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 4  mood disorders fatigue, some twitching, dry mouth too early to really tell how effective M 32 3 months

 3  Schizoaffective Disorder Serious weight gain, drowsiness, and slight hand tremor M 24 5 months

 4  Schizoprenic-like Restlessness when trying to sleep if taken during the day. Take Zyprexa before bedtime to avoid side-effects. M 24 2 years
 1  schizophrenic related Serious weight gain!!, anxiety, fatigue, depression. I do not take medication any more(since a few years), but can't seem to lose the extra 50 pounds. F 26 12 months

 4  bipolar drowiness, weight gain great it helped put me to sleep since i have trouble sleeping. should take it an hour or two before bedtime for best effect. F 2 years

 4  anxiety disorders irritability first few days M 55 15 days

 2  bi-polar disorder weight gain, 25lbs in 3 months and still gaining seems to work well with the manic stage of bi-polar disorder but because of the weight gain, I do not recommend it. F 39 3 months

 4  hearing voices none none M 52 1 days

 3  drpression M 34 1 years

 5  bipolar this has been the best drug i have been on yet. at first it would knock me out. i would sleep for days, but was fine on about the 3rd day and after that i was happy and not manic (though i still need to take another med for the depression), but i take this med before i sleep and i haven't slept this well ever in my life. i fall asleep fast and i wake up refreshed. where as i use to take 3 hours to fall asleep and would wake up here and there... and this is when i was able to sleep at all !!! F 23 2 years
 1  Bipolar Type 2 Feeling like a zombie, always tired, forgetfullness, F 22 3 months
 2  psychotic depression extreme fatigue during the day even if i took it at night, craving nothing but fattening sweets I was so sleepy during the day that I would sit down somewhere and immediately fall asleep with my mouth open and drool all over myself. Seroquel is better for helping me sleep; it doesn't cause that daytime drowsiness. F 21 2 months

 2  Bipolar, Depression Too many Weight gain and even more weight gain. I've never had a big appetite but after a year of taking Zxprexa I went from being 8st to 10st 11lbs. This added to my depression. I always took it before bed, I found that if I took it too early I couldn't sleep due to my legs constantly twitching. I was unknowingly waking up half asleep to feast in the night, this was a major side effect for me and totally out of character. Daytime I was a zombie and couldn't concentrate. Two years on..I've stopped taking it, back down to 9st now and feelings better but maybe thats only because I understand Bipolar more. If you want to find out info never trust your doctor, he will just describe the first depressant off the top of his head. My advice would be do your own research, there are some top sites out there, then discuss with your doctor other possible medications. They only seem to tell you about drugs they prescribe you only if you ask and I'm sure if you do enough research yourself into a particular med that you think you will benefit from, read the possible side effects etc.. than there is nothing they can tell you that you don’t already know…trust me that will make you feel good after so many years of not knowing. I found that a lot of drugs I benefit from now were never suggested to me...could of saved me a lot of time and pain. If any of you out there suffer from Bipolar don't let it cut you down like a knife, you're stronger than that, you just have to remind yourself a lot more than most people! F 25 12 months

 1  bi-polar 1 Knocked me unconscious for 72 hours STUPID CRAP FOR CRAP! Do not take this shit! I took it, and the next thing I know, I pass out and come to two days later...I'd been staggerin' around in a completely nonresponsive zombielike state on a cross state trip for the time and it was really bad. Oooooh if I ever see the guy who prescribed this stuff to me again he's toast. F 19 1 days

 3  Bipolar II None except weight gain. I am hungry all the time. This drug has helped me a great deal. I am calmer, less impulsive and much more rational. Unfortunately, weight gain has been substantial. M 47 2 years
 1  ptsd raised blood sugar, compounded eating disorder problems as it made me ravenously hungry and i would binge eat, somewhat it worked great in terms of helping me sleep and stabilize when i was having panic attacks or flashbacks. unfortunately, the side effects were so severe that i had to switch to another medication (abilify) which doesn't help as much but hasn't had any side effects thus far. F 46 8 months

