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 5  Bipolar,insomnia,anxiety drowsiness, dry mouth, agitation This drug is great. It relaxes both my body and mind. I barely gained any weight it and it has completely turned my life around. I have made so many gains since I started taking seroquel. I have a great job and I'm doing better at university, and I am an overall happier person. 2 years

 5  Bi-Polar II / Anxiety Only on 75mg/day - feel bloated, gained a few pounds, but I think the weight gain has Plateaued. Felt my metabolism shift into low-gear when I first started taking it. Been on it for about a month, if I gain anymore, I will cut back even more than the 100mg/day the doctor initially prescribed. More diet and excercise will be the rule for the time being - we'll see I can't say how much this medication has brought me back down to earth. I'm also on 100mg Lamicatal. Lamictal took me out of depression - but also took me too high. (especially with coffee...turned me into the great corn-holio). Seroqel "quelled" the racing thoughts and gave me a good nights sleep. Why does there always have to be a trade-off with medications? You either do well physically without, but suffer mentally - or you take the meds, feel well menatally, but pudge out! If these med-researchers ever figure out the metabolism/weight gain/endocrine problems, they would hit the jack-pot!!! GET IT RIGHT DOCS...but still...Seroquel is a mental life saver for me. M 30 days

 5  bi-polar/anxiety/sleep disorder drowsiness, dizziness i have used several anti-psychotics including abilify,geoden, and zyprexa---I have the least side effects with seroquel and is an effective medication in assisting with sleep and prevention of psychosis 6 months

 5  Insomnia None except sleepiness (which was the whole point) I used to take Ambien for insomnia, but I found myself the next morning having no memory of what I'd done the night before (made dinner plans, had sex with my fiance, etc.) Seroquel is much gentler--it just makes me feel tired, like I should. Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night, though. F 8 months

 4  chronic insomnia, manic depression was the only medication that helped me sleep, gained about 25 lbs which is very good in my case... I'm about 155lbs now.Chronic ringing and hissing in the ears, blurry vision. I believe i was the first one to overdose on Seroquel in summer 2002, i took 9000 mg one night, 3 hours later i went into a deep sleep and 15 hours later i woke up in the hospital ICU and here i am, i survived it and glad i did because no matter what every day above ground is a good day. M 3 years
 4  unable to sleep at night Have had some weight gain, and notice that I am more hungry and wanting to snack during the day. Have had charley horses in my feet at night, but am unsure if it is caused by Seroquel, and will monitor them. By taking Seroquel 25 mg. at bedtime, I have noticed that I am now sleeping between 6-8 hours per night and was unable to do that before. With my anxiety condition and problems with arthritis, I was a mess during the day without taking the Seroquel cause I was always tired from lack of sleep. My doctor and I agreed that not sleeping during the night was causing much stress on my joints and that's why we decided on the Seroquel. When I was taking Ambien for sleep, it wasn't working near as well, and that's why I was changed to Seroquel. It's nice to be able to actually get a full nights sleep for a change. My joints feel much better after a full nights sleep. F 2 weeks
 4  insomnia from panic disorder Daytime lazyness, hunger before it put me to sleep. Ok, Im not a doctor, so IM not prescribing YOU on how much to take, but I have never needed more then 12.5 millagrams of this to be put to sleep. This is when I had absolutely no chance of falling asleep on my own, and was in withdrawals from something else on TOP of that. I HIGHLT doubt any of you need these high doses. When this is prescribed just for sleep, I am doubtfull high doses are needed. If you are on this for something besides sleep, then I dont know what you should be on. But, like I said, if you are being given this just for sleep I HIGHLY doubt you should be on 50 milligrams like some guy above said. Once again, I have never needed more then 12.5 which is half of a 25 milligram tablet, to be put to sleep for 7-10 hours. If you are taking a high amount it could be screweing up your sleep, and making you feel weird, and tired the next day. This is a med I believe you should not overdo for sleep. I would just try to take as much as it takes, try some doses, and see what M 3 months

 4  Depression, anxiety Its only been a week but RLS and memory loss are apparent. Im on 100mg as of right now. I like it minus the RLS which counteracts the sedative properties that seroquel is supposed to give me. Perhaps it will go away in due time. M 7 days

