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 5  anxiety, depression, OCD, GAD. a bit drowsiness. to be an antipsychotic, Zyprexa at low dose has true strong antidepressant and anxiolitic properties. i tried it many years ago, but alone. it did not work well. now, at 2.5 mg with Remeron, it has woke up my emotional feelings and i feel great, really great. it destroyes my irrational fears due to anxiety dsorders. try to stay to max 5.0 mg to have max benefits. M 24 7 days
2.5 mg 1X D

 5  Treatment Resistant Depression bladder control problems during first few weeks of taking Fantastic drug. Worked when half a dozen others didn't in over two years of trying. Completely took away my depression. M 34 3 years
2.5 1X D

 5  Schizophrenia/Bi Polar Insomnia & Cholesterol & aware of diabetes problems Most of you people seem so negative toward your own problems and a drug like this that improves the quality of one's own life. I suffer from insomnia once a week have high cholesterol and threat of diabetes. I can sleep as little as 6 hours if I choose or as long as 12 hours, sometimes even 8 hours is enough depends on what my body tells me. Seems you are all lazy and need to sleep longer to most of us, who have become accustomed to the tranquiliser in these sort of medications. I have not had to worry about sexual dysfunction as I don't let drugs rule me but work in with them. You people are spineless weak minded twits yes pregnant goldfish. I am working my way toward being stabilised on the this drug to walk away from my conditions. At the moment I lead a productive life ride a motorbike and never had an accident that was my fault. This medication has worked for me over 12 years of which like every medicine has side effects but none that you idiots discredit it to have. Maybe half of you are always swapping and changing you medications so frequently that you have residual side effects from previous medicine ever thought of that people? Lily has produced an excellent Psychiatric Medication that works wonders, with little and almost no side effect Job Well Done Lily. Stick that in your Pipe and smoke you Pessimistic Twits. M 39 12 years
10 1X D

 5  schizo-affective disorder Weight gain. I've taken Zyprexa for about 11 years. I am physically active, eat fruits and vegetables quite frequently, avoid fast foods, avoid processed foods, drink plenty of fluids, eat sugar rarely, don't drink alcohol, and I don't smoke. At least once per year I get a blood test and everything is normal. Also, I am in my 40s and not overweight nor under weight. Personally, I am very grateful for this particular medication M 48 11 years
10mg 1X D
 5  Paranoid Schizophrenia Excess Sleep, and hardly any weight gain This medicine is lovely, it has given me complete relief from my symptoms of schizophrenia. I'm able to live happily with my family again and it has given me confidence in social relationships. I'm slowly re-developing myself and building my life with this medicine. The only annoying side effect i notice is excess sleep. M 24 6 months
10mg 1X D
 5  catatonic depression tired, weight gain 30lbs. this drug was a MIRACLE, it takes me out of a near catatonic depression! all i want to do is die if i am not on it. it effects your dopamine and norepinephrine levels. i am severly lacking in those chemicals as well as serotonin, so i take wellbutrin as well. i think zyprexa made me know what a miracle from god is like. i am trying new drugs to see if things can get even better because i still have lingering depresiion irritability, so now i am trying abilify. but i will always know that zyprexa is there to keep me living... probably the best anti -depressant for near catatonia M 33 4 years
5mg. 1X D
 5  Schizophrenia Light headed gastric somtime erectile problem but orgasm better than the rest ability orgasm ok too erectile good libido but causes anxiety always want to eat to get energy overall I really like zyprexa Take lowest dosage cause all of this meds decreased sexuality M 35 1 days
 5  GAD & major depressive disorder Huge appetite, slightly forgetful, Feel a bit sluggish for the first 30 mins after waking up. Shaky hands in the early to mid morning. I have suffered with general anxiety disorder and major depression since a teenager which has got progressively worse over the years. I 1997 I was hospitalised twice for major depression and again in 1998. I was prescribed Leponex, a very similar drug to Zyprexor. I felt better immediately but my doc took me off it because of the issue with blood testing. Years passed and I forgot about Leponex. I tried Prozac, Ciplapram, (Depramil) cognitive therapy and psychotherapy on and off for years. Nothing ever took away the continuous anxiety, unwarranted guilt, feelings of hopelessness, racing thoughts and varying depressive episodes. My life, my choices and my thinking has been crippled with this awful condition for most of my life. I have almost become a recluse. Over the last two years I have slipped into suicidal depression. Ten days ago I told my psychiatrist how wonderful Leponex made me feel in 1997. He put me on Zyprexa 5mg for 7 days then 10mg to follow and warned me about the possible weight gain. Fortunately I am a tall thin guy and I donít mind something that will increase my appetite as I eat poorly. The following day I felt great almost immediately. No anxiety, no panic attacks, no dark pits of hellish depression. Ten days later I want to declare to the world that this is nothing short of a miracle, a life saving drug for me. I feel wonderful and Zyprexa is AMAZING! I am now calmer, I can concentrate better, I am more confident. M 46 10 days
10mg 1X D
 5  Severe anxiety None noticable. I was having severe anxiety to the point that it caused me not to sleep for days. The doctor gave me Ambien which helped me sleep 4 to 5 1/2 hours of sleep a night but it was not restful. After going back to him he tried me on this saying it was very good at calming down people who can't calm down enough to rest. It worked very well for that. I've slept 9-10 hours every night since then. I'm only taking this for 2 weeks but I hope he gives me a prescription to use this as needed in the future because it helped me break the cycle on nearly the first dose. He prescribed me 5MG (I cut a 10MG tablet in two). M 28 10 days