 2  depression, insomnia dry mouth, increased appetite, extreme weight-gain I took Zyprexa for a week, and it was so wonderful to get a regular sleeping pattern for that short time. However, even though I was warned about the increased appetite I might experience, I was very careful to stick to my weight-loss programme - only to find that I had gained TEN pounds in the 7 days I was taking the drug. I came off it immediately and worked hard to lose the weight - I got rid of it in about 3-4 weeks because I think some of it was fluid retention. Stopped taking it because it wasn't worth the weight-gain, but in hindsight I also felt that I was getting a kind of false-sleep - it was more like a coma than refreshing REM sleep. If at all possible, I prefer to sleep naturally now (having had a psychotic episode from other sleeping pills) even though it's much less reliable. F 25 7 days


 1  Bipolar (psycho hyper mania) Needed to sleep at least 15 hours a day (made me late to work every day for about a year). Made foods taste unbelievably better-I could easily eat artificial junk food like Krispy Kreme doughnuts that actaully taste horrible (I'm not a big junk food eater I prefer natural foods). Gained 35lbs in 2 years (I'm pretty good looking around 185-190lbs compared to other guys so that was terrible). Twitches, muscle spasms, shaky hands--mine are usually very steady. Didn't care about anything at all. Lowered my IQ by at least 40%, but that was a plus because it made it easier to fit in with normal people. Basically I became a normal person: Fat, ugly, dumb, senseless and boring. This is good for people that are a danger to themselves or to society, but not for those that can function in everyday life. Being hungry all the time is a form a torture-especially when everything tastes so good and you just ate a huge meal that would make you throw up if you weren't taking this medication. M 29 2 years

 5  bipolar For the first time in my life I am able to function at work and at home. My personal relationships have improved greatly as I have much more patience and dont see myself getting angry over little things. I haveseen an increase in appetite but I have not gained weight. Ifeel more energy duringthe day and sleep better at night. It has changed my life for the better. M 35 6 weeks

 1  dissociation Makes me feel dopy, and dizzy also. I've been having stomach aches and have gained weight since i started zyprexa in low daily doses 2 weeks ago. I am stopping this minute! M 44 13 days

 3  severe schizoaffective horrendous weight gain 40 lbs. then lost thirty , then thirty more. Sedation - slept 16 hours became diabetic M 31 4 years
 3  anxiety Sedation, Sleepyness in the morning, mild inhibited feeling, extream weight gain. I had to be taken off it because it was making me gain too much weight I went from 185 to 301 pounds in one year. Luckly now I only weigh 195 so I'm back to looking good and being in shape again. Zyprexa kind of helped, but the side effects wern't worth the antianxiety relief it hardly gave me. anotherwords it didn't work for me. I'm now being prescribed 20mg.s of diazepam (valium) to take three times a day and its working great for me I can now walk down the street without the unreal fears of what I thought people were thinking about me. Plus because of the help of valium and my own self determination I now have a job. So Zyprexa was close, but no cigar. Zyprexa didn't work. M 23 19 months
 3  severe stutter Weight gain, general depression, increased sleep time, hard getting up in the morning, and a general lack of interest in anything Zyprexa really seems to reduce my stutter - that is great. To finally be able to hold a normal conversation without a severe stutter was undescribably envigorating after a lifetime of either avoiding speaking situations or going through the torture of trying to convey what is so clear in my mind but nearly impossible to get out of my mouth. I am now looking for the right dosage that will maximize the beneficial effect while minimizing the side effects. I find that adding other medications (i.e. the anti-depressant Celexa or the ADHD medication Ritalin) to my daily medication 'cocktail' helps reduce some of the side effects. M 38 2.5 years
 1  Bipolar Type 1 (suicide attempts) I always felt This is a very dangerous drug. Can cause diabetes, raise cholesterol levels, and cause other serious metabolic problems. Doctors who prescribed this for me in the hospital never warned me about any of the serious adverse reactions. There are many other meds that are safer to use. Fortunately my current psychiatrist realized that it was probably raising my cholesterol levels. M 40 8 months