 4  for antipsychotic preventive effect sleep Main positive effect as sleep medication. Found time release very slow for this. Found low dose of tablet chewed very effective sleep aid. Low dose of 50 mg or higher. Wonder if general or family practice physician can prescibe this for sleep or other reasons? M 1 years

 4  lamictal drug induced psychosis rapid heart beat, sedation lamictal gave me a psychosis, that means drug induced psychosis, what helped so far is abilify and seroquel. i am currently taking 100 mg twice a day for this condition, i will talk with my doc to increase to 200 mg, it has helped me but it has side effects M 14 days

 4  Anxiety, depression Lethargy, restless legs Ive recently cut my dose of seroquel down to 25mg from 50mg, and we cut my Remeron in half from 60mg to 30mg. It had to be done because i simply could not function on the higher doses. Would sleep for 10-12 hrs and still have a really hard time getting out of bed and leaving my house. So far so good on the smaller doses. M

 4  BiPolor Disorder, Insomina, Anxiety WEIGHT GAIN it seems is one of the biggest problems with this drug. I have also gained about 30 pounds after taking the drug for about 6 months now. I sometimes have trouble remembering certain things (Short Term Memory Loss only) but thats about it, for now anyway:) Even with the side effects I think this medication works for me, I take 50mg during the day 25mg in the morning and 25 in the afternoon then I take 100mg at night so I can sleep like a normal person does. M 6 days

 4  Bipolar II, Borderline Personality trouble concentrating and staying on task, groggy upon waking (doesn't matter if I sleep 2 or 12 hours), slight heat sensation in forehead, sometimes it is hard to form sentences and certain words for about 4 hours after waking, definite memory loss Unless you are willing to donate enough time to work through the side effects and create a plan that will allow you to deal with them positively, stay away from this drug. As a college student this has been quite a challenge. However, at the expense of my grades, I finally feel stable due to this drug. I am also taking Lamictal (150mg) and the combination of the two really help to control my anxiety, depression, and keep episodes from occuring often. F 5 months

 3  Bipolar 1 It relieved the teeth clenching and tight neck muscles that I've had, mainly from Lexapro, for several years. Dry mouth (in addition to dry mouth that I already had from Lamictal). I'm just starting Seroquel, some of the side effects might go away. I do feel a little stoned an hour or two after taking 200 mgs or more. Then of course there's the sleep-inducing effects, which I find excellent at bedtime. Hasn't been a problem during the day at all. I think I'm more awake and productive during the day now than before. I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder (nonspecific hypersomnia) years ago. I've got my fingers crossed, hoping that Seroquel might be the perfect marachino cherry atop my cocktail of Lithium (20 years), Lamictal, Wellbutrin XL and Lexapro. M 14 days

 3  bipolar disorder


 3  Bipolar/Manic-Depressive(Mixed Stat OK on the goodside i feel calm and relaxed (a feeling I am not used to) but on the bad side I have gained 70lbs. It does not help my sleeplessness (I still get up 3-5 times a night) and I sleep eat. I have uncontrollable movements of my legs/arms and sometimes very alarming time swallowing(scary, i mean scary) My Dosage is 600mg at bedtime. I also take 900mg of lithium, 40mg of Inderal, 100mg of ultram, 400mg Ibuprophen, and 81mg of Aspirin all at bedtime (I still take some of these others + Nexium in the morning) M 8 months


 3  axiety

 3  Bipolar Disorder, Insomnia Sedation, limb twitches, body temperature dysregulation Worked well to prevent mania and help me sleep. Eventually lost it's sedative effect. 1.5 years
400mg 1X D