 5  Bipolar II Increased appetite, sleep more. That's it. Works really well for me. Helped a lot with hypomania, mixed states, racing thoughs and depression. Best med i've tried so far. M 27 6 months

 5  schizoaffective/anxiety drowsy-slept 16+hours per day for first month, but this went away (occassional drowsiness) ate everything in sight...have to be very conscious of my diet, but have not gained any weight. A god send. without zyprexa often couldn't leave the house, unemployable, homeless. tried other antipsychs, seroquel made me more agitated. zyprexa works great for me (anxiety/panic disorder, bi-polar, schizophrenia all diagnosed/ schizoaffective is current diagnosis) M 38 2 months

 5  Bipolar,Depression 10 mg: zombified me was very quiet antisocial, lower dose 2.5 mg worked great no side effects It helped me greatly with manic episodes stabilized mood helped my depression greatly also give it a try worked great! M 19 6 months

 5  bipolar, depression 5 and 2.5 works great cures depression and manic behavior including loss of sleep eating and physical pain from mania. There is help out there for depression and mania this is it lower dose worked for me so that is what i would recommend. too high of a dose is no good. M 19 6 months

 5  Schizoaffective Disorder Tiredness, some weight gain. This medication works well for me. It limits my paranoia and delusions while helping me sleep. It gets me to sleep for 10-12 hours each night. My dose is currently 20 mg. The weight gain has been modest and tolerable. It helps me to function, no doubt about it. This is my antipsychotic of choice, as I've tried all other atypicals except Clozaril. M 34 2 years

 5  bipolar M 28 18 months

 5   M 38 12 days

 5  Bipolar 2 Daytime fatigue, lowering of sex drive. Besides that no side effects. Very good for depression and suicidal ideas. M 30 2 times

 5  bipolar II Some EPS the first 3 days but the worst side effect is clearly the food cravings. You just get the munchies hardcore! The bottomless pit. I use Zyprexa only as a temporary add on when I destabilize - its not in my regular med combo. Zyprexa killed my black thoughs and anxiety big time + restabilized my mood within 48 hours! Bravo. But still, you eat way too much on it, serious. M 27 21 days

 5  bipolar For the first time in my life I am able to function at work and at home. My personal relationships have improved greatly as I have much more patience and dont see myself getting angry over little things. I haveseen an increase in appetite but I have not gained weight. Ifeel more energy duringthe day and sleep better at night. It has changed my life for the better. M 35 6 weeks

