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 4  Glaucoma Cough and occasional dry eye Although I have had some side effects, it has kept my pressure in my eyes down so I will carry on taking F 60 2 years
1 x D 1X D
 2  Neovascular glaucoma Coughing , tight chest, irritated sore throat, joint pains, lethargic, nausea Awful side effects F 53 2 weeks
1 drop a d 1X D
 4  Glaucoma I can see well and pressure remains stable at 15. F 77 7 days
0,005 1X D
 1  Normal tension Glaucoma Burning itching, dizzy blurred vision,legs weak ,Doctor says many symptoms psychosomatic Leaving this doctor...cold and doesn’t care Says only other option is surgery. F 75 100 days
Two drops 1X D
 2  Ocular hypertension Light sensitivity, Phlegm and coughing. F 36 7 days
125MCG 1X D
 1  Pressure in eyes Palpitations hair growth on face back pain joint pain Cannot take much more taking twenty years found out recently it causes my problem s going ask to stop them F 67 20 days
1 drop 1X D
 1  Eye pressure I was having pain in the back of my head from eye pressure. Latanoprost helped that. The first time I put them in I felt my heart was pounding and kept me awake, called the Dr and he said not a problem. I kept on them cause they helped the pressure but the heart pounding never stopped. Now 11 months later felt like I had pain under my heart and feel anxious and sad. I was skipping about 3 days between drops but side effects continued. I am not taking them anymore due to this. I have stopped about 5 days ago and today is the first day my heart is not hurting and pounding so hard. I was thinking it was not going to go away but thank goodness it has returned to normal. This medication is evil. These eye drops ruin a persons quality of life and complains fall on deaf ears. Doctor said carry on, its all good. This is not worth it and I'm sure they know it. Also I wonder how awful a small yorkie or any dog must feel on this rx since I noticed it is prescribed for them. Do not take this drug is you feel it is affecting your heart cause the problem will not subside with time. 11 months later and it has gotten severe. How did this ever get on the market? F 65 1 years
1X D
 1  High eye pressure Stuffy nose, cough, blurred vision, unable to focus, Worst, too many side effects F 61 0 weeks
00.5 1X D
 2  Pseudoexfoliation glaucoma Severe joint pain and extreme lethargy and tiredness . Lack of concentration . Feel so bad but no other option F 65 4 years
1 drop 1X D
 1  Eye pressure I have had a total knee replacement in one leg and have osteoarthritis in the other but as the months went on I had terrible pain in both knees on sitting and standing. I also had increased heart rate which I had never had before. I have stop the drug after talking to my doctor for 1 month in duration. It's been just a few days but I can feel a difference. I won't take this drug any longer if the pain I was experiencing subsides and pulse rate goes down. F 64 6 months
 1  Reduce pressure in eyes Chest pressure; coughing; tingling left arm. Mummified heart attack symptoms. In hospital 4 times. Dr. stated it's anxiety. I stopped using and symptoms reduced but still suffering with cough and chest pain. M 65 1 years
 2  Glaucoma They might claim this has the least side effects, but not for me. I'm taking Latanoprost which is the same thing. My worst side effect is a feeling like I'm getting a UTI infection, but I have been tested and don't. When I stop the drug (which I did for three weeks, it went away). I've stopped the drug three times. I have nausea, constant sinus pain, headache and pain in my temples. Pain in my chest and back. Dry eye which is not age related as I did not have it before. Constant sore throats and a general feeling of not being well. Lately, I feel tired to the point of sleepiness much of the day. I'm sending my side effects to the FDA. I know the alternative is blindness, but my quality of life is not good any more. I have a bottle of Timerol here to try, but I'm frightened as it has tons of side effects listed compared to Xalatan and they are even scarier. My husband takes some combo of other things, but he's fine - no side effects. If you are susceptible to side effects, F 66 4 days
2.5 ML 1X D
 3  Glaucoma - ocular pressue Heart bradycardia ( very slow pulse), dizzyness -somehow it decreased anxiety? Yes the drops lowered the eye pressures however I will seek alternate natural ways to help...the heart symptom is just too much to bare, I get cold, my face goes pale, cold hands, feel like i may pass out at any second. Had similar symptoms from beta blocker medicine? Will give the drops another go if I notice eye pressure increase again..the drops were not generic brand.. M 65 2 months
 1  High pressure readings Instant dry eyes. Blurred vision. Extreme light sensitivity. Nasal dripping. Joint pain. Most alarming, high pressure readings have not changed at all. I asked my eye dr if there was any connection with instantly having dry eyes after using latanoprost only one time. He said "no its your age". Really !?!?!?!!!! Come on, how ironic. Out of any day in my life to have an uprising of troubling health issues occur and it just so happens to have started the following morning after applying latanoprost drops to both eyes ? My pressure readings have not budged either. After reading other people's reviews I know what to do , so no more latanoprost . Hopefully a I can find a different doctor that will listen to me and provide help in saving what I have left of my eyesight. F 56 9 months
 3  occular hypertension constant nasal drip and pain in ear and side of face Getting more difficult to administer drops as you get into your 70s with arthritis in hands and sight problems .waste a great deal of the drops running down your face! F 73 6 years
1drop 1X D
 3  to reduce iop Since using Latanoprost(Xalatan) ive had a burning smell in my nose ever since. I also get an occasional bitter taste in my throat and my eyes burn with the smoke even tho its not there! I find it difficult to put drops in and stop them running down my face! F 57 6 days
1 drop
 3  High pressures 28 and 26 I started Latanoprost ..generic form on wed ..since then ive had a smell in my nose like cigarette smoke yet im nowhere near smoke. Ive read other reports on here about people smelling burning smells F 57 3 days
1 drop
 5  Glaucoma Growth of eyelashes. This product works for me, I would not take the generic however. I use an eyelash curler everyday, so the lashes are kept away from my eyes. The bottom I use a brush to comb them down. The product works which is my main concern. I still see halo's around lights at night , but it's much better. M 58 1 years
1 drop 1X D
 3  elevated IOP feeling that chest is heavy, post nasal drip, sore throat; it hurts when i sneeze or cough sometimes, body malaise, anxiety attacks. I never attributed the anxiety attacks to the meds but to the possibility of developing glaucoma. It is too soon to cast the verdict as I am only on 1 week on Xalatan. i was put on Xalatan after 5 days of having alphagan, azopt, and pilocarpine. IOP of both eyes lowered to 18 and when i came back after 6 days on xalatan alone, right eye was on 24. doctor had to combine xalatan with azopt and will be back after a week again. Had laser iridotomy on both eyes 2 weeks ago. Diagnostic results were okay. F 48 7 days
50 mcg 1X D
 4  Angle glaucoma in my right eye. Chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps. How long should I stop using it for an eye doctor being able to determine my true IOP without the effect of Xalatan. M 72 8 years
50 mcg

XALATAN  (LATANOPROST):  Latanoprost is used to treat high pressure inside the eye due to glaucoma (open angle type) or other eye diseases (e.g., ocular hypertension). It is similar to a natural chemical in the body (prostaglandin) and works by regulating the flow of fluid within the eye which results in lower pressure. Lowering high pressure inside the eye helps to prevent blindness.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)