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 2  Type 2 I started gaining weight as soon as I started it, and cut my calories to less than 1200 and low carb. As soon as I started it, I noticed my resting heart rate dropped to 60 and is normally in the 70s. Sometimes when I would check it, it would be as low as 53. Also noticed pings in my chest. Stopped taking it after day 11 and within 12 hrs my heart rate returned to normal. F 31 11 days
18 mg 2X D
 2  Diabetics 2 Not lowering bs Sometimes burning stomache 71 0 years
56 1X D
 1  Type 1 it lowers my blood sugar way to lay. I have lost so much weight since being switch to this insulin. I do not like it at all. F 30 1 years
25 1X D
 2  For type2 diebetes I am now having pain in my stomach and side that the Dr.cannot find the cause.. Recommended take 2xd. 23 -28 u in morning, 18-22 @nightBlood sugars are very seldom good. Specially not in the evening. F 72 3 years
55 mg/dail 2X D
 1  Type 2 This stuff does not lower my blood sugar at all. I take 55 mg twice a day with metaglip that I just started yesterday. Maybe the pill takes time to work? Any advice is helpful Not a fan F 50 3 years
50 mg 2X D
 2  Type 2 Diabetes Feeling more hungry, tired, bloated, anxiety and BS escalate highest to 20 mmol (300) I was using Soliqua that was right for me. Since I started I am feeling bad and confused. Blood sugar always high M 47 1 weeks
50 1X D
 1  High blood sugar Back pain, tingling of arm and leg. Blurred vision, weight gain 30 pounds. Tiredness. M 55 14 months
80-130 1X D
 1  Type 2 Diabetes Does not work my BS is running in the 400-500+. It makes my belly feel hard, bloated, swollen, and very uncomfortable after injection. Seems that it actually makes my Blood glucose level rise for some reason. I would never recommend this to anyone. M 47 1 months
10 1X D
 1  Diabetes Started with severe numbness... then weight gain. Was filling up with water to the point where I could not take a deep breath. M 55 100 days
50 3X D
 1  Type 2 diabetes I stopped using it after 3 nights in a row it took my sugar to 32 in a split second. Fine one second almost pass out the next. This drug was never properly tracked due to similarities with l a n t u s It is dangerous. Heart palps poor vision heavy legs... F 55 10 months
10 mg 1X D
 1  insulin pump broke, turned to injection Extremely high blood sugars. Will go to bed at 83 and wake up at 350. it does not last as long as it should. my lantus used to last 24 hours without fail and keep me level until my next injection before I switched to a pump. my insurance made me switch to basaglar as my backup insulin for if my pump breaks, and when it did the basaglar has been a nightmare. it seems to lose its efficacy after about 16 hours which is just unacceptable because my blood sugars inevitably go through the roof. F 26 0 days
16 u
 1  High bs Does not work well. Have to go atleast 12 hours fasting to get bs to normal. M 41 2 years
 1  To lower a1 Been experiencing severe back pain have a hard time drinking water in turn peeing hard time breathing shortnesof breath very tierd my limbs hurt cant even lift my arms or move my hands I have noticed no improvement in my BS level told my Dr who i really trusted he just prescribed more meds for my side effects After reading all reviews iam getting off this horried Basaglar and find a new Dr and beat my diabetes THIS SHOULD BE OFF THE MARKET PLEASE BEWARE and BLESSINGS TO ALL ON THIS DRUG F 59 3 months
 2  To lower bs No side effect except at the injection site, and does not absorb very well. M 53 4 days
 1  Type 1 diabetes Extremely high blood glucose numbers despite increasing dosages. This medication does not work and should be recalled and removed from the market. Type 1 diabetics are at an extreme risk of developing DKA a life threatening condition because of the ineffectiveness of this medication. F 23 30 days
 1  Diabetes High levels. I have to starve in order to get lower glucose levels. Waking up to 135 or higher. My level doesn't go below 170 at bedtime, till 3 or 4 am. I am taking 40 units twice a day. M 49 50 days
80 mg
 1  Diabetes Dry mouth and fatigue. It does not lower my blood sugars. I have spikes of highs and lows throughout the day 6 days
10 units
 2  Diabetes pH is off...injection is painful F 70 4 days
 3  Diabetes My body swollen, especially my hands and feet. My blood sugar have been lower much more, then before. F 37 3 weeks