 5  bipolar 10 lb. weight gain, sleep good but tired upon waking for 30 min. or so I had been taking wellbutrin and depakote for the last several years and they had quit helping. The zyprexa has been excellant for bipolar. Has stopped most needless worrying. I am much calmer. Some might say it takes away personality but without it I tend to be manic. My employer seems to like the calmer me. So far its great. I needed the 10 lbs. as I lost 45 due to cancer treatment and I need another 10 and I will be happy with that. M 46 50 days

 5  Bipolar #1 Dry Mouth - Morning Sleepiness - Weight Gain Let me tell you it has a wonderful calming affect. I am taking the Symbyax drug which you may know as Zyprexa mixed with Prozac. It is a 12/50 combination. YES I have had the weight gain and NO I don't like that but this drug saved me from horrible symtoms and other drug reactions and just helped me find the peace I needed. I honestly do not think I can keep taking this long as I have gained almost 20 Lbs. in a month. So I am hoping that this levels off or I will have to dump one pleasant medication. M 48 1 months

 5  Severe Anxiety with Agoraphobia Weight Gain of about 30 lbs. Everything just started tasting really good! This was ok for me though, because I was underweight to start with. I was a 21 year old college student who had to drop out of everything, because of the onset of a crippling anxiety disorder. I tried all of the usual SSRI drugs for several months with no improvement until my doctor prescribed me a small dose of Zyprexa. After only a few days, I started getting my ambition back, and began wanting to leave the house for the first time in months. Within 2 weeks, I felt like I was back to my old self again! This drug worked like a miracle for me. I thought I had lost my entire life before I started taking it. I was only on it for about a year until I was able to stop, and my symptoms have not returned. This drug will definitely increase your appreciation for food though! Beware! M 29 1 years
 5  Bi-polar NONE It has worked great with my Bi-polar, enabling me to sleep and decreasing my paranoid thinking. It also keeps my manias from being as severe and pronounced. M 41 9 years

 5  bipolar sleepy kills mania like flys on a lightbulb M 20 1 months
 5  zchizofrenia Weight gain. Craving for sweets. I gained 30 lbs in 3 years It helped me from a psycotic episode. I hate the extra weight but I prefer to be sane than slim. M 42 3 years
 5  borderline personality disorder weight gain Zyprexa is not the best drug to treat psychotic simptoms,but its not that bad.I have been on many antypsychotic drugs since i was 16 : Geodon,Clozapine,Seroquel,Risperdal,Abilify,Haldol...and now on combination : Haldol 4mg,Zyrexa 20mg,Tegretol 400mg,Prozac 20mg,Xanax 1mg,and they all work fine controling my simptoms.Sure,zyprexa is not the best option for everybody,but it works for me. M 18

 5  Bipolar I Morning somnolence, fogginess; puffy eyes; emotional flatness. Zyprexa has been an extremely effective anti-manic agent for me, and also seems to help with depression. M 39 8 years

 5  PTSD paranoia nightmares depression some short term memory fuzziness Went from almost no sleep to restful sleep reduced nightmares 80%, lifted mood restored motivation to do things.Used in addition to effexor M 42 4 weeks

 5  Bipolar 2/Cyclic Depression Weight gain. Also, after 5 years at 2.5 mg/day, I'm just now starting to experience some toe and ankle movements that may be precursors to tardive dyskinesia. I'm not looking forward to the withdrawal process (Google "Zyprexa withdrawal" for more anecdotal information). This is a *wonderful* medication if you need it. It gives me the deepest, best sleep I've ever had and has eliminated agitated, irritable states and the horrible anger and homicidal thoughts that went with them. On the other hand, please read about the side effects, which can be serious. I've read that average weight gain while taking Zyprexa is 40 pounds in the first year. It appears to contribute to the onset of diabetes in some people (as would the added weight). I am concerned I might be in the early stages of TD, so I will talk to my doctor and begin slowly cutting back on my dosage to see if the movements and restless legs disappear or at least improve. For short-term use, it's a miracle. M 58 5 years

