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 1  Urinary infection Horrible tendon pain-in elbows.couldn't sleep.Burning in hands and joints all over body. This lessened after 8 months. This was before the black box warning and i saw several specialists who had no idea what was wrong. F 64 5 days
250 mg 2X D
 1  Sinus infection I started levaquin yesterday by taking 1 pill of 500mg once daily. I have taken a total of 2 pills. 1 yesterday and 1 today. The first night of taking levaquin I could not sleep. I thought it was strange that I went to bed at 10p.m. and woke up at 2a.m. I could NOT sleep a wink not matter what I did. I spent most of the day today sobbing about absolutely everything and felt like I was seconds away from a full blown panic attack. My heart was pounding, I was suffering from crippling anxiety and I literally felt like I was drowning in despair. I took my second dose of levaquin this afternoon and my emotional symptoms got so much worse. This evening I have been dry heaving, shaking, crying, and suffering for the worst anxiety. I am still unable to sleep or find rest at all. My stomach is in knots along with my mind. If you have the slightest bit of depression or anxiety literally RUN AWAY from this medication. It has amplified my minimal anxiety to the point I feel like I am suffocating. RUN AWAY FROM THIS MEDICATION F 28 2 days
 1  Sinus infection Having fibromyalgia, I should never have started this drug to begin with. Burning skin, intense nerve and shooting pain all over. Side effects of drug worse than infection. Called doctor and got new prescription. Will not use this drug ever again. F 58 0 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Sinus infection Every time I took this medication my fever spiked to 104. Constant sweats, burning skin, shooting nerve pain all over. Sent firomyalgia symptoms into hyper drive. Insomnia and loss of appetite. Do not use this drug. I will never use it again I had my prescription changed to something else. F 58 5 days
500 1X D
 1  Diverticulitis Nerve and tendon pain, vision changes, sense of smell changes, joint pain, joints popping and cracking, insomnia, depression. Had turned down Cipro for previous bouts of diverticulitis after reading the black box warning. Made an ER visit for a bad bout and was given Levoquin via IV. I didn't know there were a number of fluoroquinilones with the SAME BLACK BOX warning. Doctors should not be prescribing these drugs short of no other options just like the black box says. My doctors don't understand how serious the adverse affects are and THERE IS NO TREATMENT. 3 months out symptoms still ongoing. M 69 1 days
1X D
 1  UTI On the morning of August 11, I took one pill 250 mg Levaquin for my UTI prescribed by the family doctor ,I suddenly fell heavy headache , dizzy and hard to breath and find it hard to walk , my feet so heavy and almost pass out . Finally call 911 and stay at ICU for 17 hours , almost died . Now come out of hospital still struggling with serious effect . And go to see different doctors and various ultrasound and Ct test . And shows some heart problems . And my life will never be the same as before , this medicine totally destroys my physical and mental healths It is a poison rather than a medicine , no one should take it . F 51 1 days
250mg 1X D
 1  Testicular pain Insomnia, anxiety, tingling / burning sensation, incoherent thinking, hot / cold flashes, blurred vision. SAVE YOURSELF DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST. Stupid doctor prescribed me this for a (suspected, unconfirmed) testicle infection. Didn't warn me about anything. I never heard of this antibiotic before but was trusting of the doc. After a SINGLE pill the reaction was so strong I decided to stop taking it. What horror! I wish I never took it. I may have irreversibly damaged my nerves. It's been a week and the symptoms persist... 30 1 days
500 1X D
 1  Sinus infection Ugly drug, tendon and joint issues, pain in hands, fingers, nerve pain developed in one of the fingers. Feels like being stabbed. Some numbness that comes and goes. Feet hurt on the bottom. It's been exactly three years since being floxed and in some ways not any better than when it happened. Now my elbows hurts when I bend my arm...stiffness. Think it could have caused tinnitus but I had that some before I was floxed. Took two 7 day rounds July 2018 and (can't remember if 1 or 2 times a day) September 2018. Not worth the risk. Only should be given in severely sick and near death patients as last resort but better yet taken off the market. Do not take for minor infections. Ask for something else. Terrible drug. All drugs with flox or Cipro in the name or quin need to be researched before attempting use. F 46 7 days
1X D