 3   1 days



 1  PTSD War Veteran Weight Gain, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Type11 Diabetes, Glaucoma I'm putting this here as a warning. I've gained over 100lbs and now have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and trouble seeing. My life as I knew it is over and now I'm on a road to death. My married life is no life, the happeness I once knew is over. I'm setting here crying thinking about the life I once had, Its a life no one understands. Please find another way and don't let this drug seroquel take your life and happeness, the world around you is a dream. I'm not the man I use to be, I've been on this drug for 5 years at 600 Mg. now and it controls my life, I tried getting off of the drug and the withdraw is painfull. This drug seroquel is in control and is fighting me very hard and won't let me get off. M 5 years
 1  Bi Polar Disorder I am currently taking 400mg at night and have been for 4 years. I have lost a lot of my hair.gained about 40lbs around the stomach and suffer from daytime exhaustion even after sleeping for 15 hours. I also suffer from blocked nose at night and wake in panic when I can't breath. I have no libido at all.Since reading many of the comments on the site and seeing how similar they are to mine I have decided to wean myself off of this drug. I have not had a manic episode in 4 years but attribute this more to the lithium than the seroquel This is a serious drug and Doctors should give more information of the side effects before dispensing. F 4 years
 1  sleep problems due to cronic pain Extreme sleepiness during the day, felling tired always, hunger comes from felling tired, therefore, you want food to give you more energy. Just felt generally awful. A very nasty drug. I would not recommend it to anyone. F 6 months



 1  depression major im getting high sugar my mom has diabetes type 2 F 13 years
50mg at ni 1X D

 1  minor sleep disturbances Severe pain in my chest, thoughts of suicide, wanted to kill myself, extremely depressed, extremely tired, memory problems, basically impossible to function. I now know Seroquel is not FDA-approved as a sleep aid but that's what my doctor, Dr. Andrew Sarka, gave me it. It made me really tired, but the other horrible side effects were not worth it. I came really close to killing myself.

 1  Dr. said Severe depression, thoughts of suicide F

 1   depression, chest pain, profuse sweating, felt like a zomby



 1  bi-polar My mom is taking this. Way way too much for her. But she was going fine on abilidy. But medicaid or medicare would not take care of it. SOOOOOOOooo her comes seraquil. Awful stuff my mom has changed meds since moving to another state. new doc. new meds. i hate it.

 1  insomnia suicidal, memory difficulties. F

 1  sleep Suicidal ideation, extreme fatigue, became depressed, and gained more than 50lbs. How is a drug like this even on the market? Losing 50lbs is going to be really hard. I wish I had never taken it.

 1   Massive weight gain, heart palpitations, chest pain, out of it feeling nonstop, killed sex drive. M

 1  Depression, anxiety Sleeplessness and EXTREME anxiety I was put on Seroquel after a death in my family. I had been on Paxil for years and I absolutely loved that drug, but it started to give me anxiety attacks and I weened off. I tried a whole mess of medications afterwards, but Seroquel is the one that caused me the most dissatisfaction. I was up all night for days.. my heart was racing and my anxiety was 10x what it usually is. It is amazing for me to read that so many people got sleepy with this medication because it has the opposite effect on me. I guess it is true that brain chemistry and the drugs it responds varies drastically. F 14 days


 3  BPD major munchies, no energy. Promotion of cholesterol in the 900 range. Major diet changes and fish oil This reflects my son's effects through my eyes. Does have a major calming effect. Major weight gain over the past 2 years. He takes 300mg 3xs p/d, would appreciate any advice for weight and cholesterol reduction M 11 2 years
 1  bi-polar Weight gain. We thought Seroquel was working a little for our daughter (now 11, she started at 9). But when it seemed to be working less well, the dosage would be increased. Finally, after maxing out on the dosage, we came to the realization that this drug was a disaster. We think all it was doing was making her tired. So the combination of the rage of bipolar disorder and tiredness was making her even worse. We dropped it and tried Risperdal, which was her wonder drug. Without Risperdal she was heading toward institutionalization. F 11 18 months

 1  my 13 year old son has been taking nausea.headache M 13 8 months
 3  Insomnia Great weight gain. I just keep on gaining weight. But it helps me sleep, except I hate feeling tired all day long. It's helped me sleep. F 14 5 days
 3  to sleep at night weight gain sleepyness i was on higher doses like 600 twice a day and it made me like a zombie. F 14 2 years
300mg 1X D
 2  panic attacks weight gain dizzyness ive been taking seroquel for about 1 year and its made me very tired i can hardly do anything i take 25mg at night befor i go to bed and it helps me in the moring for school but now i am getting off of it becuase it caused me to gain weight and i have issues with weight all ready and i rather just take tylonal pm and go to sleep then take this and gain weight F 14 1 days

