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 1  MS Abdominal cramping/contractions during episodes of bowel movements up to 8x a day (colotis), gallbladder disease, anemia, chills, night sweats, anxiety, depression, I will never take this medication again. The symptoms of MS can easily be confused with side effects of this poison. Now, I am highly sensitive to Meds, but this is insane. My life revolves around episodes of bowel movements that felt like childbirth. I was screaming so frequently I had to warn my neighbors not to call the cops because I had a mystery GI condition. Nope. All GI tests normal. The only thing it can be is Copaxone. I have taken myself off of it and in two weeks, I can pee better (used to feel like a narrowed urethra) and my GI episodes are fewer and less severe. I have also had the worst quality of life on this medication due to the frequent and painful GI episodes. My anxiety is through the roof, I can't sleep and wake up cold drenched in sweat,, and can say with certainty that I feel as depressed as I have in my entire life. Also immediately after starting this medication, I developed gallbladder trouble and had to have my gallbladder removed. This is a known side effect of this med. If only I had read the side effects earlier. I feel so stupid. I honestly don't know what would have happened to me if I had not figured this out on my own. I did not know how I could continue to survive. Not that I'm off of the medication, I feel enough difference to feel hopeful for the first time in a looooong time. F 32 18 months
40mg 3X W
 4  RRMS I started these the middle of June. After about a week or 2 I started losing feeling in left hand and left jaw, lasted for about a month or more but I'm in remission again, a nurse thinks could be cause of such a shock to my system at the 40 instead of 20 mg (I'm sensitive). I get softball size red welts & knots under the skin (knots are golf ball size) for my arm injection zones that itch like crazy and get like a fever in them, like really warm. I'm okay though. Zero weight gain for me. I've been losing in fact but its cause I'm trying to. F 36 3 months
40 mg 3X W
 4  Relapsing Remiting Multiple Scleros Slight sight injection inflammation that dispersed with in an hour. Med going in body felt like a monkey bite occasionally but it is a substance and once disbursed I was fine. Never any other real side effects, I did cry every time I self injection just due to the reality of having the MS dx. I am incredibly grateful for this medicine. I have gone from being home bound and unable to think well or fill out paperwork to regaining my former quality of life. It takes about 6 months to really register in your system. I did have 1 major relapse where I had to be inpatient and on Sol U Medrol for 5 days. Hated that! Copaxone halted my progression. I was bordering on Secondary Progressive, and have now been able to commit myself to future plans where previously I was unable. I also use Baclofen in conjunction for the spasticity and Tramadol twice daily for pain, and Xanax for the anxiety that comes with MS. Over all Copaxone 40mg 3x week is a life safer for me and my family. F 50 24 months
40 3X W
 5  Diagnose with 2013 with RRMS Cops one has really helped me. I was crippled and couldn't speak well. My doctor put me on Avonex and it had so many side effects. Then I ask about cops come and I'm speaking better,can move the top part of my body now. Only bad affect I have had was cramping in my leg but I will deal with that considering all the disabilities I had before. My focus is to walk again. Those that have site reactions put ice on before and after your injections to avoid site reactions and bruising. F 1 months
 2  RRMS I was diagnosed August of 2015 and started copaxone Sept/October 2015. I ended up stopping around Feb/March of 2016. I would get dime or quarter size welts at the injection site, shortness of breath, a flush feeling and anxiety from the shot to the point of crying. I would get these horrendous chills that would like 45 min. Nothing could warm me. So I eventually just stopped taking it overall I would like to try something different. My neuro doesn't like the pills as he calls them ineffective and can cause liver problems. I was looking into the monthly IV medication. But the side effect of that is brain disease, which I don't think is worth it. F 25 6 months
40 3X W
 3  for MS I have been on this meds for one month now.And I call my Nero the nurse I call she is rude,like she dont have time. i have cramping and I feel like my legs r going to drop me to the ground.My lower back is hurting me too.The pain shoots in my left legs while I"m asleep and wakes me up.It feels like someone is sitting on my chest.I have four lesions on my brain and I dont know what is going on.I know my body but nobody wants believe me. cramping,dry mouth soreness around the area.3 by 3 bee sting.burns more than 5 minutes.very warm to touch.Joints hurts.hard to breath.I have to keep walking to get my mind off the leg pain. F 46 3 weeks
40 3X W
 3  Rrms Nausea , restless at night , chest pain , racing heart that is scary , I don't know if this is working or not ! Weight loss I think I am losing muscle , digestion problems seem after I eat a little stomach growls as if I am hungry but am not ! F 46 3 months
 5  RRMS It always blows my mind to read about severe side effects being attributed to Copaxone. I have never experienced a single adverse reaction in the 18 years I've been taking it (that's over 6,500 injections!). I consider the mild discomfort at the injection site a small price to pay for the benefit of experiencing fewer relapses -- and ultimately protecting my brain for the future. I am 100% certain that I would be in a wheelchair by now if Copaxone hadn't come along when it did. I do envy the patients who are newly diagnosed and can get started on the 40mg right away -- as they will likely experience very little lipoatrophy -- the only adverse reaction I've had to "endure." But I'm not in a wheelchair, I'm still working full time, I cycle at least 1,500 miles per year (in rainy Seattle!), and I honestly believe that none of that would be true if I hadn't started on Copaxone immediately after my diagnosis. Of all the medications out there now (there was only Avonex & Betaseron when I was diagnosed -- we've sure come a long way since then!!), I believe Copaxone to be the most convenient (3x/week injections with an AutoJect) and most effective with the least amount of side effects. If I were newly diagnosed, I would start with Copaxone. If it doesn't seem to work, or if the injection site reactions are too severe, there are more than a dozen other FDA approved meds to try. But I feel like I "won the lottery" when Copaxone was released right after my diagnosis. F 50 18 years
40mg 1X D