 1  Bipolar Type 1 - suicide attempts It completely messed up my cholesterol profile. Everything was dangerously out of normal ranges. Had 30lb weight gain. After stopping it for 4 months, values returned to normal. This drug is not safe. Can cause metabolic syndrome (diabetes, elevated cholesterol, etc.). There are many other safer alternatives. M 40 8 months

 4  Overwhelmed Its ok, for a sleep aid.. For the fist few days I was still sleepy for a few hours after, but after a short while, I was ok.. M 25

 1  Hallucinations Dizziness, almost blacking out, heart racing, weakness, tremors, coldsweat i had to stop after 2 or 3 days due to the fact that i couldnt think straight (like barely even remember my name) and worst of all, my heart raced so much i thought i was having a heart attack. F 17 3 days
 2  Psychosis Rapid weight gain, constipation, odd sensations in arms and legs. Stopped psychotic thoughts and behaviour. Discontinued drug due to weight gain. M 45 1 months

 4  ptsd, voices, poor concentration slept way too much, probably gained wt dont know didnt take it long enough...sleep was really deep tho and good... risperidal gave me nightmares! zy seriously clears my head up alot! its strong stuff but it works... i was so much more focused... ok i was heavily abused, so its hard to think sometimes, but this did help i was alot more focused...i might also have ADD tho, this might be a factor. yeah use this even if u think u dont need it... F 28 30 days
 5  Depression increased appetite. I am really responding to this med! yeah. The increase in appetite is a good thing as I have always been skinny. I still plan to talk to my MD about a benzo suppliment for anxiety, but the zyprexa is really helping with the depression. F 41 5 days

 2  Bipolar II 10mg at bedtime made me feel numb and Kills your wit and personality too much. M 26 20 days
 3  depression sleepiness within 1/2 hour of taking it; weight gain of 10 lbs. despite no changes in eating habits and a new exercise program F 31 3 months

 3  Sleelessness 35

 1  anxiety akathesia--the feeling that you want to pace constantly. It is torture Zyprexa is an EVIL drug. Don't take it! You get withdrawal symptoms when you try to come off it. IT can also cause serious, permanent, deadly side effects. F 37 3 months

 4  schizoaffective or bipolar disorder excessive sleeping; gained 30 pounds but then stabilized really does well at keeping unwanted and persistent thoughts out of my head; makes me more relaxed and content; moods/energy level are more stable now instead of always up and down M 29 5 years

 5  bipolar 10 lb. weight gain, sleep good but tired upon waking for 30 min. or so I had been taking wellbutrin and depakote for the last several years and they had quit helping. The zyprexa has been excellant for bipolar. Has stopped most needless worrying. I am much calmer. Some might say it takes away personality but without it I tend to be manic. My employer seems to like the calmer me. So far its great. I needed the 10 lbs. as I lost 45 due to cancer treatment and I need another 10 and I will be happy with that. M 46 50 days

 4  Bipolar 40 lb weight gain; cholesterol went up, so had to take a statin; blood sugars went up to the point I had to take pills for my diabetes, which had previously been diet-controlled. Off Zyprexa, weight decreased, cholesterol went back down, and I'm down 1/2 on the dosage of meds for diabetes. This was the best drug I'd used for a mood stabilizer since diagnoses 4 ys ago. Since I had to quit it, I've been trying nearly 2 yrs to find a substitute, to no avail. The P-doc had thought he could counter the weight loss by coupling it with an appetite-suppressing type of antidepressant. Wrong. Newest P-doc presently thought Geodon would be similar; but Geodon had other problems, just as limiting. Very frustrating. I'm still hoping to find something I like as well as Zyprexa. F 39 18 months
 3  bipolar I had a good result in stopping mania but now I am more depressed and having suicidal ideation. F 40