 5  massive anxiety gained only 10 pounds, sleep is great this drug is great, if you exercise everyday and don`t let yourself get lazy then this drug is fine. but if you get lazy then yes this drug will eventually probably kill you, one way or another. don`t be lazy. it actually seems to give me more strengh in the gym and i have great erections from it and works awesome for anxiety M 44 2 years

 5  anxieyt, PTSD, Irrational fears I know that Zyprea has know metabolic side effects, but it has been a life saving drug for me Shortly after I started taking it, it was like the veil being lifted from an aweful nightmare. To date no major side effects, I exercise regularly and and am very consicous of my diet. No major side effects for me other than fatique when my dosage was increased zyprexa has been a "miracle" drug for me. Thank you Eli Lilly for producing it!! M 46
 5  Tic disorder Sedation I have been taking 5mg of Zyprexa since 1996 when the medication first came out. This medication controls my tics and I have not had any side effects. On the plus side it has helped my depression as well as sleep. M 30 13 years

 5  As a mood stabilizer for Bipolar Suprisingly, the only side effect I really notice is sleeping for 10-12 hours a night. I do feel a bit lethargic during the day, but nothing too bad. Overall its probably been the softest med, side effect wise, that I've ever taken. I take 10mg of it along with lexapro, the lexapro keeps me out of the deep depressions, and the zyprexa keeps me from getting too manic off the lexapro. Funny how that works lol. Overall though I've been very impressed with the zyprexa....worked fast and works well. I've put 10-12 lbs on in the couple of months I've been on it....but the gain has seemed to stabilize now (hopefully). I'll need to be on meds the rest of my life though, and unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm willing to take the chance of developing diabetes, or cholesterol problems, down the road. And zyprexa's track record in those area's isn't very good. I think zyprexa's awesome for what it does, but I don't think its a good long term choice. I am going to miss the effectiveness though. But I'd rather have a little safer long term mood stabilizer....even if it is less effective. M 46 60 days

 4  Bipolar Fatigue seems to be the most annoying side effect associated with Zyprexa. Lack of energy can feel like depression. Also have some difficulty formulating thoughts; especially during conversations. 5 years ago, having just started Zyprexa, I had a massive appetite and gained weight. This, however, went away as I continued to take the med. Zyprexa really helps with mania and that's why I've hung in there with it despite the fatigue. Hopefully they will come up with some better meds. M 33 5 years

 4  schizophrenia sedation, dry mouth, weight gain probably one of the better ones for sex drive. I took this medication at 5mg for eight years straight and worked in a hospitality job and then law enforcement. When my doctor took me off of this drug cold turkey, I became psychotic, met a woman and got engaged to her in less than three weeks and eventually had to go back on anti-psychotics. Zyprexa really isn't a bad drug compared to say, risperidone. I recommend non-stop exercise on this drug. I take INVEGA now and it doesn't make me sleep half the day, however, it is bad for the drive. M 34 8 years

 4  Bipolar/mania Weight gain, drowsiness (early on), VERY expensive - get samples from your MD, feeling of being high (early on)...people around you might notice I started taking this medication for severe manic/irritability episodes and it seemed to work very well. Took me a few days to adjust...severe drowsiness at first and an appetite like I've never seen. These did pass over time and it doesn't take long to adjust to it. Only drawback is the price....VERY expensive ($300 or so for 30) so get samples or see if you can get Eli-Lilly prescription assistance M 26

 4  BPD/Bi polar Extreme fatigue during the day... never any energy to do anything. Mania relieved, but depression still lingers. Been on Zyprexa 10 mg for years. I find overall though, it stabilizes me and calms me down. M 26 6 years

 4  Paranoid Schizophrenia Sleeping 12 hours a day, mild sexual disfunction (can't ejaculate and milder orgasms) I've been taking 15 milligrams at night. It is a miracle drug as far as the schizophrenia is concerned. It was just like not being schitzophrenic anymore. I'm not being put on a lower dose to curb the excessive sleeping and they are adding abilify. M 19 3 months