 1  Suspected kidney stones Psychosis, seeing things that were not there, hearing voices , electrical feeling in body, body tremors, heart palpitations, cdiff, loss of appetite for 2 months, PANIC ATTACKS. I went to an urgent care and was given levaquin for a suspected kidney stone. I was misdiagnosed but didn't know it. Was sent home with these and immediately an hour after taking the first pill I felt electrical shocks throughout my body. Not knowing that wasn't a good thing, I took the next one the next day and hours later felt a popping sensation at the back of my head/neck followed by a huge and first ever panic attack. Soon followed the loss of appetite, psychosis and hearing voices seeing things. NO doctor believed me. I lost friends in the medical field when speaking out about this. It took months to heal. If anyone reads this...and you're going through something similar. Immediately take liquid mag and probiotics (a strong one) these antibiotics deplete everything in your system, ruins muscles, tendons, and causes nerve damage. Why is this on the market!? And why are doctors giving it out like candy I almost lost my job and even though I've healed i now have problems I never had before, causing me to go broke trying to cure newer ailments. There are better antibiotics than this drug. Use this drug if the benefit outweighs the risk or as a last resort. Me? Id die before taking this ever again. F 36 2 days
150mg 1X D
 1  Diverticulitis Dark urine, stomach pain, neck/shoulder pain, insomnia, ear ringing. I can't take Cipro, why was this even prescribed for me? I am not sure this should even be available. I am not sure what to do, as this rural community doesn't have nurses or doctors you can call about this, I have to wait for a call back by end of next business day. Unless it is bad enough to go to E.R. F 73 4 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Sochi Russia Woke up with an extremely stiff neck, thought I had been spending to much time looking at my computer, never thought it was the medication, after a couple more days I could hardly walk the pain in my ankles was so bad, I was taking 500mg twice a day, I did some research on the computer and found the problem, as you can imagine I instantly stopped taking the medication, couldn't understand why the Doctor never mentioned possible side effects of this DRUG, now I can only wait and see if things slowly improve over time, as for now I'm basically a cripple, I can't understand how this product ever made it to market, Big Pharma must have paid off the FDA M 65 5 days
500mg 2X D
 1  Pneumonia I took this drug for pneumonia 10 years ago. I now have permanently weak & damaged tendons that cause me daily pain. Even very mild exercise causes my tendons to pop, tear & then take months to heal. My tendons seem like dried up rubber bands that have little elasticity left in them. I went from a fit, healthy woman, to one who now has daily pain, stiffness, back, hip & neck problems. I now fear exercise because of the injuries it usually causes. I've yet to meet a doctor that understands or believes the problems that hundreds of people like myself have incurred from this dangerous drug. I am generally an optimistic person, but this drug has stolen a great deal of my joy & my faith in doctors. I will never again allow myself nor any of my family members to be given this dangerous & life altering drug. I learned the hard way to always make doctors clearly explain any and all medication side effects. I would never recommend this drug to anyone. F 51 2 weeks
1X D
 1  Bronchitis Severe pain in my right hand woke up with a swollen felt like I punched a brick wall after that two days later severe pain in my left shoulder in my tricep and bicep following that pain in my lower left hip. Week later felt it pain in my right shoulder and in the muscle bicep tricep tendons in my knees and ankles and in my right wrist. This is a crippling drug I have nerve damage severe pain in the muscle tissue in my arms weakness in my arms hurts to walk because of the pain in my knee joints severe pain in left side of my collarbone . Pain in my ligaments and tendons in my left arm and right hand it hurts to mack a fist. I get pains in the right side of my head 😔 This is a very dangerous drug and should be taking off the market. turns out I'm allergic to it and have mostly all the side effects including some memory loss that I can't remember certain words that I know and it's very frustrating when you can't remember something that you know. Very hard to focus I find lost of interest in things that I know that I'm interested in. This drug should be removed from the market and never to be used by anyone. I just want the pain to stop they say it could take weeks/months before I start to feel better. Also says can cause more damage in irreversible damage several months after taking the medication I had a 10-day supply once a day I was eight days in I noticed pain in my right hand the second day after taking the medicine didn't know it was caused from the medication when I spoke to my doctor a week later told her my symptoms she looked it up and seen that it was having a allergic reaction and told me to stop taking the medication right away I was already eight days in damages is done. F 61 10 days