 2  acute psychotic episode weight gain (20 lbs) fatigue flattened emotions, slight depression and loss of wits severe withdrawal symptoms (including muscle twitches, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound). Withdrawals lasted 2-3 months. Terrible physical withdrawal symptoms when you try to get off it (no craving though). Chemical description of zyprexa (olanzapine): 2-methyl-4-(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)- 10H-thieno[2,3-b][1,5]benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepine! In any case, withdrawals last for months. And no- vomiting 24/7 has nothing to do with the original illness coming back. Read up on supersensitivity psychosis on the internet. People who took zyprexa for other reasons than psychosis (i.e. depression), and never had a psychotic episode in their lives, reported that they got psychotic symptoms induced by this medication after withdrawing! Also, there are many cases of diabetes and tardive dyskenisia linked to this drug. If you're not on it, try a safer alternative. If you want to go off it, taper slow (cut pills into halves). F 31 8 months

 5  bipolar II Some EPS the first 3 days but the worst side effect is clearly the food cravings. You just get the munchies hardcore! The bottomless pit. I use Zyprexa only as a temporary add on when I destabilize - its not in my regular med combo. Zyprexa killed my black thoughs and anxiety big time + restabilized my mood within 48 hours! Bravo. But still, you eat way too much on it, serious. M 27 21 days

 1  mania 45 pound weight gain in 15 days, swelling and stiffness, induced asthma I put on 45 pounds in 15 days taking this drug. I was so swollen that I couldn't hold an ink pen to sign a check. Even worse than the weight gain (which was horrible) was the breathing difficulties that it caused. I had to focus completely on inhaling and exhaling. None of the asthma meds I took would work. As the med wore off my asthma would suddenly improve. I hated it and Lamictal works much better for me. I'm happy to hear that it has helped many people. F 34 15 days

 3  depression weight gain, psoriasis, fatigue, trouble breathing This medicine works very well for acute or severe depression. Out of more than a dozen meds that I have tried it is the only med that signifigantly improved my debilitating depression. However the side effects are really terrible. Specifically the weight gain. If you have ever had a problem with psoriasis this is not the drug for you. F 34 4 months

 2  Schizophrenia Tremendous weight gain, tiredness. Hope you have nothing better to do than sleep all the time, because zyprexa might make you feel pretty tired. I also gained 40 lbs in three months. F 29 1 years

 1  bipolar psychosis i had tremendous acute akathisia where i walked for 100/120 hour period and became suicidal. i hated this drug. after taking it for 15 months i developed tardive akathisia and was restless for 6 months straight and suicidal again. M 28 15 months
 1  psychotic episode, mood disorder akathisia - bedtime became torture with this wretched drug immediately and cogentin did absolutely nothing to lessen the restless legs F 42 21 days

 1  bipolar severe akathisia ocd tardive akathisia dry mouth agitation suicidality homicidality M 28 18 months

 1  postictal psychosis, psychosis NOS, Induced or magnified Paranoia, anxiousness, horrifying dreams of suicide, muscle rigidity, heart palpitation I was diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 49 and attempted suicide after 2 weeks of using zyprexa. F 49 2 weeks

 1  depression/ocd drowsiness, weight gain, weight gain, weight gain. When I first started taking Zyprexa, I would go to bed and sleep for 14 hours at a time. I gained over 30 pounds in 3 months - which was horrible, but my doctor only recommended increasing the dosage. Seeing a therapist is what helped me, not the meds. F 34 9 months

