing upsets me and sends me crying. I can't be like this. I have 3 children to take care of and remote learning to deal with still. There have been a lot of stressful circumstances, and I'm about to just have a complete break down. I almost smashed my son's chromebook, because I can no longer even take the demands placed on these poor kindergartners! I am currently fighting the urge at this moment. As I sat at the table sobbing about needing to be committed this morning, it was my husband who said maybe I needed to get off the pills! He said after 14 years together, he could tell when there was a hormone issue in me and not something else. F 34 60 days
1X D
 1  pregnancy prevention and feminine l cystic acne, suicidal thoughts , hair growth on chin every 3 weeks unknown bumps on chin and brown spots. I now I'm left with brown spots and acne scars for the rest of live. I don't care - if I get pregnant anymore this pill has destroyed my life . Ladies its your body, don't let the G.p brain wash you and dismiss your symptoms. I've been dismiss for 5 years. 22 5 years
50 1X M
 1  Birth control and period regulation Depression, anxiety, significant weight gain, irritability I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety about a year and a half ago. I've been on citalopram since. I started alesse in February, I've gain about 25 pounds since and about a month ago I started having the worse mood swings. My anxiety skyrocketed, I was always sad and I would be irritated by the most insignificant things. Just last weekend I got EXTREMELY mad because someone proposed they showered first even though I said I was going. F 27 5 months
1X D
 1  Regulate period First 2 weeks was the sorest breasts Ive get in my life, third week I started with horrible migraines which Id never experienced in my life ! Just finished second pack and headaches with higher blood pressure have started! Quite emotional at times No weight gain or acne problems ! Cannot handle the anxiety of the headaches with high blood pressure so Im done taking them! F 40 2 months
20 mg
 5  Perimenopause Weight gain stopped appetite did increase but bowl function returned like I was 25 again. Eye sight depth perseption returned I didn't notice it had left (perimenopause is wicked evil reeks havoc on us women and male drs want to treat symptoms not the Hormone imbalance) sex drive returned. Breast became fuller again instead of what they were starting to look like pancakes after 3 children five miscarriages. Natural oils returned to skin face wrinkles decreased eyeliner went on seamlessly no drags. Feeling happier yes and sex drive returned. If this is what hormone replacement therapy is im all for it. I'm on brand name alesse it is the fountain of youth and if I ever hsveto undergo a hysterectomy then I'm going to insist on Premarin also HRT. I'm not getting old haggard ashy and gray wrinkled with pancake boobs without a fight. I don't smoke and this is an amazing OC as well. Insist on brand name F 44 14 days
 5  Extreme Cramps I felt a bit nausea at first but it make most of my pain go away. So far it's really lightened my period F 16 1 months
30 MG
 1  Birth control Horrible breakthrough bleeding. Not just spotting but full on clots for all but one week of the month. Made me absolutely insane. Horrible crying, moody up and down depressive states. Tried to see if it would get better after three months. Nope so going to the doctors to switch it. F 28 4 months
 1  Contraception Side effects for me are horrendous. I am extremely nauseous after taking the pill and lasts throughout the day. Vomiting at times, mainly after eating. Very tired, I can sleep for hours on end. No sex drive. This pill is horrible and not taking it anymore. F 34 1 months
 3  Birth Control Chronic exhaustion, decreased sex drive, recurring headaches, EXTREMELY intensified emotions and bloating. I've only began to experience side effects recently - probably within the last 6 months. This pill was very effective at preventing pregnancy, reduced my period to only 4-5 days instead of 7, lessened my flow, and didn't cause any weight gain or acne but all of the side effects began to really impact my relationship and me. Just wasn't worth it :( F 21 2 years
 2  Contraceptives.stabilize hormones Uneven skin Extreme moodiness Have my period too early as expected F 38 10 days
 5  Skin acne, and bith control I was already feeling depressed, doctor said it might neutralize my emotions or make it worse but I need it for 3 months as assessment to know. I'm moody, depressed, I cry a lot, feeling anxious about future more, not motivated, no appetite, barely can taste food,don't feel hungry, my skin terrible more acne. Two and half months so far, terrible bleeding 3 times month and my regular cycle is 4 days,now is 7 days, awful pill F 32 2 months
 1  Regulate period Caused two yeast infections within the first month, tenderness of breasts, irritation and loss of energy, spotting F 16 1 months
 1  Regulate period Caused two yeast infections within the first month, tenderness of breasts, irritation and loss of energy, spotting F 16 1 months
 1  Birth control Emotional, sad/depressed, irritable, cramping (while not on period) The first 3 months of this pill wasn't too bad. I bled a little through the first 2 weeks of taking it. After the 4th month my partner had to talk to me about how emotional and irritable I was. I didn't notice how bad I was getting until he told me. I became a very angry, depressed and all around horrible person which is very unlike me. Completely stopping this pill. Not worth the stress in my relationship. F 20 6 months
 2  Birth control; Acne At first I didn't connect the dots, but for the past 2 months that I've been taking this pill it's been making me very easily irritated, emotional, out of control and it's starting to affect my life. I am not of I should wait it out. Other than that, acne has cleared up and I have no cramping. F 26 2 months
 2  pregnancy prevention.. Depressed feelings, sad, emotional, not myself, feeling just plain weird!!! I can relate to many of these posts after day 6 of taking this pill. Alesse 28. Yesterday day 5 I asked my boss to Leave because I "felt sad, and hungry" LoL it was out of character for me to say this or feel this way... The next day I felt even worse I had random crying spells and just felt like life was no longer exciting. I was depressed and just not interested. Oh and the migraines I had! Oh and decreased want of sex... Yeah. Fun! Allll this just to prevent pregnancy! I'm considering stopping after readi g these posts F 26 1 days
 2  Contraception emotional, extreme leg pains for at least the first month and then on and off for second month so far. Headaches, vision problems (I am prone to migraines so those two usually go hand in hand for me), frequent fatigue, out of breath doing regular every day things. I know you're supposed to give new pills 3 months but honestly, it's not even worth it to me. At this point I feel so unhealthy and not myself I wasn't like this when I was on tricyclin lo. Would not recommend. I just finished my second pack, won't be continuing F 23 2 months