 2  panic attacks/school avobea weight gain 20lbs used to be 80lbs now im 100lbs within less then 1 year dizzyness/very sleepy ive been taking seroquel for about 1 year and its made me very tired i can hardly do anything i take 25mg at night befor i go to bed and it helps me in the moring for school but now i am getting off of it becuase it caused me to gain weight and i have issues with weight all ready and i rather just take tylonal pm and go to sleep then take this and gain weight F 14 1 days
 2  sleep/manic depression I felt like a zombie. I was extremely tired all day, had a terrible time waking up in the morning. Hypomania made me say and do embarrassing things... like leaping onto chairs and beds in the hospital dancing and giggling like an idiot. I said embarrassing things I had to apologize for later. I'd fall asleep right away when I was on it, which was nice. It takes me forever to fall asleep, usually. However the sleep wasn't restful, even though I'd sleep all night. Started taking it in the psych hospital, so I only spent five (miserable) days on it. F 14 5 days
 1  Bi Polar with pyschotic episodes Weight gain, Emotional, feel high this post is for my son he is 14 years old and recently put on 700 mg of seroquel no gradual climb just here you go take this - his personality and character is numbed as soon as he takes the pills and waking him in the mornings are very hard it has only been a few weeks and he still hears voices that he said seem to be very mad at him I hope this will get better with time M 14 3 weeks
 1  anxiety/depresion I have had too many side effects to remember. The worst ones are the extreme drowsiness and muscle twitches. I occasionally developed headaches but they were quick to get over. I slept better but it doesnt make a difference when you cant wake up. Its horrible and i hope it didnt cause any permanent damage. M 14 4 times

 3  schizophrenia weight gain, sleepiness im less anxious and i no longer have any night-time fears. I can sleep all night without being woken up by an disturbances! F 15 7 days

 3  sleeping disorder/anxiety mild "hangover" feeling in the morning I take 50mg before bed to help me calm down and get to sleep. It does work fairly quickly, but sometimes I had trouble staying asleep, and it did nothing to change my vivid dreams. It usually takes several hours after I wake up to shake off the hangover feeling. F 15 2 months

 2  Depression; Psychotic I was very tired all the time when I took this, and I ended up sleeping very long hours. People with asthma: do NOT take this medicine. I have asthma, and by the third day I felt like I was going to die because my breathing was so heavy and whenever I heard a sound my heart would hurt so much, and everything around me was closing in like I was going blind. I needed my inhaler with me all the time. Also, in the morning I could feel my heart in my ears, and there was a slight buzzing sound coming off from the back of my head. The weight gain has been horrible--I gained fifteen pounds from it, and I am still trying to shed it all off. It helped, yes--but the side effects were not only horrifying, but I had a risk of dying. I will never, and people with asthma should never, ever take this medicine. F 15 3 months

 2  ADHD/ anxiety acute Bipolar well first i started to take seroquel and i loved it all my sleeping problems went away. until this pattern formed, right before id go to sleep and it would be all quiet i began to hear things and see things and i would have rapid nightmares. last week i woke up screaming god no's why? and because i had these thoughts i became paranoyed to sleep. the dellusions came and they would go away... but ive gained weight and i just want to tell people what happended. great for insomnia. but not for me.... go see help if u have these side effects that happen to you.. M 15 6 months

 2  anxiety, sleep Hallucinations - sounds and visuals, very zombie like, nausea M 15 1 days
200 MG

 1  Major Depressive Disorder Dizziness,difficulty breathing,memory loss,chills,uncontrolled muscle movements,vision changes,and paranoia. Would never recommend it to anyone else!This drug is very addictive and can cause some major problems to the body and mental health.Heavy sleepiness and also major memory loss.Mood changes depending on how much you take or feel about the meds.Also its so strong I cant even feel emotions at times. F 15 9 years
350 2X D
 1  Mood Stablization Laziness, Fatique, Sleepiness, Non-active, Increased Appetite, Loss of Awareness. First of all, Seroquel DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Second of all, it's giving me the side effects I mentioned. This medication has turned me into a vegetable. I wasn't as happy as I used to be. I usually refused to participate in many things. M 15 2 weeks

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