 4  Bipolar (depressive episode) Within 24 hours, had stopped planning suicide, ripped up suicide letters to husband and two children. Had been scheduled to enter hospital for ECT, but delusional thinking stopped, depression decreased and I started feeling pretty good and connected with the world and my loved ones again. Side effects included lethargy, I didn't want to continue my usual exercise regime. I felt ravaged by hunger constantly. In two months, I went from 115lbs to 134lbs. I was eating in ways that were completely uncharacteristic for me. Getting pastries for breakfast, stopping at convenience stores to pick up bags of chips, eating a pint of Ben & Jerry's icecream every night (no kidding)! It was just crazy. Not only could I not stop eating, but even after eating constantly I was always still starving. This felt very strange and I did not like feeling so out of control. I have never felt so fantastic in all my life as when I was on Zyprexa. I felt so happy and optimistic (but not manic). My husband said that he had never felt closer emotionally to me and that I was so joyful to be around that he didn't even care about the weight gain. However, I did care. Once I felt that I was out of the woods in terms of attempting suicide, I eased off the 7.5mg of Zyprexa and onto 350mg Lamictal. The Lamictal has stabalized my moods but I don't feel nearly as great as when I was on the Zyprexa. If they could somehow eliminate the bizarre weight gain, I would immediately go back on it and stay on it. I've also been on Wellbutrin 400SR for 9 years. I don't plan to go back on Zyprexa. My husband has labelled it "my back pocket emergency drug" if needed, just because it works so fast. F 35 2 months

 1  Depression Worked for about three weeks, then BOOM, I don't know what happened. Back in the dumps bigtime. It's been three weeks off it and I hope the symptoms subside. Suicidal thoughts and very bleak moods. I'm trying Buspar and have to take some antianxiety meds for now, I hope I can quit them eventually. M 49 3 days

 2  depression This medication has made me feel so sleepy during the day, as was directed by my doctor to take it before bed at night, I have only taken it twice, and both mornings I woke up late with the alarm clock blaring into my ears. I slept way too hard on this medication so far and have been extremely hungry and thirsty. I'm not sure if this is the right medication for me. I see my doctor tomorrow and will tell him of the side effects. F 28 2 days
 4  Sleeplessness, PTSD, Anxiety,Depres Hungry-Crave Sweets Nothing else was working for the sleeplessness until this medication. I sleep better and don't have terrible mood swings. M 55 5 years
 5  bipolar gain 3 lb,my face skin seems like getting bad. i respond this medicine just after i took it two times when i was in hospital. I feel much much better and stop any suicide thinking. this is great medicine pill. F 39 24 days

 3  psychosis and mood disorder weight gain very quickly, increased appetite. Increased anxiety and sleepiness I came off olanzapine 3 weeks ago. Feel very odd, strange like. Spaced out withdrawal effects have left me feeling like this. not symptoms of psychosis those were paranoia, and have not returned. Also experienced nausea daily. could do with some advice from anyone who has experienced this weird feeling and how long it lasts for. Its uncomfortable and i would like to wake up. thanks F 22 4 months
 3  acute psychotic episode weight gain (60 lbs) It helped a bit. But it seemed that time is what healed me more. I would still get random thoughts (voices)on this medicine. Risperdal worked better with less weight gain problem. However the risperdal causes sexual problems. Check out Phieffer's treatment of mental illness with vitamins and supplements (located in Naperville, IL area). Less stress too in your life will help if you can do that. M 50 5 years

 3   weight gain It helped some. I gave the wrong spelling for Pfeiffer Treatment Center and it is located in Warrenville, IL now. They use nutrition to help treat mental illness (vitamins and supplements). I hope this helps someone. M 50 5 years

 2  Schizophrenia This drug is almost worse than the illness. Turned me into a mental cripple/zombie. Horrific unstoppable weight gain. Dizziness. Etc. It makes you sane, but you're not much better off. M 26 2 years

 4  Psycotic Break Sleep. Deep sleep. Probably the best sleep I had in months. Oh yeah, then there was the drooling and stumbling around for 2 weeks. For manic/psycotic episodes this drug is king. I couldn't imagine being on this drug for any length of time, however it stopped a manic episode of mine immeadatly. I highly recomend Zyprexa for manic episodes when you don't wan't to be reliant on medication for the rest of your life. M 27 14 days
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