500 mg tab 1X D
 1  Infection This drug is the worst thing I've ever experienced. After taking this antibiotic, I've have had blurred vision, a feeling of tendons being ripped out of my back, anxiety, needle pain throughout my body, and also believe that it brought on symptoms of a heart attack which landed me in the hospital. It is extremely frustrating because every doctor I speak with tells me the medication should be out of my system and this is not a result of that. Although I am still having all of these side effects. At this point I am ready to sue the people which produced this awful medication and has affected my life so significantly. M 28 4 days
500 MG 1X D
 4  For a urinary tract infection Took for 3 days. In the following morning I started to feel very warm, and then I passed out for a short time. After I slept for a few hours and ate breakfast seemed Felt okay. Fortunately I didn't get hurt. F 80 3 days
500mg 1X D
 1  Testicular Pain/STD Sudden onset of anxiety and fear, insomnia every day for months, heart palpitations while laying down, unable to get warm, electric shocks in hands, depression, suicidal ideation, slight numbness of skin, metallic taste. There is hope of recovery. I took 2 pills of levaquin almost a decade ago and all of my symptoms above resolved over several months. They lessened as the months rolled by and by a year I felt mostly better. You will too. After my second pill nearly all of my listed side effects came on. I stopped the meds and suffered through the worst mental anguish of my life. Id say i saw minor recovery around 3 months, more recovery around 6 months and mostly normal by a year. I pray that your recovery is faster than mine, but we are all different. I found my Lord Christ who gave me strength, but it was still a huge battle. I live with PTSD now and it has greatly impacted my life. When you recover enjoy your family and your new life. Don't live in fear as I did. Finally, Id like to mention that I had the exact same reaction to Bactrim years after levaquin. I think levaquin was at fault but the bactrim set it off again. Lasted another year. Avoid that if at all possible too. God bless you and heal us all. Email me if you need. You will be ok M 31 2 days
500? I thi 1X D
 1  bronchitis Ruptured tendon in lower right leg. Hypoglycemia, couldn't keep blood glucose from bottoming out. Dr., as the upper part of the tendon developed a hollow in my leg, then started severely burning, he acted as if he had no idea. Later learned the same tendon rupture had happened with another of his patients on the same drug. F 53 10 days
250 2X D
 1  Diverticulitis Nausea, headache, insomnia, random sharp sudden pain in back and feet, sudden fatigue to the point I had to lean on something that also made it difficult to breathe, extreme exhaustion for no reason, dizziness, and stomach pain. Drug to kill. F 71 2 days
750 1X D
 3  Sinus infection I took amoxicillin for my sinus infection buy it did not work so my Dr. Prescribed me Levaquin which I've noticed sever anxiety, achy body, tiredness and dizziness. I wasn't sure if this was normal so I googled reviews and found this page. Now I know I'm not imagining things. F 33 4 days
 1  Prophylaxis Horrible medication. An idiot doctor at a walk-in clinic prescribed me this as prophylaxis for a mild cat bite (which didn't end up getting infected). I took one pill and felt nauseous, developed petechiae on my ankles that evening, and severe anxiety and difficulty sleeping that night. I did my research on it and my eyes nearly bulged out reading about what this drug can do to you which the Dr didn't warn me about (again because he's an idiot). Didn't take anymore of it (so I only took one pill) and two weeks later I developed a c diff infection....Huge mistake taking this awful drug. Idiot Dr for prescribing, idiot me for swallowing before doing due diligence and reading about it. M 32 1 days
500 1X D

LEVAQUIN  (LEVOFLOXACIN):  Levofloxacin is used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as quinolone antibiotics. It works by stopping the growth of bacteria. This antibiotic treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for viral infections (such as common cold, flu). Using any antibiotic when it is not needed can cause it to not work for future infections.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)