 2  MS Dx 11-2014 When I first begin I just had basic normal injection site burning, pain, itching, redress and swelling. I use a cold compress for about 30 minutes to an hour following the injection and was fine. I always did my injections at night before bed and in the morning after I always wake up with severe flu like symptoms fever the whole nine yards but Dr said this is better than the alternative. So I continue to take Copaxone now October 2015 6 months after starting Copaxone I relapsed causing the usual cycle of IV Steroids as well as follow up with pill form. So I continue taking it and for the second time now shortly after my relapse but the first time this happened before my relapse. About 30 minutes after taking the injection I start feeling really flush heart racing and then extremely extremely cold to the point that I shake my entire bed chattering and usually I'm very hot but this happens and I get extremely cold like I lose every ounce of heat in my body, my body goes into full body spasms I yawn excessively my eyes water I can't see anything it's like my whole body is in pain and my muscles are reacting in some sort of strange seizure type of occurrence. This can last for an hour to several hours causing me to hardly sleep through the night and then when I wake up the next morning as usual I feel the normal flu like symptoms. Now I was willing to deal with the painstaking side effects but when I relapsed I'm thinking now what is this really doing to help me its supposed t Going to see what else is available F 33 6 months
40 mg 3x w
 1  Multiple sclorosis I had lost my eye sight with this med not completely blind but couldn't see much be careful with this drug I started with a light in my eye and it got worse ! I couldn't see my grand kids well and I wanted to die! I got so depressed ! Stop the med per Nero and it came back after 4 weeks on a lot of steroids ! F 44 3 days
2X D
 5  MS I have done very well on Copaxone 3x a week . All was ok for about 3-4 mos. then started having severe itching, redness, and pain at injection site. I started warming area to be injected and also getting syreinge as close to body temp as possible. This really helped a lot and severe itching and pain eventually subsided. I still get a little redness and pain but easy to deal with now. My experience with Copaxone has been very good! Feel better than a year ago. F 57 1 years
 5  MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Flu like symptoms, and injection site burns for hours F 44 2 years
40 mh
 1  Multiple Sclerosis F 61
40mg 1X D

 5  RRMS When I first started Copaxone I was taking the 20mg.daily for about 6 years No side effects but maybe a little red and itching. I then startedtaking the 40mg. 3 times a week. It was great but in 7 months I gained about 60lbs and was so extremely tired ALL of the time and am now so week with hip and shoulder pain for no reason. I am switching back to the 20mg. This next week because myself and my doctor believe it is a possibility that is was the medicine switch because it all began 3 weeks after the change. I love the lack of side effects on the 20mg. F 43 7 months
 5  Multiple sclerosis I have been taking copaxone for 19 years. I have been incredible successful with thre results. My choice for starting, minimal side effects and the fact that it uses amino acids found within your body naturally F 47 10 years
 5  RRMS Injection site soreness. Switched to 40mg, 2months ago,experienced more symptoms,so say hint back to 20 mg,as soon as new script,arrives. F 61 4 years
20mg /40mg 1X D
 2   Joint pain. I had taken Copaxone for about 8 months when I started having debilitating joint oain. My neuro had me stop for 2 month to see if there was any change. No joint pain after 2 weeks off. Stopped for 9 months then had an exebation which my neuro recommended I needed to be on a maintenance drug. Started Copaxone again and joint pain returned after 1 month. I will be dicontnuing all meds and taking my chances. Quality is better that way I think. M 53 2 years
 2  Multiple Sclerosis Mild anxiety, depression, no appetite, increased spasticity/ muscle tension, headache.Have been "sick" with cold/ flu symptoms since starting 40 mg 3x week. Switched from 20 mg to 40 mg approx six weeks ago. Symptoms distressing enough that I may ask Neuro to switch back. F 54 6 weeks
40 mg 3X W
 1  multiple sclerosis Anxiety, loss of appetite, mood swings;fatigue Beeen on 20 mg for 14 years and am switching back ASAP F 64 6 weeks
40 3X W
 1  switched from copaxone 20mg Decreased appetite Increased fatigue Mood swings Ms exacerbation Increased anxiety Inability to slow down to rest and sleep F 41 1 months

COPAXONE  (GLATIRAMER ACETATE):  This medication is used to treat a certain type of multiple sclerosis (relapsing multiple sclerosis-MS). It is a protein that is thought to work by preventing your immune system from attacking the nerves in your brain and spinal cord. This effect can decrease the number of periods of disease worsening (relapses) and prevent or delay disability. It is not a cure for MS.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)