 4  schizophrenia I gained 40 lbs and feel like sleeping 24 hours a day I hate the side effects but it does what I need... it makes the voices manageable M 26 3 years

 4  bipolar/weight gain increased appetite the only thing i can think of is that it extremly increases my appetite after one hour of taking it..im wishing to gain weight on this drug and i hope im one of those who gain 30+ lbs on it..:D M 21 4 weeks

 4  anxiety with PDD-NOS lethargy, weight gain, constant hunger. This is for my 11 yr old son who is diagnosed with PDD-NOS. He was diagnosed with it before he began the zyprexa. After a week of taking zyprexa, he was able to leave the house and not have a meltdown! Now he is able to be in a noisy room, around bright lights, and close to other kids. He eats almost anything now and before he ever started any meds, he was severely underweight. His anxiety is so much better. He sleeps about 10 hours but wakes up slowly! I am concerned about the weight gain though. He is 11 and weighs 94 lbs! M 11 3 days

 4  Insomnia and psychotic disorder Decrease in libido. Sleepiness. Weight Gain. Was on Risperdal before Zyprexa. Used to get muscle spasms with risperdal. Also seriously affected my libido. No desire at all on Risperdal. Big improvement to libido on Zyprexa. Zyprexa really helped me sleep and I am functioning 100%. I have put on alot of weight, but this can be controlled through exercise. I've landed a job as a Systems Engineer in an aerospace company, and am handling it. My wife has been tremendously supportive. This has been a huge plus. Enjoy life, listen to your doc, exercise, and have patience. Try to keep your stress levels down, but don't let your illness stop you from doing the things you want to do. M 28 1 years

 4  Bipolar I just started taking zyprexa, 5mg, and I was set on controlling the weight gain through exercise and watching my diet. Although I was working out more than ever I still put on a little over 5 lbs in the first 2 weeks. That's certainly not a mood 'stabilizer.' I just met with another doctor who prescribed metformin to control the weight gain. Long story short, it helps with insulin levels. Hoping it works...don't let doctors tell you there is nothing you can take to control the weight gain. M 22 2 weeks

 4  Bipolar Disorder Slight Weight Gain, Dry Mouth in Morning, Sleepiness at the beginning I actually stopped taking this drug for about 5 days and I had a relapse. I would rate this drug as particularly effective since this relapse occurred while I was also taking Depakote, Topamax, and Lamictal (all in the temporary absence of Zyprexa). M 30 1.5 months
 4  Psychotic Bipolar On 10mg. Sleep well on drug. Difficult getting going in morning, glad I'm not rushed. Partial memory loss. Want to study at uni next year so hope it is not going to be affected. A little sad, but this may be long term depression. Antipsychotics as a general rule suck big time. (I should know I've been on risperdal, seroquel, camcolit, serenace and fluanxyl) Relative to the rest, zyprexa is not that bad. I don't feel weird, or become the screaming aggro man, or look like the 'plank' man, or have too bad dyskinesia (that's when I shake like elvis out of control), or sleep 'till the cows come home. I think with an understanding employer I could find work. A little concerned about diabetes considering my bro has it without zyprexa and my grandpa died of it. Watch this space. M 31 3 months

 4  schizoaffective or bipolar disorder excessive sleeping; gained 30 pounds but then stabilized really does well at keeping unwanted and persistent thoughts out of my head; makes me more relaxed and content; moods/energy level are more stable now instead of always up and down M 29 5 years

 4  hearing voices none none M 52 1 days

 4  anxiety disorders irritability first few days M 55 15 days

 4  Schizoprenic-like Restlessness when trying to sleep if taken during the day. Take Zyprexa before bedtime to avoid side-effects. M 24 2 years
 4  mood disorders fatigue, some twitching, dry mouth too early to really tell how effective M 32 3 months

 4  Overwhelmed Its ok, for a sleep aid.. For the fist few days I was still sleepy for a few hours after, but after a short while, I was ok.. M 25

 4  Sleeplessness, PTSD, Anxiety,Depres Hungry-Crave Sweets Nothing else was working for the sleeplessness until this medication. I sleep better and don't have terrible mood swings. M 55 5 years
 4  Depression & AADD dizzy first few days, bizarre craving for sweet foods...ate an entire lemon pie one night...in bed! Contacting my doctor now about trouble breathing last night, either a dream or real? Definitely helped with balancing my moods...much more focused. I combine my 10 mg tablet with 18 mg. of Concerta. So far, so good...except for that breathing problem (maybe not so good). M 45 7 days
 4  olansapine Gained roughly 20 pounds , I rarely experience muscle cramps. At the start my legs twitched. This site has been a very reassuring to me ,to see how many people have gained weight. My doctor told me that my weight gain was from overeating but I eat normally and still gain weight. I have never gained weight in my life and after a couple of months on the drug I gained 20 pounds. I exercise regularly and still gain weight. I'm coming off in 6 months so hopefully then my body will balance itself out. M 1.5 years

 4  bipolar Gained roughly 20 pounds , I rarely experience muscle cramps. At the start my legs twitched. This site has been a very reassuring to me ,to see how many people have gained weight. My doctor told me that my weight gain was from overeating but I eat normally and still gain weight. I have never gained weight in my life and after a couple of months on the drug I gained 20 pounds. I exercise regularly and still gain weight. I'm coming off in 6 months so hopefully then my body will balance itself out. M 24 1.5 years

 4  bipolar Groggy in the mornings; took 1/2hr+ to get up in morning and get moving. Gained 20-30#'s with NO a change in diet. (not eating more). Cholesterol levels went up to previously high levels even though am taking statins and cholesterol was down before. Slept great; like a rock, all the time. Went to sleep right away and slept through night. Started with Symbyax (10mg of Zyprexa, and prozac combined) Knocked me out and was falling asleep at work during the day. Went to 5mg of Zyprexa and cycled through several other antidepressants. At last was taking 5mg Zyprexa, 225mg Effexor and 300mg Wellbutrin. New pdoc has taken me off due to weight and cholesterol concerns- Now after 1 week, I have not slept more than 3-4 hours a night for last 5 nights. I go to sleep after a little time, so not insomnia per se. But I wake up in the middle of the night with night sweats and can't go back to sleep and so toss and turn the rest of the night. Have a headache, pressure in my head, and very sweaty palms, strange itching sensations. M 40 1 years

 4  depression/bipolar ii Slurred speech and difficulty expressing thoughts. Sluggish thinking and fatigue. Feel stupid. But better. Better stupid than not better - right? Big Z seems to have broken this "spell" of recent depression. Have been on Welbutrin XL 300 mg and some supplemental Zoloft. But have felt very bad this past week, so I took a 5 mg left-over Zyprexa today and feel better already. My shrink had replaced the BigZ with Cymbalta, but that stuff is poison: detox is agony (2 mo. brain zaps). M 60 1 days
 4  Pseudoneurotic Schizophrenia Weight Gain (40 lbs) M 27 3 months
10 1X D

 4  Psycotic Break Sleep. Deep sleep. Probably the best sleep I had in months. Oh yeah, then there was the drooling and stumbling around for 2 weeks. For manic/psycotic episodes this drug is king. I couldn't imagine being on this drug for any length of time, however it stopped a manic episode of mine immeadatly. I highly recomend Zyprexa for manic episodes when you don't wan't to be reliant on medication for the rest of your life. M 27 14 days
 4  anxiety weight gain sleepyness zyprexa helped me in every aspect of my life It got rid of most of my anxiety helped me sleep helped me gain weight but I recently stopped taking it caue I think its making my hair fall out. I feel horrible since Ive stopped I cant sleep Im having panic attacks and Ive lost 6 pounds in one week if anyone has lost hair please let me know M 27 18 days
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